Air Freshening Solutions For HOA & Property Management Companies

Clean, invigorating air is invisible, ubiquitous and completely taken for granted, even though no one can live without it. Living quietly beside our every thought and gesture, it remains unnoticed in the background of our lives, at least until it transforms into a foul-smelling cloud that invades a space like a persistent house guest who has overstayed a welcome and refuses to leave.

For managers of Home Owner Associations (HOA), property management companies, co-ops, condominium and apartment complexes, customized ambient fresh-smelling air not only translates into a good first impression for existing residents, potential buyers and renters, but it underscores a continued sense of trust from a building’s board of directors in their choice to contract with your management services and amenities. This in turn translates into a solid, sustained and often-increased property value and bottom line for both you and the building you represent.

Conversely, when a bad odor permeates a building’s entrance, foyer, lobbies, hallways, gyms, restrooms, trash rooms or any other public interior space and then wafts its way into the noses of existing or potential residents, you run the risk of tarnishing your reputable good name as a management company.

While bad odors are bad for any facility, they are particular damaging to residential properties and neutralizing them, as opposed to masking them, as well as providing tailored unique fragrance enhancement, takes a professional tenacity more persistent than the stubborn will of those offensive malodorous molecules.

So how do you ensure the sanctity of a property management’s good standing when it comes to delivering consistently fresh, ambient-enhanced air to your clients and residential properties?

Read on.

Understanding The Halo Effect And That First Impression

First impressions are exactly that, and with out a positive one, you often upset visitors and residents. The psychological phenomenon identified as the “Halo Effect” is a factor in every selling situation. This refers to the mental sequence humans experience when sensory information of any kind is presented. Automatically, the perception of positive qualities is one thing (a pleasant-smelling lobby for example) that gives rise to the impression that an entire building has “fine” qualities.

But the parts do not necessarily equal the whole in this instance, as substance has the final word. Still, for a successful property sale consider ambient air care as a gentle trap for interested parties that they can easily slip out of and remove themselves from, but only after the first impression (the halo effect) of featured properties is firmly imprinted in their brains.

Social psychologist, Richard Nisbitt, studied human thought processes in general and the halo effect in particular back in the 1970s. His goal along with his colleague, Timothy DeCamp Wilson, was to demonstrate how little insight we actually have into the way our minds work. Their experiment which was titled: The Halo Effect: Evidence For The Unconscious Alteration of Judgments conducted at the University of Michigan, was focused on discovering human awareness of this powerful phenomenon.

While the halo effect has been implemented in many a core business strategy, it serves to distort reality and can create false assessments. Marketing specialists know full well how to make use of associations to well-known brands or names to make their product or service appear better.

The halo effect can be applied to almost any enterprise to create incorrect judgments that can and often do lead researchers to dismiss information that may not be confirmed; businesses to become complacent; teachers to over or under-rate a student’s true performance, the police to wrongly identify suspects, and banks to make careless loans.

The Halo Effect And Buying Property

Researchers believe that potential property buyers have little or no awareness of the nature of the halo effect and it influence on their personal judgments. HOA management officials, however, know all about this occurrence when conducting interviews of prospective buyers and renters. In a way, the name, halo effect, is a bit of a misnomer because it is more about machinations than it is about angelic behavior. But then again, the art of advertising is such a delicate animal.

HOA managers should think long and hard about the entranceway to their property, as these are the first areas a prospective client sees and the foundation for a positive first impression. Buyers decide within the blink of an eye whether they want to venture further inside and malodors are an enormous turn-off. Potential clients need a positive reaction or everything in front of them is a colossal waste of time and energy.

HOA managers should consider presenting their properties as offering the creation of a personal dream to potential buyers, investors and currently residing tenants in the hopes that they will become inspired to look after the property and stay for a long time to come.

Air-Scent Solutions And That First Impression

According to Malcolm Gladwell, author of Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, “Buyers make most decisions by relying on their two-second first impressions based on stored memories, images and feelings.” Whatever you do for a living or however rich or poor you may be, there is never a second chance to make a first impression on a potential consumer. However fleeting, it is indelible and impossible to alter. While ‘judging a book by its cover’ is frowned upon in our modern world, it is still often second nature to react to a person or business on the basis of how things look and smell.

A bad first impression, unlike a word spoken in haste, cannot be taken back. While expensive flourishes and pleasant personal exchanges have their place in the unconscious formation of the first impression, ambient air-care applied by the masters at Air-Scent carries it a step further by seamlessly imprinting the foundation for a loyal customer experience.

Within the housing industry, co-ops, condo and HOA managements must be ready to meet and greet visitors at a moment’s notice. Lobbies, and large reception rooms must be especially treated with a commercial diffusing device equipped to evenly scent a larger area, such as the non-HVAC Aroma Beam or the HVAC Aroma Styler air diffusers. We recently wrote about the extensive benefits of our large area scenting machines. For smaller areas, such as hallways and elevators, should also be similarly addressed with appropriate ambient air-care measures, utilizing the Aroma One fan air freshener.

Ambient Scenting For Condominiums And HOA

The Aroma Beam Large Area Ambient Scenting Machine.

Investing in a new home is a very important decision that has ramifications for years after purchase. Selecting the right one is contingent on many factors, but despite the fact that snap judgments and impulse buying are not so much the case here, it is still that first impression received upon crossing the threshold onto a desired property that can either foster or discourage interest in its purchase.

According to Amanda Johns Vaden in speaking of a study conducted by the Harvard School of Communications, “…All together, only 45% of a first impression has anything to do with words coming out of one’s mouth. That leaves 55% to visual (and other sensual cues including smell).

HOA Property Management Associations, Co-ops and Condos

Those within the housing industry are well aware of the differences between HOAs, co-ops and condos, but for the sake of their potential customers, they need to impart some knowledge about them. Consider some of the following points when discussing potential purchases of real estate with customers seeking information.

What Is A Co-op?

Let’s start with what it is not. A co-op is not actually real estate because that term always refers to land that includes structural improvements and underground and air rights. A co-op is actually a corporation. When a buyer purchases a co-op, he or she is buying shares in the corporation and a right to occupy a specific unit. A co-op buyer is not purchasing the unit or a portion of the building itself.

Still, a co-op owner must pay a monthly fee to the co-op, which includes a pro-rata share for the building’s mortgage; the salaries of a doorman; maintenance staff possibly including a building superintendent; insurance for the structure, and the upkeep and cleaning of the common areas, including real property taxes.

Selling a co-op involves several factors. HOA management officials as well as the powers-that-be behind the sale of co-ops and condos have a major responsibility when it comes to the identification and neutralization of foul odors and indoor air pollutants. Potential buyers can permanently lose interest in a residence in the presence of a smelly hallway, lobby or elevator.

They must also be informed that they may or may not be able to finance the purchase of a co-op, as some banks are hesitant about making a loan for such a purchase. Even among those financial institutions willing to facilitate such a loan, a buyer always runs the risk that not every co-op will meet the requirements of a qualified building.

What Is A Condo (Condominium)?

When a buyer purchases a condo, he or she becomes the owner of real property. The unit, which consists of the space between the walls, floors and ceilings, generally to the midpoint is assessed separately for tax purposes. The buyer pays the taxes either directly to the county assessor (or through a lender’s impound account) as well as monthly fees to a homeowner’s association as is the case with a co-op.

The money supports the maintenance of common areas, the building exterior, trash pickup and the provision of healthy indoor air, environmental odor control and air freshening strategies for dumpsters in public areas and common facilities such as clubhouses, exercise rooms, swimming pools and spas.

HOA Management And Air Freshening Solutions

Homeowners Association management is an umbrella term that covers a vast array of services that specifically refers to professional property management. Everyone who lives or works in a co-op or condo complex must have some degree of involvement, albeit in a small way, in keeping an eye out for issues that could be problematic, such as foul odors emanating from dumpsters, trash rooms, common areas etc. Property managers handle the intimate, day-to-day administrative work of a building or community, including finances, legal issues and sensitive personal and business-related information.

They also have responsibilities to their residents and shareholders to insure their well being by providing a positively enhanced environment in which to live. This includes identifying unpleasant smells that could be caused by tobacco, pet accidents, decomposing food and/or other malodors.

Maintaining consistently fresh scented air for the sake of residents and potential buyers is a property manager’s responsibility. It’s a big job and those in charge should and often do seek outside help from recognized experts, such as our ambient air-care specialists at Air-Scent.

Air-Scent Ambient Marketing And Odor Control Solutions

Air-Scent has been a leading American manufacturer of air-care systems and environmental hygiene products for well over 70 years and services an enormous range of clients all over the world engaged in every modern industry. We provide commercial HVAC air-freshening systems, odor control products and ambient aromas to scenting companies, distributors and route service operators.

Scent marketing is the foundation for powerful emotional connections to a product or brand (in this case, a building) and is a valuable business tool.

For co-ops, condos and HOA management associations, ambient air-care is focused on delivering consistently positive tailored environments, the elimination of odors and the provision and maintenance of a healthy indoor air flow. In the words of Raymond Czapko, Air-Scent’s VP of Business Development, “In addition to our innovative and effective scenting products, our on-site perfumery creates luxury, upscale fragrances that translate into more sales.”

The size and scale of an intended commercial space are the determining factors in the selection of ambient scenting and odor control strategies. In the case of co-ops and condos, large reception areas, party rooms, public and fitness areas, the Aroma Beam dry vapor fragrance diffuser system is the best choice. It is a very convenient application for HOA managers because it is an app-controlled, state-of-the-art method. It features no-spill Scentsia refill cartridges that consistently combat malodors and offer a myriad of scent experiences that can be altered for holidays, seasons or themes. A large selection of aromas can be chosen from or customized to suit any mood or purpose.

Air-Scent Washroom Odor Care

The maintenance of a clean restroom care is vital to human health. Nothing will turn off a potential customer viewing a property more than a dirty, unsanitary public bathroom. It doesn’t matter what other amenities may be waiting in the wings, a poorly maintained restroom is a big red flag (not to mention eye-sore) waving in front of the eyes of any potential property buyer and potentially make them ill.

We offer a variety of professional air freshener systems that will relieve property managers’ anxiety about the daunting task of maintaining spotless bathrooms. These include but are not limited to: the battery-operated Aroma One Fan Air Freshener Dispenser, which can accommodate all types of Air-Scent refills. The Aroma One concept has been eliminating foul odors in commercial restrooms for decades and is well known for its three-way ventilation for maximum air flow. Additionally, the automatic non-battery operated Odyssey Gravity Drip Dispenser, which cleans and deodorizes washroom fixtures.

Condominium Air Freshener Machine

The Aroma One Air Hygiene Dispenser

Trash And Garbage Odor Neutralizers

For co-ops, condos and HOA Management associations, our automated dumpster spray system is simple to install, operate and program to suit the specific needs and conditions of building operations. It saves time and money and is perfect for both destroying dumpster odors and putting an end to neighboring complaints (not the neighbors, the complaints.) We also have entire array of complimentary options to control noxious trash room situations

Scatter odor granules, which are easily applied manually, are ideal solutions for addressing malodors emanating from dumpsters and compactors and they are scientifically formulated for heavy-duty applications to eliminate the most challenging of odors. For added neutralizing effect, we suggest the use of multiple Megafresh, non-mechanical, passive evaporating devices, which are easily hung within the first floor trash room and penetrates up the trash chute. These combined efforts are the most utilized odor control solutions in the building management marketplace.

In Conclusion

HOA managers must be as sensitive to residents as they would be to the needs of prospective buyers. A complacent attitude because they have “already bought” into the building does not apply, because residents can unite and cause many legal headaches to property managers who do not live up to their responsibilities.

As you are well aware, if you effectively manage your properties, in the long run, they will take care of you. For HOA managers, this translates into a serious and consistent approach to building maintenance, environmental air freshening and odor control solutions. Knowing the job will be done efficiently and at an economical price will relieve the sale of sedatives and the many hours of sleepless nights that come with the territory of managing commercial properties.

Call Air-Scent today.

Improve your air quality tomorrow.

Make scents?

Final thoughts about co-ops and condos: Home is not a place. It’s a feeling. ~


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