The Benefits Of Large Area Air Fresheners

The sales statistics for air freshening products in the United States is staggering – a published research report by TechSci estimated the air freshener market to reach 1.8 billion in 2015 alone, in both commercial and residential spaces. Not only are air fresheners considered an essential home care product, they are no longer simply for residential use, being widely used in offices, shopping centers, and commercial buildings.

Gone are the days of the aerosol can air freshener in the office restroom – companies are now turning to more sophisticated, effective methods of creating a fresh and clean environment for both employees and customers alike. In establishments that regularly cater to customers and clients, odor control is of the utmost importance. Making the best initial impression as a customer walks through their door is the key to a successful business, as well as maintaining a pleasant and desirable work environment for the staff.

Room Freshener

Large Area Air Freshening systems are ideal in business environments where food is served or consumed in varying lunch-break intervals by employees. Odors from food, particularly when it has been heated up, are notorious for lingering as well as mingling with other odors that are present. Large Area Air Fresheners are an effective way to rid the area of persistent smells that can sometimes prove to be distracting as well as offensive.

Conventional aerosols and air fresheners are low performance systems that do little to neutralize odors, particularly in a large area. Areas such as hallways, entrance ways, lobbies, retail stores, hotels, spas, recreational facilities, casinos, auditoriums, locker rooms, and workout areas can benefit greatly from a Large Area Air Freshening system that creates a pleasant scent effect and deters unpleasant odors.

A leader in commercial Air Freshening Systems, AIR-SCENT® International has been supplying businesses with quality air freshener dispensers and totally-effective 30-day refills for over four generations. AIR-SCENT® International’s Large Area Air Freshening solutions are designed to evoke positive responses in clients and consumers through their sense of smell, delivering controlled scent that is effective and discreet. For more information on AIR-SCENT® International’s line of high-quality, commercial air freshening products, browse the product catalog or call today!

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