Bling To Zing: How Fragrance Enhances Jewelry Store Sales

Discover how fragrance provides an undeniable olfactory bridge to customers, connecting glittering jewelry to a unique signature scent and subsequently enhancing jewelry store sales.

The glitter of gold, silver and precious jewels has fascinated humanity since the beginning of time. The lure of untold riches has inspired poetry, sunk sailing ships and conquered empires down through history.

The earliest adornments date back to 110-73 BC, and they were in the form of dried sea shells and sea shell beads. Bone and animal teeth as well as fossilized shells and ivory beads were later incorporated into ancient designs.

Historically, particular scents were camouflaged within the wondrous glitter of golden talismans that would both attract the opposite sex and please the gods. These adornments were often created as lockets, pendants, bracelets and earrings.

Jewelry Store Scenting

Jewelry has always been an art form, and as such has been modified down through time to reflect the style, qualities and status its admirers demand and have come to expect.

Bling, as it is known today, is a term that has its origins in the world of Hip Hop and was first used in a 1987 song by rapper, Dana Dane, called Nightmare.

In that moment, it meant a sound that mimicked a bell such as that found in cartoons to depict light refracting against gems and money as they flashed across the screen.

With the growth of this music genre, so did the word spread, coming to eventually signify valuable metallic material. 

Bling As A Cultural Art Form

Bling is an onomatopoeia, which means it is a word that is formed by imitating the sound of the thing or action being described.

It is intended to be a symbol of one’s status and wealth, but faux items such as gold tone jewelry, rhinestones or cubic zirconia area can still be considered bling.

On its own merits, however, bling is not serious art because fine jewelry is a revered form of expression that pushes discipline far beyond the idea of carats and dazzling glow.

Its nature is absolutely aesthetic, which is a quality it shares with fine art.

Any art form, whether serious or no, while appealing on its own, sells itself better when glorified by accoutrements such as sound, sight and particularly, fragrance.

Fragrance And The Modern Jewelry Industry

Prestige, elegance and quality are the three outstanding features that have always been associated with luxury jewelry brands. For those who abandon these elements or do not provide all three, all is lost in terms of a clientele that expects no less.

The modern jewelry industry has become so much more than just selling precious treasures to customers.

Ambient fragrance jewlry stores

It has been transformed, like so many other industries of the day, into selling an entire immersive olfactory experience to prospective buyers.

A 2011 Belgian study concluded that a pleasant fragrance positively influences consumers’ affective reactions, evaluations and intentions to revisit a store. 

Fragrance provides an olfactory bridge connecting glittering diamonds and sparkling pieces of precious gemstones, gold and silver to a unique signature scent that identifies the retailer’s unique message to the consumer.

The musky, passionate scent of rose, rich, haunting jasmine, sugary, soft and delicate lily-of-the-valley, lush, noble vanilla, erotic musk and creamy, smooth sandalwood all evoke sensations of romance, love and comfort, which can further manifest into a desire for both engagement and wedding bands.

Relevant Research and Statistics

Research has proven that the introduction of ambient scenting in a retail setting increases linger time, sales, brand perception and customer satisfaction. Jewelry sales require a personal connection, however temporary, between sales staff and potential buyers.

A pleasant smelling store does wonders for time passing unnoticed and setting the mood for purchases.

It provides a seamless reason to stay longer, which in turn gives staff more time to understand what customers are looking for and comfortably show them their captivating wares.

Scent Marketing Retail Stores

The hopes are that this may lead to the possible purchase of a more expensive gift than originally intended or even add-on sales like a gold chain to go with a new pendant or earrings matching a new necklace.

Research also has indicated that customers value scented stores and their wares more positively than those that are unscented.

Jewelry stores have specific scenting needs, as they are usually small and have one main section, which makes the task of filling the area with a scent much more affordable than that of a larger sales venue, such as a department store.

Jewelry brands that offer a signature scent have a greater chance of being remembered because studies have shown that consumers remember a smell with 65% accuracy even after one year while the rate of visual cues lies at 50% accuracy after just 3 months!

The Untapped Emotional Factor

Jewelry is so much more than glitter that meets the eye. Emotional factors weigh heavily in every choice of personal adornment that can range from sentimental value to symbols of pride, wealth, love, happiness, guilt and success.

The purchase of a piece of jewelry is meant to convey a desired emotion, and this connection is vital to seller strategies because retailers can harness this aspect by creating a multi-sensory experience  that includes: colors, textures, music and art, which fuse to improve a customer’s perception of brand quality.

5 Popular Fragrances To Enhance Jewelry Store Sales

The following represent only a handful of the many possibilities available we provide.


This elegant, sophisticated and wildly used fragrance bursts with opening citrus facets of invigorating grapefruit, fresh, clean lemon and crunchy apple.

These aspects soon fold into a warm, floral heart note bouquet featuring dreamy, musky rose, rich, intense jasmine, creamy tuberose, feminine, soft and green lily-of-the-valley and smooth, buttery gardenia.

A dry down of warm, honeyed amber and sun dried driftwood completes this luxurious fragrance. 


A romantic blend marked by sparkling head notes of energizing, sharp citrus that soon fade into an intense floral heart note brimming with aspects of narcotic, haunting jasmine, musky, dreamy rose, tropical, bright lily, vibrant carnation and almondy, green and milky lilac.

A woody dry down of warm, dry cedar and dark, earthy patchouli complete this fragrance.

Miami Vibe

This warm, tropical amalgam streams with head notes of spicy, citrusy bergamot, clean fresh lemon and various marine elements of sand and sea.

These facets soon surrender to a heart note of restful, aromatic lavender and leafy green.

A dry down of ambrosial, passionate and earthy musk and dry, balsamic cedar completes this long lasting and unforgettable fragrance.


Masculine in character, this rich fragrance is evocative of starry summer nights and gentle ocean breezes.

Top notes stream with facets of subtle, green and powdery pomegranate, slightly sugary and dense pear, succulent mandarin, and tropical, intensely green palm. 

These facets flow seamlessly into a heart note marked by aspects of peppery, herbal geranium and milky, exotic coconut.

The scent completes with a dry down of warm, honeyed amber, dry, somber cedar, ozonic driftwood and cool, sharp and mossy green.

White Tea

The name of this intriguing, exotic  fragrance derives from the silvery white hairs found on the buds of the Chinese tea plant.

Top notes stream with energizing citrus touches that quickly morph into a heart note of passionate, musky rose, rich, ambrosial jasmine petal and fresh, green and exotic white tea bud.

Sensual, erotic white musk dominates the dry down of this sexy, memorable fragrance, which is always paired with the Aroma Beam diffuser.

In Conclusion

If you are a jewelry store owner, or a scent marketing company that services one, and you’re looking for a special X factor to increase your traffic and bottom line, consider transforming your bling into a new and different great big zing!

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