Scentsia 30 Day Dry Vapor Ambient Scenting Cartridge Refills

Scentsia® 30-day V.O.C. compliant refills are specifically designed for ambient scent marketing and odor control of any large interior space through the application of Flow Cell® diffusion advanced technology. These refills are designed to fit into the Aroma Beam ambient scent diffuser system.

Create the exact mood and ambience, whether its for hotel lobbies, retail establishments, condos, office complexes, municipal buildings, schools, colleges, institutes, cruise liners and their interior areas and much more.

Custom fragrances available. Minimum quantities required.


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How The Scentsia Cartridge Refill Works

How The Scentsia Air Freshener Refill Cartridge Works

A full 6 ounces of liquid fragrance is infused into the ScentsiaTM cartridge fiber matrix. At the center, an area of lower capillary pressure contains the fragrance liquid in its capillary voids. The refill does not leak, drip or spill. The outer bands of the refill matrix are constructed to produce areas of higher capillary pressure. The capillary action pulls the liquid from the center of the refill toward these outermost areas. The outside surface of the ScentsiaTM refill is constructed to have the highest capillary pressure. The liquid fragrance flows evenly and consistently onto that surface. The liquid fragrance evaporates from the outer surface and is diffused into the air by the Aroma BeamTM dispenser. The areas of varying capillary pressure are balanced for even, linear diffusion over 30 days.