Air Freshener Services Add-On For Restroom Hygiene Routes

According to a recent survey, 95% of consumers said they would not return to any business establishment if they found the company washroom to be dirty and smelly. All employees and customers everywhere deserve restrooms that are clean and sanitized, and employers must always be mindful of the fact that the company bathroom is as much a part of your brand as your business card, conference room or dining area.

Understanding The Diverse Widespread Route Service Industry

While the name may be self-explanatory, route-based service businesses are more widespread and more complex than the average person might think. They include but are not limited to: vending companies, diverse delivery services, pest control, textile and uniform, coffee and water services and of course restroom hygiene. For many businesses, effective route services make the sharp difference between the success or failure of meeting the supply and demand of company products.

How Route Services Can Increase Profits And ROI

In addition, new high profit add-on products can easily be added to an established route, as the company expands in both its product line and services. For example, a pest control company may also desire to sell air freshening solutions, such as those we manufacture. Their fan air fresheners require servicing every 28 days, which provides a seamless opening for the additional sale of dispensers, refills and other effective washroom hygiene products, which can be used in conjunction with air freshener options. This inclusion involves no extra traveling time or gas or wear and tear on a vehicle, but will obviously increase revenue with the expansion of sales.

Air Fresheners, Dumpster Rental Hygiene & Restroom Air Care Services

You can read more about our decades of experience and professional products, but briefly air fresheners and Air Scent are two concepts that have been professionally intertwined since the 1940s when Surco founder, Bob Surloff, invented the very first fan-operated air freshener and coined the brand name, Air Scent.

Aroma One Restroom Hygiene Fan Air Freshener

Over the course of more than 70 years, the company has carved a path of innovation, having garnered more than twenty patents. It has become a global manufacturer, purveyor and route service distributor of the finest air fresheners, dispensers and refills on the market today. Their service routes have been tested time and time again, and they have proven to be the perfect venue for their fully integrated line of odor control products and air freshening strategies that both meet and surpass the distinctive demands of a restroom hygiene route service.

We recently wrote in depth about the top ten reasons why Air-Scent products are a great business opportunity for entrepreneurs, but their same potential applies to any route service business.

Air-Scent Air Freshener And Odor Products Are A Soft Sell

There is always a need for odor control, no matter what the ambiance, as unpleasant smells are transient and can arise from any number of sources. Twenty-four hour worry free protection is vital to the successful operation of any enterprise. Air-Scent products cover a broad scope of commercial and industrial applications, and ambient scent branding and air care strategies are their primary specialties. The company is an international leader in state-of-the-art air care technology and their superior products and spotless reputation makes promoting their products the king of soft sells.

Why Are Air Scent’s Systems And Products So Desirable?

Cutting edge technology, novel technical approaches and state-of-the-art diffuser systems are the forces behind their success in the manufacturing of air freshener and odor control systems and the reason they surpass their competitors. Their scent-branding applications range from small to large-scale commercial, institutional and industrial environments. The latter is well represented by the Scentsia Line and the Aroma Beam, albeit they are only a few of the vast array of options available.

Aroma Beam Free Standing

Air-Scent Offers Fast and Easy Installation and Service

According to the elegantly scripted words carved into the mantle of an antique grandfather clock, ‘time should not be squandered, for it is the stuff that life is made of, and very little of it is involved in the installation and servicing of fan air freshener dispensers; only 3 to 5 minutes to be exact. Commercial routes involving restroom hygiene operators always have on hand any tool they might need for installations. Servicing takes even less time, barely a minute in fact per dispenser in most cases. For those restroom hygiene companies who might be interested in adding these fan air freshening dispensers to their established routes, the service requires no special licensing and training is minimal.

Existing Customers Are The Best Prospects For Add On Route Services

In keeping with the principle of the soft sell, your prospects for add-on route service customers are most likely to be those you already have in your customer base. The list of environments that can benefit from air freshening product solutions is vast and includes but is not limited to: restaurants, medical facilities, fitness centers, nursing homes, day care centers, schools, office buildings, retail stores, apartment buildings, auto showrooms, theaters, airports, pet stores and doctors’ offices.

Profits and Advantages of Add-On Air-Scent Products

Perhaps the biggest attractions to our add-on products from an entrepreneur’s perspective are the vast profit potential and relatively small investment of both time and dollars. Air-freshening products fit easily into existing service cycles and no special licensing is required in order to sell them. Custom labeling of fan air freshener dispensers promotes advertising and exposure of our top-of-the-line air freshening products. Route service operators should check out the company’s prospectus, which can be printed out for free by contacting Air Scent.

Air-Scent air freshener business opportunity profit

Back door opportunities never use any other form of entry. They usually slip quietly and unannounced and await notice. Our proven products and stand-alone service makes them easy to sell into accounts where competitors may hold the current commercial pest control contracts. Having already established a presence in the account and having gained respect for the fine products you are selling, you will at least have a foot and a half in the door in terms of a good chance to win the next contract from the business you are servicing.

Remember that as an entrepreneur you must recognize opportunity whenever it presents itself and generate unimagined profits and success. Send us a quick message or speak with a member of our sales team today (412) 252-2000.