8 Reasons Janitorial Supply Houses Swear By Our Products

The Janitorial Supply industry is a dynamic and flourishing market, and today it is quite different from the business model resellers would have recognized even just a few years ago. Jan-San has mushroomed in meaning from traditional janitorial and sanitation into new areas of hygiene, food and security, with added emphasis on supplies for office break-rooms, and a greater demand for effective restroom air care solutions.

Through its evolution and growth, one of the common denominators has been the air freshening and odor controls products Jan San Houses provide to cleaning and janitorial service companies to keep commercial interiors tip top, fresh smelling and free from nasty odors that can destroy customer loyalty, employee health and a business’ all important bottom line.

For past seven-plus decades, Air-Scent International has been one of the leading suppliers of some of the most advanced air care products to the Jan San and other industries throughout the world. In fact, our developments and fragrances are the hidden secret behind many private label and branded products in the marketplace today.

Our extensive staff of scientists, perfumers, researchers and chemists are equipped with the most innovative equipment available for the study of industrial science, including olfactory and hedonic chamber testing, mass spectrometry, distillation, extraction, quality control technologies, headspace analysis and gas chromatography.

What separates us even further from every other air care company is we have our own in-house fragrance creation division, so we manufacture our own fragrance refills along with our scent diffusion and air freshener machines, allowing us to deliver the most comprehensive and integrated product offerings with proprietary formulations and advanced odor elimination technology.

Since all of the above can easily be perceived as a mouth-full of self-reflective accreditation, we thought we’d share a few certain bonafides, 8 actually, from Jan San houses themselves that underpin our position the world over.

Read on for a brief overview of the ever-evolving Jan San industry along with eight reasons Janitorial Supply Houses swear by Air-Scent International’s air freshening products — Or contact our team today to expand your options beyond the limited array of inferior odor control jan san products you’re currently confined to.


Janitorial Sanitation Supply Odor Control Products

The Ever Changing Definitions Within The Jan San Industry

There is no one catchall definition for the designated portfolio of a Jan-San company. It can be greatly influenced by the location of resellers.

Companies in the United Kingdom, for example, may consider Jan-San primarily as cleaning equipment and toilet rolls, while in the United States; it can be an umbrella term for personal hygiene products, security items and even food and beverages, including tea and coffee.

According to Mike Miller, Vice-President and General Merchandising Manager for US-based wholesale distributor, United Stationers: “The product category is a large and complex one to define… The traditional definition was any item used to clean, disinfect, and sanitize a work environment, to include products that related to the daily maintenance of that clean environment.

Personal hygiene and safety/security items are also included in the broader definition of Jan-San. The newer meaning has expanded in scope to include disposable food-service items, including coffee, but does not directly include other food and beverage items.”

Cleaning products, however, remain at the heart of any Jan-San company inventory, and these enterprises depend upon reputable sources for the products they use. Air-Scent has been beside them every step of the way, providing the superior products necessary to service the dynamic demands of their customer base.

In the words of Karen Harrison, AF International’s Marketing Manager: “Cleaning products are very much at the heart of the definition of Jan-San. Janitorial/sanitation can be broken into segments, depending on which industry and can include paper products and dispensers; waste receptacles and liners; chemicals and general cleaners; floor-care and maintenance; brooms and brushes; large cleaning equipment; skincare and hygiene; healthcare amenities; and facilities maintenance.”

Relevant Studies and Statistics About Jan-San Companies

The Janitorial Services industry has grown over the last few years in response to the increasing demand for commercial cleaning services. Latest statistics reveal $61 US billion annually with an estimate growth of 18-23% by the year, 2023. Rising corporate profits have led to increased expenditures for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

Many end users are facilities across industries that include: healthcare, education, government, hospitality, and food service, just to name a few, greatly rely on the products and services that the Jan-San industry provides.

Increasing construction and business growth over the last five years has broadened potential client bases for Jan-San companies and the number of office and retail spaces. This in turn, has naturally increased demand for janitorial services for these additional enterprises.

Studies and Statistics Relating To Jan-San Growth and Expansion

The biggest areas of growth within Jan-San industries in the last decade are commercial real estate and infection prevention/health care. Office space is being leased at the fastest rate since the great recession of 2007.

According to a report by Reis Inc, employers have added 15.3 million square feet of office space in the last eleven years. A higher rate of occupancy clearly translates into additional space that requires cleaning and more effective cleaning tools, equipment and products.

The second category concerns the growing demand for infection prevention products and services. A new study entitled: Infection Prevention Products & Services, which was conducted by Market to Market, predicted an estimated expansion of related products by 6% annually and up to  $16.7 billion by 2020.

This same study also revealed that the increasing challenge facing hospitals and other healthcare facilities to decrease the rates of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) have and will continue to increase revenues generated by infection prevention supplies, equipment, and services.

A Ever Changing Jan San Business Model

Proactive janitorial sanitation enterprises have been forced to rapidly reinvent themselves to accommodate these “times that are-a changing” Bob Dylan sang so prophetically about decades ago.

The newer approach demands the development of enhanced business models designed specifically to suit the needs of end users. This includes the expansion of services and the provision of solutions that go far beyond just products.

Building service contractors (BSC) of hotels, Home Owners’ Associations, hospitals, universities, health and fitness facilities, auto dealerships, boutiques and casinos can and do expect more from their relationship with the manufacturer of the products they use, and with Air-Scent, they get it.

The satisfaction of the end user is always their ultimate concern. One example of an expanded Jan-San service could include a meeting with a customer’s cleaning crew late at night and training them on how to use a new product or piece of equipment.

We at Air-Scent provide the end user with a wealth of knowledge about our products and cleaning-specific challenges.

Some expanded services, however, are less known or still evolving. For instance, many Jan-San companies are more involved in product innovation than their customers may realize.

Through their feedback, experimentation, testing, benchmarking, and even establishing “cleaning challenges” (e.g., comparing multiple products for performance and effectiveness), they have become a valuable communication channel to manufacturers, helping them develop products that offer an even wider range of solutions.

Why Jan San Supply Houses Buy Our Air-Care Products

Companies that specialize in janitorial/sanitation supplies, whether they are large or small, have come to both respect and recognize the benefits gleaned from ambient air-care products that have decades of product development, laboratory refinements and on-site testing.

While there are many benefits for those who source products from Air-Scent, including faster return on inventory; shorter lead times; more frequent deliveries and no minimums per manufacturer, the following list and their subsequent descriptions represent seven of the most convincing.

Why Jan San Supply Houses Buy Our Air-Care Products

1) We Ship Directly To Jan-San Supply Houses

2) Our Product Lines Are Not Limited Like Other Suppliers

3) Our Product Lines Help You Stand Out Over Competition

4) We Provide Technical and Situational Assistance

5) We Offer A Complete Line of Diffusion Dispensers And Refills

6) We Offer The Largest Variety Of Trend-Driven Fragrances

7) We Have The Most Diverse Trash Room Odor-Control Products

8) We Have The Most Powerful Vaporous Odor Control Additive

1) We Ship Directly To Jan-San Supply Houses

This process saves money for every end user because it eliminates the additional cost of a master distributor.

2) Our Product Lines Are Not Limited Like Other Suppliers

Over the years, Jan San Houses have increasingly become more limited to those products that the Master distributor decides to handle and sell. Unfortunately, these products in most cases come from name-brand product lines, which often include limitations of what is offered.

Large companies generally only have two or three products to offer and mostly consist of familiar fragrantly scented water, so for the Jan San House owner, it has become a take it or leave it option from the supplier, which limits the odor control products their end customers have to choose from.

In the case of Air-Scent’s products, we have specifically developed a broad range of effective product lines for niche markets and situations to target and control specific malodors.

3) Our Product Lines Help You Stand Out Over Competition

We cater to the specific needs of end user odor problems. These would include: tobacco smoke odors, pet-related odors, carpet and fabric fresheners, floor drain treatments, urinal and toilet odors, odors from fire and water damage, trash room odor control and many more, all of which can be connected with a customized uniform scent. It is also well within our specialty to provide ambient scenting products for all other enhanced scenting requirements. No other company provides such a diverse range of customized options.

4) We Provide Technical and Situational Assistance

One intangible factor that has propelled Air-Scent to a position of leadership within the ambient air-care industry concerns its superior customer service.  Sales do not end when money changes hands. Our teams are always there to assist with any advice our clients might need about our many air-care systems or in the selection of the proper product for that particular enterprise.

5) We Offer A Complete Line of Diffusion Dispensers And Refills

We have been the “undisputed leader” of the ambient air-care industry since the 1940s and have remained in that position to this day. Our dispensers and fragrance refills are specifically designed for applications in commercial and industrial spaces. Our success represents decades of laboratory testing and refinements harnessing the most innovative, cutting-edge linear scent diffusion technologies.

Our Scentsia refills are created to fit into the Aroma Beam scent diffuser system to provide superior ambient scent marketing and odor control for any large commercial or industrial space up to 50,000 cubic feet. Their power lies in the application of Flow Cell diffusion advanced technology.

Air-Scent’s options of fragrance refills can be liquid, solid or dry vapor, depending on the nature of the application. They can powerfully address and eliminate all malodors in trash-rooms, restrooms and other interior areas found in larger interior spaces such as: hotels, condominium units, office complexes, retail establishments, office complexes, municipal buildings, schools, hospitals, universities, health and fitness facilities, auto dealerships, boutiques and casinos.

6) We Offer The Largest Variety Of Trend-Driven Fragrances 

Air-Scent has so many fragrance options for Jan-San companies that the word, collection, barely describes the range of possibilities. The phrase, ‘vast array’, comes a bit closer, and even that doesn’t include the infinite number of trend-driven unique scents that can be customized to suit any company’s individual preferences. Each brand speaks to its own customer base in its own unique language.

In addition to the swath of scented options we provide, our fragrances are some of the highest quality in the industry — each have been harvested, distilled, stored and distributed properly, are RIFM safe, pure and free of dyes and other non-clogging containments. We recently wrote extensively about nine reasons scenting companies also swear by our fragrance refills.

Air-Scent acknowledges a company’s need for exclusivity. For an additional cost, an agreement to grant proprietary rights is available where no one but the purchaser will ever be permitted to access a particular fragrance. Some of Air Scent’s most popular, trend-driven fragrances include: Campfire Smoke; Caribbean Coconut; English Lavender; Floral Potpourri; Garden Mint; Ocean Breeze and Papaya Tangerine.

7) We Have The Most Diverse Trash Room Odor-Control Products

While the putrid stench of garbage is highly unpleasant, it is not, per se, harmful to humans. The rodent and insect life that are attracted to the stink, however, can and often do pose serious health issues, especially if they manage to penetrate food supplies.

The importance of proper equipment, such as trashcans that are appropriately sized and always kept covered, and excellent, effective, vaporous odor-neutralizing products are vital to the maintenance of clean, fresh-smelling trash rooms. Three steps: cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting are necessary in order to determine the root cause of the malodor and to treat it accordingly. Ultimately, there are no shortcuts to trash room cleaning success.

Bad odors can occur anywhere within a commercial facility, but trash-rooms tend to have more problems than others. In many instances, management seeks the least expensive solution, which is to cover up rather than eradicate the malodor (which in the end is often more costly than if the proper strategy had been applied in the first place).

Time, effort and a coordinated arsenal of professional, odor-neutralizing products are required to completely eliminate trash-room odors in commercial settings, and we have just the perfect program.

8) We Have The Most Powerful Vaporous Odor Control Additive

While hygiene has only become the catchphrase in recent years among end users of janitorial and sanitation products, it has been at the core of Air-Scent’s line of odor-control products for years.

There is no other company in the world that can compete with Air-Scent’s industry knowledge, as our researchers and chemists are backed by 70 years of innovative know-how and on-site testing.

Our 85,000-square-foot in-house testing center with its state-of the-art equipment and access to cutting edge diffusion technologies makes it possible to concentrate on all that can be gleaned from the most complex aspects of industrial science.

Our pride-and-joy odor-control neutralizer, Metazene, is manufactured within our complex, meticulous environment. There is no more powerful vapor-phase odor-neutralizing additive on the market today. The reason this is so concerns this neutralizer’s incredible ability to destroy gram-positive bacteria that cause malodors on a molecular level.

The chemical bonding of Metazene with the foul odor molecules causes them to sink and eventually evaporate. The beauty of this superior additive, in addition to the total elimination of malodors, is that it does not in any way affect or change the chosen scent.

Most manufacturers only add surface-active (mostly quats or other biocides) deodorizing agents to their products, which kills bacteria growth on surfaces but are totally ineffective vaporous malodorous molecules.

In Conclusion

With more and more employees spending more and more time in office complexes and other workspaces, the need for odor-control and odor-management products is certain to rise exponentially.

Business owners and managers of hotels, Home Owners’ Associations, hospitals, universities, health and fitness facilities, boutiques, casinos and auto dealerships among a host of others commercial enterprises will always require the services of Jan-San companies, who in turn will always turn to Air-Scent for their supply of superior odor-control control for trash rooms.

If you’re a Jan-San House or company in search of the best odor-control products to offer your end users, the search ends here — call us today.

Final thoughts about trash:

My wife is always trying to get rid of me. The other day she told me to put the trash out. I said I did. She told me to go and keep an eye on it. ~Rodney Dangerfield


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