9 Ways Ambient Scenting Can Expand Your Jan San Business

Jan San, aka the janitorial sanitation industry, has gone through many changes over the course of the last decade, and the number of distributors in the United States has steadily declined since the year 2000. This has forced distributors to think outside that proverbial box and come with solutions to survive, thrive and accommodate the dynamic needs of commercial enterprises.

Older business models provided just tools and equipment to building service contractors (BSC). This is no longer viable due to the advent of e-commerce options and specialty shops. The need for re-invention has given way to newer protocols that expand services far beyond the purchase of products, tools and equipment. Known usually as add-on or expanded services, by any other name their intent is always to restore distributor importance to those in charge of running commercial facilities.

This article explores how the janitorial sanitation industry has changed in recent times, provides a few supportive industry studies and statistics and describes exactly how our air care odor control products can expand the monthly profits of jan san businesses the world over.

Janitorial Services And Air Freshener Add Ons

How The Role Of The Jan San Distributor Has Changed

Distributors are always seeking new avenues to make themselves more pro-active and connected with the dynamic needs of their clients. Many BSCs depend upon the newer services, which can include going that extra mile with a company’s janitorial staff for training off hours on the best ways to use a new product or piece of equipment.

Perhaps lesser known, is the expanded role of the Jan San distributor in product evaluation, improvement and innovation. This comes about via their feedback to manufacturers about client satisfaction or dissatisfaction with product solutions and suggestions for change.

Jan San distributors are intimately involved with the products they sell and have experienced any and all of the challenges a particular product or piece of equipment might present. When a question arises, a BSC can simply pick up a phone and call the distributor for a solution. This is one of those services that more or less remains in the background and is not called upon or even appreciated until it is needed.

Another example of an expanded Jan San service involves enhanced product selection. This is dependent on a distributor’s ability to both collect and interpret a wealth of data and translate that information into helpful choices for BSCs. This may entail opting for a more sustainable product or perhaps one that might be less costly and more effective. It’s a matter of offering choices and demonstrating a genuine concern for the needs and desires of a client base.

A Few Relevant Studies and Statistics

Ambient Scenting Janitorial Services

The latest statistics indicate earnings of $61 US billion annually with an estimate growth of 18-23% by the year, 2023. Rising corporate profits have led to increased expenditures for cleaning and maintenance purposes.  Although the industry remains people and service-oriented, the ease of ordering products online has increased the number of online orders even though they comprise only one quarter of overall sales orders.

According to a study compiled in 2018 by Essendant Inc., which sells to thousands of smaller Jan San distributors and resellers within the industry, their product sales to distributors accounts for about 29%, or about $1.45 billion out of the $5.04 billion they gleaned in 2017. The report entitled: The Future of Janitorial And Sanitation Distribution indicated that there are still many Jan San distributors that avoid digital commerce and rely instead on phone and in-person sales.

The study concluded: In 2017 alone, the Janitorial and Sanitation resale and distribution industry has undergone a significant shift towards digital, and shows no signs of slowing down. More than ever before, distributors and resellers are using mobile-based applications and e-commerce sites to offer more intuitive purchasing journeys for a larger number of customers. But many Jan San resellers are still committed to the status quo… Some feel that their customers do not need or want digital, while others are not sure where to start.”

The growth of the Jan San industry is also the byproduct of the burgeoning demand within the health care sector for infection-prevention products and services. A recent study conducted by Market To Market entitled: Infection Prevention Products & Services indicated that hospitals and other related facilities are under great pressure to reduce the rates of healthcare-associated infections (aka HAIs) and this fact alone is expected to expand industry sales 6.7% annually and peak at $16.7 billion in 2020.

Air-Scent History As A Supplier To The Jan San Industry

With more than seven decades of hands on experience, Air-Scent International has emerged as both a pioneer and a world leader within the ambient air-care industry. We are a family-owned and operated enterprise and have been in continuous operation since the late 1940s. Our innovative, cutting edge technologies, which expand the boundaries of industrial science, keep us many steps ahead of competitors.

With our in-house perfume manufacturing division, there is no other company that can compete with our industry knowledge and expertise, as our researchers, master perfumers and chemists work in tandem and are always at work, seeking innovative means to develop the most advanced odor-control products in the world.

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Our 85,000-square-foot in-house testing center with its state-of the-art equipment and access to cutting edge diffusion technologies makes it possible to concentrate on all that can be gleaned from the most complex aspects of industrial science.

Beyond the powers of technology, one intangible factor that keeps Air-Scent on top is our stellar reputation for customer service. Unlike other companies, sales do not end with the exchange of funds. Instead, this marks the beginning of a bond between client and the mother company. Our teams are always there to assist with any advice our clients might need about our many air-care systems or in the selection of the proper Jan San product.

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Jan San enterprises depend upon reputable sources for the products they use and the satisfaction of the end user is always our ultimate concern. This represents a powerful, symbiotic alliance. Building service contractors (BSCs), hotels, Home Owners’ Associations, hospitals, universities, health and fitness facilities, auto dealerships, boutiques and casinos can and do expect the best from their relationship with the manufacturer of the cleaning products they use, and our products deliver every time.

Both smaller and larger companies that specialize in janitorial/sanitation supplies respect and recognize the benefits gleaned from our superior air-freshening products. Some of these include: a faster return on inventory; shorter lead times; more frequent deliveries and no minimums per manufacturer.

How Ambient Scenting Can Increase Your Jan San Business

Introducing ambient scenting via Air-Scent to your Jan San enterprise is a choice that can only lead to good things. The following list and subsequent descriptions of each point represent 9 important ways ambient air-care can increase and improve business and that all-important bottom line.

How Ambient Scenting Can Increase Your Jan San Business

1) Ambient Scenting Is A Door Opener To New Customers

2) Ambient Scenting Secures Customer Retention

3) Customers May Need But Not Know About Ambient Scenting

4) Ambient Scenting Is A Great Way To Increase Monthly Revenue

5) Mandatory Service Visits Means Contact With Clients

6) Air-Scent’s Ambient Air Care Products Are The Most Advanced

7) We Are A One-Stop Shop For All Commercial Air-Care Needs

8) We Have The Most Complete Line Of True Odor Control Products

9) Air-Scent Can Create Signature Scents & Match Diverse Areas

Ambient Scenting Is A Door Opener To New Customers

Introducing our excellent commercial scenting and odor control solutions to current clients is the perfect segue to a Jan San distributor for increasing clientele because hygiene has been at the core of our line of odor-control products for years. They work equally well for hospitals; stadiums; hotels; condominiums; banquet halls; assisted living facilities and showrooms.

Ambient Scenting Secures Customer Retention

Our customers are loyal because the company caters to the specific needs of the end user of their products. Customized options are encouraged as they can and often do provide every client with ambient air-care for all scenting-related issues. This fact helps to bond a customer to the company as they are less likely to leave a “friend” that provides them with everything they need at costs they can afford. Services include: carpet fresheners, stain treatments, and trash room odor controls that can all be connected with a uniform company scent.

Customers May Need But Not Know About Ambient Scenting

Many BSCs and facility managers rely on large contract-binding corporations to supply their cleaning products and equipment and are not aware that a Jan San distributor can provide the very same items more easily and at lower costs.

Ambient Scenting Is A Great Way To Increase Monthly Revenue

Ambient scent air diffusion systems such as the HVAC cold mist nebulizers (Aroma Stylers and Air Wisp liquid fragrance refills) and NON HVAC dry vapor diffusers (Aroma Beam) with its Scentsia cartridge refills all require monthly service. This provides a steady stream of monthly income.

Mandatory Service Visits Means Contact With Clients

Service visits to maintain our ambient air-care machines help to cement loyalty between Jan San distributors and their clients. There is no substitute for face-to-face communication when it comes to establishing a personal bond with a client.

Air-Scent’s Ambient Air Care Products Are The Most Advanced

More than seventy years of experience and innovation stand behind each and every product we offer. Our secret to success lies in our constant push to press the boundaries of contemporary industrial science and stay a few steps ahead of their competitors. Our labs are equipped with the latest in gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, headspace analysis, distillation, extraction and quality control technology.

We Are A One-Stop Shop For All Commercial Air-Care Needs

The Air-Scent distributor is becoming more and more important to the decisions and challenges BSCs and facility managers face every day. Clients know that any question that arises about a product or a service can be brought to the attention of the approachable distributor who knows their product line intimately. Shopping for related products and customer service are both provided by the same person who has become a competent source of knowledge as well as a purveyor of superior air-care and odor control products.

We Have The Most Complete Line Of True Odor Control Products

The vaporous odor-control neutralizer, Metazene, is the reason Air-Scent’s odor control products are the best in the world, and there is no other product of its kind on the market today. This powerful, colorless additive destroys gram-positive bacteria that cause malodors on a molecular level by bonding with the heavier foul odor molecules and causing them to sink and evaporate.  The beauty of Metazene is that it does not in any way affect or alter chosen scents incorporated into odor-control products.

Air-Scent Can Create Signature Scents & Match Diverse Areas

We have many fragrance options for Jan-San companies and that doesn’t include the infinite number of trend-driven unique scents that can be customized to suit any company’s individual preferences.

For an additional cost, an agreement to grant proprietary rights is available where no one but the purchaser will ever be permitted to access a particular fragrance. We know and respect the fact that each brand speaks to its own customer base in its own unique language. We can also provide matching fragrances for bathrooms, hallways, trash rooms, gyms, healthcare facilities, storage areas, spas and salons just to name a few.

In Conclusion

If you are a Jan San distributor seeking advances in income and/or opportunity, contact our team today and consider adding our wonderful scents and commercial-grade ambient scent diffusers to your repertoire of products and services.

Final thought about scent: People can close their eyes to greatness, to horrors, to beauty and their ears to melodies and deceiving words. But they can’t escape scent. ~ Patrick Suskind


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