Ambient Scent Solutions For Assisted Living Senior Centers

Smart responsible managers and owners of senior assisted living centers understand the vital link between their residents’ emotional states and their physical health and well-being.

Unpleasant odors in lobbies and throughout any part of assisted living facilities can create unneeded stress of existing residents and repel first impressions of potential clientele. They’re effective elimination accompanied by crisp uplifting diffused fragrances can make or break impressions and the contentment, mood and happiness of a facility’s residents.

So it comes as no surprise that we are frequently called upon by assisted living facilities throughout the U.S. and abroad to provide strategically chosen fragrances, commercial-grade ambient scent machines and highly effective, vaporous odor neutralizing solutions that work in tandem and are collectively designed to alleviate stress, enhance feelings of comfort and trigger pleasant memories reflecting a life well lived.

Senior Assisted Living Air Fresher Systems

Relevant Studies & Statistics On Senior Center Long Term Care

Annual spending on long-term care in the United States has reached nearly $275 billion and even the healthiest among us are likely to need some form of long-term services and support.

Recent research indicates that scent creates a very real and primeval reaction, and that the right fragrance in the correct setting can trigger pleasant memories.

According to the Alzheimer’s Society, 80% of senior and assisted living center residents suffer from some form of dementia or severe memory issues. In a recent study, researchers discovered that the aroma of cinnamon when introduced to a number of nursing homes resulted in significant improvements in cognitive functions, such as visual-motor response, working memory and attention span.

For many residents in senior and assisted care facilities, their emotional stability is often fragile and can be easily disrupted. Anxiety, depression and stress can have an enormous effect on physical health, as these conditions can trigger many problems that worsen stages of health that are already compromised.

Generally speaking, senior care residents aren’t as happy as those living in family homes.

The Connection Between Scent and Emotional Well-Being

Ambient Scent Odor Control Assisted Living

Another important though perhaps unexpected connection of scent to personal well-being concerns malnutrition, which although serious at any age, is particularly dangerous to an elderly population. Ten percent of people over the age of 65 are affected by malnutrition.

The elderly can experience loss of muscle mass and low resistance and a general decline in the quality of life.

Current research indicates that the introduction of scent can greatly contribute to the amelioration of this important issue by enhancing the meal experience, and we understand that positive feelings evoked by the power of certain fragrances help to create a happier ambiance in senior and assisted living facilities.

Consumatics, a Dutch research firm specializing in sub-conscious behavior, conducted a recent study into seven senior care facilities. Results indicated that when the scent of fresh bread was introduced both before and during meal times, malnutrition levels decreased by 5%.

In addition, studied residents also reported that they felt happier after “bread meal” (in comparison to when there was no scent) and 10% indicated that their quality of life had increased.

Senior Isolation And The Power Of Scent

Feeling alone in a crowd is a desperate state of being, and according to a recent US Census report, 11 million, or 28% of people aged 65 and older, live alone.

While this factor alone does not translate into social isolation, it is a contributing factor especially when coupled with how often a senior participates in social activities.

Social contacts tend to decrease with aging due to a number of inevitable issues that include: retirement, the death of friends and family, and a lack of mobility.

According to Statistics Canada, 80% of Canadian seniors participate in one of more social activities at least on a monthly basis, but what is not said is even more significant. The twenty remaining percent of seniors are not involved in weekly or even monthly social events.

One key to ending isolation and improving positive feelings is the introduction of specific scents that evoke pleasant memories.

Even more significant, these fragrances are a vehicle of transport back into another softer time and place.

Some examples include: the aromas of apple pie baking in Mama’s kitchen; coffee brewing on a family stove or the creamy, rich fragrance of magnolia blossoms blooming outside a summer window.

While these scents may be also be tinged with poignancy and nostalgia, more often they are the connective tissue that binds wounded hearts and stokes memories of a happier past.

Our Commercial Air Freshener & Odor Control Solutions

Our air care masters are well aware that the proper scenting program and equipment in senior care homes can transform a lackluster, unexciting ambiance into a delightful amalgam of benefits that meet both the emotional and physical needs of residents.

Our scents are specially formulated and can include: blends of eucalyptus, which researchers have discovered stimulates mental activity and increases blood flow to the brain, and cool, refreshing lavender, which is soothing and known to reduce heart rate.

Additionally, our fragrances are always harvested, distilled, stored and distributed properly, and (in the case of our natural organic fragrances) they are RIFM safe, pure and free of dyes and other non-clogging containments, all of which have led them to become the ambient industry choice of scenting companies, distributors and Jan San houses the world over.

Even more, our air freshener refills contain Metazene, our patented odor neutralizing additive, which effectively and safely eliminates vaporous malodorous molecules in the air, enabling odor-free interiors of any size.

Large Area Scenting Machines For Senior Care Centers

We provide the most advanced HVAC and non HVAC air freshener applications for commercial environments. They include:

  • The Aroma Beam Bluetooth Operated Dispenser

The non-HVAC Aroma Beam dry vapor fragrance diffuser system is ideal for commercial spaces up to 50,000 cubic feet. It is highly effective in evoking positive moods among all who linger within its orbit.

It can restore energy to couch potatoes and lift feelings of sadness and loneliness that pervade senior care centers. The refill available for this machine is called the Scentsia Cartridge.

The Scentsia Cartridge features 30 full days of effective fragrance performance, which is available in over 40 pleasing unique aromas. Custom scents can also be created if desired.

Ambient Scent Aroma Beam Assisted Living Senior Centers

  • The Aroma Styler HVAC Dispenser

Our Aroma Styler™ is one of the most powerful, easy-to-use HVAC atomizing diffuser systems in the marketplace and converts liquid scent into dry vaporous micro particles, creating a virtually invisible vapor that floats evenly across any large open space.

The Aroma Styler comes in three application sizes and each work seamlessly with our Air-Wisp aroma refills.

Aroma Styler Senior Assisted Living

Discover the benefits of scent marketing

Other Scent Machine Options For Smaller Areas

We offer a variety of professional air freshener systems that work well for maintaining smaller areas in senior care and assisted living facilities. The following work well in senior care restroom facilities, trash rooms, linen rooms and other areas:

  • The Aroma One Dispenser, which is the latest in effective vapor odor control and fan air freshening for commercial restrooms (battery or AC powered).
  • The automatic Odyssey Gravity Drip Dispenser, which is non-battery operated and cleans and deodorizes washroom toilet and urinal fixtures.
  • The Spiralz Passive 60-day air freshener refills and the accompanying mini dispenser for use in any facility’s interior space.
  • The Mega Fresh, large area passive odor neutralizing system for use in soiled linen rooms, trash rooms and stairways. Learn more about our comprehensive trash room odor control systems.

Crisp Clean Ambient Scents for Senior Care Centers

The following three fragrance selections are recommended by our chief perfumer to improve the ambiance of senior and assisted living facilities. We have many more aromas to choose from, and as an additional option, we can be contracted to create custom, one-of-a-kind corporate scents for any desired mood or enhancement.

  • Utopia: A bright and joyful fragrance that opens with top notes of fruity, tart and mildly spicy bergamot, tart and uplifting grapefruit, lime and wild berries, followed by notes of jasmine, cyclamen, lemongrass and star anise, and finishing with a woody, musky, sandalwood and patchouli base-note.
  • Sensational: This invigorating fragrance opens with a citrusy splash of inspiring and tangy grapefruit, tart, aromatic, bright and cheerful lemon and refreshing, sharp, clean and zesty lime. The aroma flows into a herbal/floral middle note of fresh, aromatic rosemary, spicy, green basil, herbal and dry eucalyptus, creamy, rich gardenia, vivid carnation and highly aromatic night blooming jasmine. The scent finishes with earthy patchouli, warm, rich amber, full-bodied, intense Douglas fir and woody musk base-note.
  • White Tea: A burst of invigorating citrus initiates this subtle, relaxing scent followed by a soft, romantic floral rose, sweet and aromatic jasmine petal and pure, soothing white tea bud middle-note. It finishes with a refreshing white musk and woody twig-like base-note.

In Conclusion

We have been a leader within the ambient scenting industry for more than seven decades and have maintained a stellar customer service reputation.

Our fragrance refills and commercial air-fresheners surpass industry standards and their versatile scent diffusion systems can be adapted for use in both large and small commercial spaces.

Ambient scenting, as executed by our chief perfumer, is an art form with tremendous benefits as a mood enhancer, especially in senior and assisted care living centers where states of depression and isolation are very common.

Selected fragrances must be welcoming and comforting, and each fragrance our master perfumers have created are perfect for entrance ways, lobbies, common spaces, dining areas, workout rooms, restrooms, bath areas, hallways, oncology and other medical areas where aromatherapy is needed.

If you own or operate assisted living centers, or you’re a scent marketing distributor, call our team today or submit a written inquiry. We’re here to help and can make a difference both in the well being of a retirement community’s residents and that all-important bottom line.

Final thought on ageing: When I was young I was called a rugged individualist. When I was in my fifties, I was considered eccentric. Here I am doing and saying the same things I did then and I’m labeled senile. ~ George Burns


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