Ambient Scent Marketing And Air Care Systems

If you’re a company interested in branding your interior with a commercial grade air freshener system, or you’re a scenting distributor, or want to start your own scent marketing business — we’re one of the most fully equipped international scent marketing companies geared to satisfy your every need. The controlled use of scent allows companies to influence how customers perceive their brand, extend the time they linger, increase bottom line profits and much more. Discover how you can start turning scents into dollars today!


“The scent marketing industry is growing at an annual rate of 15%”

“With revenue of approximately $300 million worldwide”

Jennifer Dublino, VP-Development at ScentWorld


The Business of Branding With Evenly Diffused Scent

The numbers speak for themselves. The scent marketing industry is bolstering every business under the sun, and business owners, entrepreneurs and distributors know it. Fragrance applications are now enhancing hotels, retail environments, financial institutions, casinos, offices, fitness & health care centers, auto showrooms, bars & nightclubs, airports, airlines & much more.

We not only recognized the need for scented environments long before it became a booming business, we invented the first fan scent diffuser. We have always designed ahead of the curve and continually adapt to new technologies and market trends. Our many patented, high quality professional air scenting systems are the most sought after in the industry and provide thoroughly effective results for every commercial, institutional and industrial application.


Decades Of Refining The Key To Marketable Aromas

Creating fragrance is both an art form and a science. So after decades of experience working with clients from around the world, matching scent to a company’s need is second nature for us.

With our own in-house fragrance division, we’ve developed an endless array of commercial air scents and aromas that suit every marketing need, and while tastes change over time, patterns emerge and the most popular scents surface. Our highly experienced team is equipped with an extensive understanding of creating and matching scents to the needs and desires of a brand and we share that experience with every client we engage with.


“60% of shoppers make decisions in less than four seconds”

“And ambient scenting is the primary catalyst for those choices”

Martin Lindstrom, Is There A Buy Button In The Brain


The Benefits Of Controlled Ambient Scent Marketing

With our sense of smell so closely linked to memory, a pleasing olfactory experience, or a bad one, can have lasting effects on a business’ bottom line. Second to memory, smell is highly emotive, and has proven to invoke a vast array of moods and emotions from vitality, stimulation and desire to relaxation, calm and sensuality. It’s no wonder retailers and business owners have come to realize that fragrance and odor control is an important branding factor that can’t be ignored.

Scent marketing has proven to attract new customers, increase the time customers linger in environments, create a branded, heightened value perception, encourage repeat visits, increase sales and inspire loyalty.

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