Video Library – Instructional And How To Tutorials

Welcome to our video library, where you’ll find instructional tutorials and promotional videos about our products and services. If you’re currently a distributor of our products and need help installing, programming or replacing air freshening refills for our aroma diffusers, please scroll down.

If you’d like to become a distributor of Air-Scent products, we’ve created the following video to highlight the financial particulars and benefits of joining our global network of suppliers and entrepreneurs. You can also read further about this opportunity here.



How To Install The Aroma One Air Freshener Dispenser

This video guide provides specific instructions on installing the Aroma One fan air freshener dispenser. Watch away, or learn more about this scent air machine here.


How To Replace Solid Wafer Refills In The Aroma One

Follow this step-be-step video guide to servicing and replacing solid wafer scented refills for the Aroma One fan air freshener dispenser. The Aroma One is built for restroom odor control or other smaller areas and effectively eliminates malodors and enhances any commercial, industrial or municipal environment. Learn more about this device here.


How To Service The Aroma One With Liquid Can Fresheners

This video provides specific instructions to service and replace 4.5 ounce Max Classic liquid air fresheners cans for the Aroma One air care dispenser. Learn more about our liquid can refills or read up on the Aroma One.


How To Install The Odyssey Battery Operated Fan Air Freshener

If you’re an Air-Scent distributor or supplier, follow this simple installation guide for the Odyssey fan air freshener. Strategically designed for aroma enhancement and odor neutralization in commercial environments, the Odyssey air freshener dispenser is ideal for smaller areas in restaurants, hotels, gyms, spas, fitness centers and more. Learn more about this device here.


How To Replace Liquid Refills For The Odyssey

View our complete installation and replacement guide for the Odyssey air freshener machine for commercial washroom odor control and aroma enhancement. Learn how to replace scenting cans, wicks and batteries, or read up on the Odyssey here.


How To Replace Solid Wafer Refills For The Odyssey

View our how to video providing instructions for installing or replacing our 30-day, scented, Squair Air solid wafer refills for the Odyssey commercial air freshener machine or submit an order for our solid wafer refills.


How To Install And Program The Aroma Styler HVAC Diffuser

Learn how to install and program the Aroma Styler air freshener machine. The Aroma Styler is perfect for ambient scenting, controlling malodors and improving indoor air quality for large and small commercial environments. Read further about its features here.