Squair Wafer Scented Industrial Air Freshener Blocks

Providing Superior Set-It-And-Forget-It Air Care Performance

We are the original inventor of the industrial air freshener block, now known as our Squair fragranced wafer refills.

Our “Squairs” are designed to be easy to replace, provide 30 full days of set and forget performance and they fit within most fan air freshener diffusers! Other features include —

  • Contains Metazene® brand odor neutralizer (read about how Metazene works).
  • Easy and economical
  • Can be used in most air freshener dispensers
  • Non-spill – Non-mess – No wicks to set!
  • Faster service times than liquids
  • Superior and powerful fragrance output
  • 30 Day Refill
  • 1 Fragrance per case
  • 200 Refills per case

Choose From Any Of The Following Popular Fragrances

Apple, Berry Blast, Cherry, Cinnaspice, Cinnamon, Endless Summer, Endsmoke, Freesia, Golden Mango, Grapefruit, Home Sweet Home, Island Breeze, Jazzmania, Lambrusco, Laundry Fresh, Lemon, Lilac, Linen, Mulberry, Neutral, Odorless, Orange Frosty, Pina Colada, Pomegranate, Raine, Red Raspberry, Spring Time, Tropicana, Vanilla, Vanilla Kreme and Winter Fir & Balsam.


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Tips To Using Squair Scent Solid Wafer Air Freshener Refills

Ideally, service is performed 28 days as follows:

First Month Service: Locate tear hole on side of package. Open wrapper and remove solid water fill. Insert 2 solid water refills in upright position into the first 2 slots in dispenser tray.

Second Month Service: Move the 2 original solid water refills on slot to the right. Remove the wrapper of a new solid wafer refill and place it in the first slot.

Squair Scent Wafer Packaging

Third Month Service: Move previous solid wafer refills 1 slot to the right. Remove the wrapper of a new solid wafer refill and place it in the first slot.

Fourth Month Service: Again, move previous solid wafer refill one spot to the right. Properly discard the solid wafer refill on the far right. Open a new solid wafer refill and place it in the first slot.

Fifth month Service: Move the 3 existing solid refills on slot to the right. Properly discard the solid wafer refill on the far right. Install a new solid wafer refill in the first slot at the far left. Continue replacing solid wafer refills in this manner, replacing the oldest solid water refill (at the far right) each time. With this method, there are four solid wafer refills in the dispenser at all time after fourth service.

Note: Do not allow the solid wafer refills to touch each other as they “bleed” into one another preventing proper fragrance distribution. Do not place solid wafer refills on painted, varnished or fabric surfaces. Do not mix fragrances in the dispenser. 

Read our guide to removing odors in commercial environments or discover how a unique fresh ambient scent and improve your business’ bottom line.

Squair Air Solid Industrial Wafers

Reducing Output of Solid Wafer Air Freshener Refills

Method 1: To reduce fragrance level in smaller areas or evaporation rates in hot conditions, follow this procedure: Open package at tear hole. DO NOT remove solid wafer refill completely from package. Instead, expose approximately 1/3 of the solid wafer refill and place it in the dispenser. Be sure the plastic wrapper does not obstruct the fan blade by folding excess plastic over refill.

Method 2: Simply lay the solid wafer refill on its broad side in the dispenser tray. This reduces the exposed surface area by almost 50%, effectively reducing the output of the refill.


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Our Squair Wafer Refills Work Within An Array of Dispensers

Our Squair industrial air freshener blocks are designed to work within most air freshener dispensers in the marketplace, but specific to the diffusers we manufacture, they work particularly well within our Aroma One smart air freshener (featured below), our Odyssey, our Millennium and our RuMate Passive dispenser for smaller areas.

Aroma One Stand in Environment


Why Is Our Metazene Molecular Odor Neutralizer So Effective?

1) Positive charged Metazene molecules are attracted to negative charged malodor molecules in the air.

2) Metazene molecules attach to typical malodor molecules like little magnets.

3) Metazene “locks up” the malodor, effectively neutralizing its unpleasant odor.

4) The new heavier molecule sinks to the floor with the malodor sealed inside. Unable to float in the air, it evaporates over a period of time.

Learn more about the power of Metazene and our other commercial odor controlling systems for restroom air care and more.


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