The Importance Of A Clean Fresh Smelling Commercial Restroom

Why should you bother to keep your company restroom fresh and clean? While it may seem obvious that a clean, fresh-smelling restroom is much nicer to behold than a messy, smelly one, the reason all businesses should focus on this singular aspect goes so much deeper than physical appearance. An unsanitary restroom can affect allergies and become a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria that cause disease.

Even a good, self-respecting microbe innocently searching for a quiet place to hang out can be overwhelmed by all the bad members of its ilk that congregate in the average bathroom, whether on private premises or in business offices. It is not reassuring to know that they are not only everywhere, but many of them are up to no good in terms of their affects on human health.

Survey reveals American attitude about bathroom germs

A survey conducted by the Bradley Corporation reveals that many consumers are fearful of bathroom germs and use uncommon tactics to avoid coming in contact with them. Sixty-four percent indicated that they operate the toilet flusher with their foot; sixty percent admit to using a paper towel when touching the restroom door and forty-eight percent open and close bathroom doors with their hip. Despite this concern over germs, more and more Americans rinse rather than wash their hands instead of soaping up.

There is no absolute guarantee that even daily bathroom scrubbing and cleaning will totally eliminate germs, and according to one study, within one hour of sterilization, the bathrooms were completely re-colonized with microbes. For the most part, (forty-five percent of survey findings) fecal bacteria dominated, including on toilet seats and on soap dispensers.

Still, hope is not lost, as the chances of decreasing the spread of flue and bacteria is possible. Retail managers and other company leaders can take certain steps aside from regular cleaning rituals. For example, automatic flush toilets, hands free soap and hand sanitizer dispensers, faucets and hand-dryers and even sanitary floor mats can all contribute to a healthy restroom experience.

These bacteria that lurk unseen in bathrooms

The following bacteria, some good and some bad, can be found in almost any bathroom.


Although it has a bad reputation, this bacterium lives in your intestines and is there to help with digestion. Problems occur when its numbers increase, causing serious issues, such as vomiting, fever, cramps, diarrhea and worst of all, because it can be fatal, a cholera-like disease. Due to the fact that E-coli is found in both human and animal feces, it is usually found in and around the toilet bowl. The seat and entire toilet surface should be cleaned every day, but that is only part of this contagious story. E-coli is also found on the bathroom floor, soap and furnishings, including the bathroom doorknob. This makes hand washing after toilet use absolutely essential.


This bacterium is often found on the skin, especially on hands. Its spread can be prevented by proper hand hygiene, which entails ensuring you and your employees wash hands thoroughly a few times a day. In the case of your home, changing hand towels and not using body towels for your hands or face is an effective way to prevent spread. It is also a good idea to switch soap bars with liquid soap push applicators and in the case of homes, keep your guest towels separate from family towels. If this organism is not checked, it can manifest itself in a host of health problems ranging from sore throats to more serious and not so easily treated rheumatic fever, scarlet fever and kidney disease.


Considered the trigger to Krohn’s Disease, this bactierium invades the lining of the human digestive tract, causing inflammation. diarrhea, nausea, fatigue and weight loss. Although current research published in journal, Pathogens, clearly indicates that the inhalation of this bacteria can also cause the disease, it can also easily spread via shower heads which aren’t used on a daily basis. One practical solution to avoid the spread of this organism is to frequently clean shower heads, and with residential use, allow the water from the shower-head to run for a minutes before stepping under it. This will permit its release into the sewage along with the water it came from.


Salmonella is a bacterium found in bathrooms that makes its home in both human and animal gut. When absorbed in the intestines it is a condition called Salmonellosis, It spreads easily when the lid to the toilet seat is not closed before flushing and also if hands are not washed after using the toilet. Undercooked or raw chicken or pork can also cause the bacteria to spread. It can cause: stomach cramps, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and bad headaches.


”Staphylococcus are true surviviors” according to Jack Gilbert, a microbial ecologist at Argonne National Laboratory, and co-author of a new study, the results of which indicated that even after some bathrooms were closed for the purpose of this study, these microbes continued to thrive. They can live on bathroom floors and countertops. Their persistence is a bit scary, as it suggests “their power as a potential pathogen.” Staph infections can be serious, or even kill, if the bacteria get into bloodstream, joints, bones, lungs or heart. One well-known strain of this virulent bacterium is the dreaded MRSA.

There is light and hope at the end of this bacteria-laden tunnel

These bacteria are formidable adversaries and require strong and effective tools to keep them at bay from both the private or company restroom. Air Scent, a pioneer in air freshening products for more than seven decades, can do this by providing workable solutions for any restroom odor problem that might arise.

Air Scent Fully-Effective Odor Control Solutions

We have created a host of air-freshening strategies. The Aroma Beam is extremely effective, but it is always targeted at very large areas up to up to 50,000 cubic feet. For smaller areas such as company bathrooms, Air Scent’s arsenal of tools for a fresh smelling restroom include a powerful odor neutralizer called Metazene. The Odyssey Fan-Operated Air Freshener system is known all over the world and provides 30 days of continuous performance. It doesn’t require any resetting or care, unlike others of its ilk. This potent neutralizer permanently destroys odors at a molecular level rather than just masking them.

Invest in your restrooms, company managers

An unpleasant bathroom in any business can do more damage than making users sick. It can translate into lost sales. That same survey by the Bradley Corporation supports the fact that sixty-four percent of Americans admit that they will either think twice about patronizing the business or have already decided the moment they leave the dirty/foul-smelling bathroom that they will never cross that doorstep again.

In the words of Jon Dommisse, director of global marketing & strategic development for Bradley Corporation, “In our fifth year of doing this national survey, it remains clear that the cleanliness of the public restroom is very important to customers, employees and other stakeholders who engage with your business. It pays off for businesses to provide clean, easy to use washroom facilities with touch-free fixtures to ensure the user has a good experience.”

A clean restroom can affect business traffic

This one essential spot in an office can make or break a company’s bottom line, albeit most managers absorbed with daily business operations may not have thought about this before. Repeat customers and employee productivity are both greatly affected by sanitary restrooms. Unclean bathrooms can become the subject of long conversations and may cause employees to travel a bit to find clean ones. This alone, indirectly affects employee productivity.

Equip your restrooms with cutting edge air freshener products, hands-free technologies and keep it properly stocked at all times. If you invest in your restroom, this action will pay you back a hundred times over. Your customers will thank you and so will your bottom line.

In Conclusion

All human environments contain microbes and pathogens and we do need them in our daily lives. We must, however, also always be aware that like all things in life, there are both good and bad among them. You must treat the bad aspects of bacteria with experts in the field. Our expertise lies in both aroma creation and odor control, and these have been our priorities for more than seven decades. Whatever your company’s particular needs are, Air Scent has the answer.

So if you’re a business owner, air care distributor or a janitorial sanitation house, get in touch with (and come to your) senses today. Email us today for help in keeping your company bathrooms smelling fresh and clean, or call (800) 247-0770. We’re happy to help.

Final thoughts on toilets and bathroom cleanliness:

Please remain seated during entire performance ~ Toilet Sign in Restaurant Bathroom

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