Commercial Odor Control For South Florida’s Warmer Climate

Although Yogi Bera once said about hot weather, “It ain’t the heat; it’s the humility,” the fact is that the amount of water vapor in the air can affect and offend the human sense of smell. Temperature and humidity affect odor because they increase molecular volatility. Alterations in moisture levels can greatly impact both the potency of odors and how quickly they dissipate.

As a general rule of thumb, the less moisture there is in the air, the less likely it is that malodors will travel. When the temperature drops, air and scent molecules become denser, containing a much higher concentration of odor particles per square inch. They then freeze to solid form. Eventually, the scent becomes trapped in dry solids and cannot be detected.

The odor molecules become airborne much more quickly in a warmer environment, and that is why smells intensify during the summer months of the year. According to Victoria Henshaw, a researcher of urban smells throughout the world: “The air becomes a smelly soup that we all breathe in.”

Humid air traps smells and causes them to linger longer than they usually would,” according to smell psychologist, Avert Gilbert. This is the reason the smell of trash is so much worse in the heat and why cars retain a musty smell after a rain. Malodor can also be magnified by the solubility of chemicals.

Odors Are Stronger In Southern Climates

The amount of water the air is capable of holding varies directly with the temperature. In warmer climes, such as Florida, water vapor traps scent particles, enhancing the odor they release and slowing their diffusion into the air.

South Florida Air Care Odor Control

Recently, three Florida counties were plagued with foul-smelling algae, which one observer commented was “comparable to a portable toilet that has been sitting in the hot sun for about three months. Even more graphic is the description cited by a man named Skinner. “If you took a porta-potty that’s been out at a music festival all weekend and filled it with dead animals and then shook it up in a blender and then left it in the sun, that’s probably what it smells like.”

The Need For Effective Odor-Control

Odor control is a byproduct of modern industrialization and it is not only here to stay, it is also constantly evolving and eluding effective management due to the increasing complexity and amount of chemicals that are utilized by all types of industries all over the world.

Some odors from many types of businesses are cause for significant environmental concerns such as: restaurants; nursing homes; hospitals; airports; and wastewater treatment facilities.

Emissions from aircraft, passenger vehicles and airport services contribute greatly to vaporous pollutants and unpleasant smells found in terminals. Restaurants too, must find ways to effectively deal with kitchen exhaust and garbage malodors.

In the case of waste water treatment plants, the odors that are generated can be potent, persistent and a nuisance to employees, residents, businesses, and industries located near the plant. Hospitals are forced to deal with malodors emanating from helicopters, as well as waste, which can also be an issue for nursing homes.

Scent Marketing Studies And Statistics

Scent marketing is a billion dollar industry that spans many commercial and industrial venues. The forecast for the future is continued expansion, as its popularity is literally bursting at the proverbial and very fragrant seams. Owners and managers of commercial spaces have experienced time and time again how introducing a signature scent into any type of business positively affects customer perception and choices, brand loyalty and that all-important bottom line. The global fragrance market is estimated to reach $92 billion by the year, 2024, with North American fragrance products leading the way.

Scent marketing has filled an important gap in modern advertising. Visual ads no longer have the power to captivate the attention of highly distractible consumers the way they once did. A pleasing scent leads shoppers through an imaginary, sensory portal that can render the time spent in a store seem like less, which often results in more spending and impulse buying. 

ambient scent powerful trigger for consumers

Explore the benefits of scent marketing!

According to a consulting group headquartered in Scarsdale, New York: “For the most part, in today’s society, everybody is inundated with visual and auditory stimuli. The sense of smell though, is hard-wired directly into your brain, right to the emotional center. When you smell something, bang. That’s going to trigger a memory or an emotion.” Ambient scenting research is complex and requires rigorous scientific inquiry.

A 2016 British study involving three eminent scientists (Rimkute, Morales and Ferreira) carefully studied the effects of scent on consumer behavior and was published in the International Journal of Consumer Studies. They covered every aspect of the connection between our sense of smell and ambient scent marketing. 

The study also identified gaps requiring further research, which include: the role of consumer awareness of scent, its influence on behavior and the underlying connection to the field of neuromarketing, which utilizes medical technologies such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to study the brain’s responses to marketing stimuli.

South Florida, Hayley Zlotnik And Air-Scent Services

While the idea of scent marketing is far from new, it has only been over the course of the last decade that it has caught on in South Florida. At the heart of the perfume industry in this region of the country is the city of Miami and the World Perfumery Congress, which is slated to convene in June of 2020 at the Miami Beach Convention Center. This unique three-day networking forum connects suppliers with ambient scent marketers.

Two South Florida hospitals, namely; the Lennar Foundation Medical Center on The University of Miami campus and the North Shore Medical Center, have introduced ambient scenting to their respective environments with very positive results, some of which include: stress reduction, malodor remediation and an increase in motivation and energy levels of both staff and patients. 

The Ocean Bank, with 21 branches in Broward and Dade County, selected Ocean Breeze as their signature scent, and it has been so successful that marketing director Cheryl Ross indicated that the bank is now considering scented check-book covers and pens.

Air-Scent Services is a woman-owned, autonomous scenting enterprise in Florida cities with specific territories that include: Miami-Dade County, Palm Beach County and Broward County. The company’s special services are utilized in condominium complexes and HOA management companies, office complexes, retail establishments and senior assisted living communities, but there is no ambient scenting company in the region that is better equipped to tackle and eliminate stubborn malodors, provide unique and cost-effective scent solutions and deliver dependable monthly service. 

Owner Hayley Zlotnik is no novice to the industry, and she and her highly trained staff can master any ambient scenting possibility, which in the case of condos and HOA complexes can include among other things the choice of natural odors or those that evoke certain feelings, such as serenity, warmth and comfort.

Hayley Zlotnik Air Scent Services

Hayley Zlotnik (center) with clients from Advanced Pharma-Miami.

This decision alone will determine different scenting options. It must also be said that while the name, Air-Scent, is very well known in southern Florida, Air-Scent Services stands apart and alone as an independent local enterprise.

The daughter of Arnold Zlotnik, President and CEO of Air-Scent International, Hayley is a business woman with a superior work ethic and set of standards that have evolved since she was 16 years of age and began her climb up the ladder of success, one rung at a time. From plant production and assembly work to office chores and hands-on training about how to create perfume samples, Hayley immersed herself in every aspect of perfume development.

Her ability to adapt and thrive in the south Florida marketplace is assured by her positive personality and mastery of fragrance design and development. Both ambient scenting and south Florida are part of a proud family legacy that began in the 1940s when her great uncle, Bob Surloff, invented the world’s first fan-operated air-freshener dispenser and dubbed it Air-Scent.

Air-Scent Odor Control Services and Metazene

Air-Scent Services is a leading South Florida purveyor of the world’s most effective commercial grade ambient air-care systems and products. All of their creations contain the neutralizing, colorless additive known as Metazene, which attacks malodors at a molecular level. 

The Metazene odor neutralizing particles bond with the heavier, malodorous molecules and force a chemical alteration of their electron patterns, which causes them to eventually evaporate due to very low vapor pressure.

Metazene Vaporous Odor Neutralization

Metazene has several benefits which make it versatile and intensely powerful. It serves as an excellent fragrance fixative and is free of formaldehyde, which is toxic to humans, animals and the environment. Conventional perfume sprays applied within commercial spaces such as: offices, apartment complexes and industrial plants merely mask odors from smoking, stale food, and chemical smells. They can never permanently eliminate them, and this often backfires and worsens the smell by blending with bad odors that are already present and becoming an even stronger and more unpleasant odor.

Although Metazene has been around since the turbulent days of World War II, its innate volatility thwarted early attempts to prepare it. It took many years of trial and error to perfect a concentrate that was both stable and pure. Products containing Metazene are the answer to the elimination of all malodors arising within industrial and commercial spaces, particularly in high volume areas, such as public restrooms and trash room areas. Air-Scent Services has them covered both with our Two-Step Approach and Trash Room Odor Control Program.

The Two-Step Approach To Odor Control

Restroom malodors are no match for two odor-control products that are always used together; namely, Mega Fresh and Enzo-Matic. They eliminate lingering odors at their source in diverse ways, and in tandem they are a force that is formidable. On its own, Mega Fresh tackles offensive, vaporous odors lingering in the air, while Enz-O-Matic is applied topically to areas where odors originate such as: concrete and painted floors, which often retain malodors relating to spills and leakage of body and excremental fluids.

Mega Fresh Odor Control Diffusers

Equipped with a patented Flow Science Capillary technology, Mega Fresh Odor Control Diffusers can annihilate the most intense malodors by insuring that fragrance flows freely into narrow spaces without benefit of gravity or other external forces. This action occurs because of the inter-molecular energy between both liquid and surrounding solid surfaces.

Mega Fresh Trashroom And Chute Odor Control

The use of fragrances laced with Metazene insures its power for up to 30 days. Attractive and energy-efficient, these diffusers require no batteries or electricity of any kind. They are prefect for indoor stairwells, trash rooms and soiled linen rooms of condo and hotel buildings. They are also perfect for animal containment facilities.

The Enz-O-Matic Organic Waste Degrader And Odor Neutralizer

This concentrate contains over 200 billion non-pathogenic live bacterial cultures per gallon. This level of intensity produces enzyme action that attacks and degrades organic waste on contact. This can refer to human or pet waste, degradable paper and timber, garden clippings and waste water treatment facilities. 

This liquid odor-neutralizer freshens the air both via compounds known as surficants, which reduce the surface tension of any liquid in which they are dissolved and the application of fragrances that provide superior odor-control and air-freshening qualities. 

In the case of public restrooms, this degrader and odor-neutralizer digests malodorous organic residue surrounding urinals, toilets and sinks and effectively removes uric acid salts and stains. It is also easily adaptable for use in floor drains, grease traps, drain lines, organic stains and septic systems.

Trash Room Odor Control Systems

Odor control for trash rooms should be effective, mild and barely discernable. The goal is neutralization rather than the introduction of a fragrance. Eliminating bacteria requires a three-pronged approach, which involves cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. The staff of Air-Scent Services can do more than just cover up the malodor and they conduct rigorous inspections to determine its root cause and treat it accordingly. Their products never mask odors, as Metazene permits their total annihilation.

Air Freshening and Odor Systems

Air-Scent Services product offerings provide ambient scenting strategies for commercial spaces both large and small. The Aroma Beam diffuser efficiently freshens large interior spaces of up to 50,000 cubic feet. Highly versatile, it is perfect for controlled ambient scenting in hotels, retail environments, health care and medical facilities.

Miami South Florida Best Aroma Scenting Company

Explore the Aroma Beam!

The Aroma One Air-Freshener System is specifically designed for smaller spaces. It neutralizes air-borne malodors and at the same time provides superior, linear aroma enhancement.

Florida Restroom Hygiene Air Dispenser

Explore the Aroma One!

The Aroma Styler Diffuser is ideal for ambient scenting in both large and small commercial spaces. It comes in three application sizes and is very easy to use.

Aroma Styler Florida Scent Marketing System

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In Conclusion

If you’re a business owner or manager anywhere throughout Miami-Dade County; South Beach; Fort Lauderdale; Palm Beach; Homestead; Hialeah; Pompano Beach; Miramar; Weston; Pembroke; Boca Raton; Pines; Palm Beach County; Sunrise Coral Springs; Broward County; Tamarac; Hollywood; Wellington; Juno or Jupiter; give them a call today, (305) 747-8804! 

They can help with all odor control and ambient scenting matters!

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