Redefining Ambient Scenting For South Florida Businesses

Fresh, enticing ambient scents and effective vaporous odor control have become an important part of the global commercial and retail landscape, and nowhere is it more evident than throughout the colorful and tropical climes of South Florida.

Not only do evenly diffused scents have the ability to enhance brand recognition, improve guest experiences, extend customer linger time and whole host of other bottom line benefits, but in the case of our products, they also provide ambient air freshening and highly effective vaporous odor control in restrooms, trash rooms and other small commercial interiors thanks to our odor neutralizing additive, Metazene.

While there are some existing scenting companies servicing the South Florida market, there is no scenting company in the Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach areas better equipped to eliminate odors (not mask them), provide unique, affordable luxurious scents and deliver friendly, dependable monthly maintenance service than Air-Scent Services.

Read on to discover how Air-Scent Services is transforming the interiors of the South Florida marketplace, or if you’re a business owner or manager anywhere throughout Miami-Dade County; South Beach; Fort Lauderdale; Palm Beach; Homestead; Hialeah; Pompano Beach; Miramar; Weston; Pembroke; Boca Raton; Pines; Palm Beach County; Sunrise Coral Springs; Broward County; Tamarac; Hollywood; Wellington; Juno or Jupiter; give them a call today, (305) 747-8804, to coordinate an in-person evaluation and free trial of the very latest in ambient scent diffusion.

South Florida And The Ambient Scenting Industry

The city of Miami is at the heart of the perfume industry in South Florida. For those who may doubt this claim, consider that the World Perfumery Congress will convene in June of 2020 at the Miami Beach Convention Center. This unique, three-day educational and networking forum is a global platform that unites professional marketers and suppliers for discussions about fragrance creativity, technological breakthroughs and business.

While it is often said that a picture speaks a thousand words, a strategically placed scent speaks a million or more. Although the idea of scent marketing is not new, it is really only in the last ten years that it has caught on in South Florida. Two medical facilities, the Lennar Foundation Medical Center and North Shore Medical Center, are the first in this region to institute innovative environmental scenting programs designed to improve both patient and employee experience.

South Florida Ambient Scent Machine

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In addition to superior personalized medical care, the Lennar Foundation Medical Center on the University of Miami campus is focused on healing, enhancing and soothing emotions with the help of ambient scenting in multiple locations, including: walkways, the main and back lobbies, imaging waiting area, centralized waiting room, ER waiting room, administrative offices and executive medicine, the women’s studies waiting areas and the sports medicine section.

The North Shore Medical Center uses ambient scenting in its main lobby. Both hospitals have reported that environmental scenting has numerous benefits for both patients and staff, including stress reduction, better care through encouraging important diagnostic testing, pain reduction, malodor remediation and a more energetic and motivated medical staff.

Scent marketing provided by ambient air-care companies such as Air-Scent Services is a billion dollar industry that spans many industries and is forecast to continue growing. According to Euromonitor International, retail fragrance sales grew 5.5%, amounting to $49.3 billion, with a 6.3% compound annual growth rate expected from 2017 to 2022. The global fragrance market is estimated to expand to $92 billion by the year, 2024 with North American fragrance products leading the way.

In the words of Steven Semoff, co-president of the Scent Marketing Institute, a consulting group based in Scarsdale, NY: “For the most part in today’s society, everybody is inundated with visual and auditory stimuli. The sense of smell, though, is hardwired directly to your brain, right to the emotional center. When you smell something, bang. That’s going to trigger either a memory or an emotion.”

The Advantages Of Scent Branding To South Florida Businesses

Sensory branding (ambient scenting) is a technique that accomplishes what conventional modes of advertising cannot. Marketing studies indicate that 75% of emotions are triggered by smell, which is linked to pleasure, well being, emotion and memory. As such, scent has a measurable impact on the emotional states, moods and behaviors of consumers.

Air Freshener Scenting Services Miami Hotels

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Big brands connect with their customers through the provision of multi-sensory experiences, and forging this valued connection today is no longer limited to luxury brands; it is available to all types of businesses via scent marketing companies such as ours. For example, malls have a multitude of smells that emanate from the different shops within them. Retail stores utilize the power of scent in every department.

Sensory marketing specialists and retailers understand that a pleasant scent isn’t necessarily effective. It has to integrate seamlessly with the setting. In retail stores for example, departments featuring female intimates and lingerie have been known to increase sales substantially when the fragrance of vanilla is subtly introduced. Similarly, the smell of fresh grass lingering in the air above hardware and home-based products augments both consumer lingering time and influences perceived product value.

In the housing development industry, smell has until fairly recently been an overlooked component of architectural space. Much emphasis has always been placed on how a building looks, controls sound and the tactile nature of its materials, but not enough on the sense of smell. How one perceives his or her environment is directly linked to the smells in that setting.

Air-Scent Services – Ambient Scenting South Florida

Air-Scent Services in South Florida is a brand new autonomous scenting company that will focus on cities with specific territories, which include: Miami-Dade County, Palm Beach County, and Broward County.

This ambient scenting enterprise offers the highest quality fragrance diffusion systems, odor control products and monthly service refills to South Florida condominium complexes and HOA management companies. Manager Hayley Zlotnik and her highly trained staff can answer important questions about specific ambient care in these types of facilities. These can include: Do you want to use natural smells in your building? Or do you want the edifice to suggest certain feelings, such as serenity, comfort or invigoration to its occupants? Each option proposes different scent possibilities.

Adding a new scent to any building can backfire if not done correctly. This is because the reaction to a particular fragrance is subjective. According to Mike Franzen of Parkways Properties in Houston: “It’s not just a matter of putting an air freshener in a socket. Evaluating a brand and selecting just the right scent for it is much more complex.”

Air-Scent Services Owner Hayley Zlotnik

The name, Air-Scent, is well known in southern Florida but this particular company is not a fledgling distributorship and stands apart from Air-Scent International. It is an independent, local enterprise run by a woman who has more than earned her stripes, as the saying goes.

Hayley Zlotnik is the daughter of Arnold Zlotnik, President and CEO of Air-Scent International. She has grown up within the orbit of a successful, family-owned business that has been in continuous operation for more than seventy years. She stands alone here, however, as a business woman with her own work ethic and standards gleaned from working her way up within the perfume industry.

She learned the perfume business literally from the ground up, beginning at age 16 to work in plant production operation performing assembly work. She then moved on to office work, filing and answering the switchboard. Over time, she worked her way into the perfumery and fragrance department. Among other things, here she received hands-on training about how to create perfume samples.

Hayley Zlotnik Perfume Expert

With an insatiable quest to learn everything there was to know about perfume creation, in 2014 she took on a job in the company’s Pittsburgh route service division. Her hard work propelled her further upwards, and she moved through the ranks from operations to inventory and finally to sales. Her adaptability to thrive within the south Florida ambient scenting marketplace is assured, as both the region and the industry are ingrained in her DNA.

Her astute understanding of market trends, highly developed sense of smell for fragrance design and development, and pleasant, upbeat personality are tempered with a spirit that is determined to succeed. These factors combine to create the perfect fit for selling ambient scent branding and commercial air-freshening services in south Florida. She also comes to her new position armed with a growing list of clients in diverse industries including: HOA management, office complexes; retail establishments; senior assisted living communities, healthcare facilities and others.

There seems little doubt that Hayley’s attraction to and love for fragrance is part of a proud, genetic tradition. Both her great uncle and great grandfather were pioneers in the perfume industry. The former, Bob Surloff, was the first to invent the fan-operated air-freshener dispenser back in the 1940s, and the latter, Harry Surloff, who was the founder of Surco National Products, made the original prototype by hand. Her grandfather, Milton Zlotnik, developed the very first fan-air freshener route service company in Pittsburgh, which is still in operation to this day!

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How Is Air-Scent Services Redefining Ambient Scenting?

Air-Scent Services is a provider of the most extensive and effective commercial grade ambient-scenting and air-freshening systems and products. All of their creations contain the neutralizing additive known as Metazene. This colorless liquid attacks odors at the molecular level. Its molecules bond with the heavier malodorous particles and force a chemical alteration of their electron patterns, which causes them to evaporate over time due to very low vapor pressure.

Below are some among many of Air-Scent Services’ product offerings.

The size and scale of an intended commercial space are the determining factors in the selection of ambient scenting and odor control strategies.

The Aroma Beam Diffuser

This dry vapor diffuser system efficiently freshens large interior spaces of up to 50,000 cubic feet. It is perfect for controlled ambient scenting in retail environments, hotels, health care and medical facilities. Its method is non-nebulizing (without wet vapor) and it is highly successful in evoking positive consumer responses.

Miami South Florida Best Aroma Scenting Company

It is a versatile system that features two distinct 30-day refill options; namely, the Aroma Beam Cartridge and the Aroma Beam Squair. When using the Aroma Beam, there are no messy liquids to contend with or complex timers to set. Their two, 30-day, specially formatted refill systems can plug into any standard wall outlet.

The Aroma Beam Cartridge holds 30 days of uninterrupted fragrance specially formulated to enhance a particular setting. The Aroma Beam Squair variety is extremely versatile and offers the option to mix and match from a diverse array of aromas to style a custom scent. They come in a batch of ten and provide up to 30 days of completely adjustable fragrance.

The Aroma One Fan Air Freshener System

This diffuser is specifically designed for smaller spaces, particularly but not exclusively for restroom-specific malodors. It neutralizes air-borne malodors and at the same time provides superior, linear, aroma enhancement.

Florida Restroom Hygiene Air Dispenser

Some of its most desirable features include: the modern design with optimal air flow; its ability to hold many Air-Scent refill types, including bottles, liquid can and Solid Square wafers; top-performing air velocity fan blade; its easy conversion from battery to electric and its clever nesting tray features such as the on board drip guard, ventilated refill holder and air flow retardant to lessen output when desired.

The Aroma Styler Diffusers

Also known as the Scent Styler, this HVAC atomizing diffuser system comes in three application sizes and is powerful and easy to use.

Aroma Styler Florida Scent Marketing System

Cutting edge and innovative technology create a vapor that is invisible and floats evenly across any large open space. This system is ideal for ambient scenting. It control malodors and greatly improves indoor air quality for both large and small commercial spaces.

Trash Room Odor Elimination

If you’re a building manager, HOA management company, hotel or hospitality brand, or any other type of business in South Florida that is challenged with malodorous conditions emanating from trash rooms, dumpsters or compactor rooms, Air-Scent Services offers the most comprehensive, state of the art collection of effective trash odor neutralizing systems and products. Just click that link a few words back and you’ll discover the power of true trash room odor control.

They Provide True Vaporous Molecular Odor Control

Most South Florida ambient scenting companies will claim their products control odors, but they merely mask them with fragrance. This not only doesn’t kill bad odors, it ends up creating a whole new level of stink. All products Air-Scent Services utilizes contain Metazene, an odor neutralizing additive that scientifically eliminates malodors at their molecular level.

In Conclusion

Under the steady and careful helm of Hayley Zlotnik, Air-Scent Services will greatly benefit the ambient air-care needs of South Florida’s many commercial enterprises.

If you own or operate a business in Miami-Dade, Broward or Palm Beach County, give Air-Scent Services a call today and see what they can do for your company’s ambient scenting needs — (305) 747-8804.

Some Key Facts About The South Florida Industry

While a myriad of businesses are pulling up stakes and going elsewhere due to high taxes in many states, Florida has become a haven for enterprises of all types. According to a study conducted by Wallet Hub, Florida has the third-best taxpayer return on investment in the United States, and Floridians get what they pay for in terms of return on investment (ROI). The state came in at No.33 for overall government services and ranked No.9 out of 50 for its education system.

Florida business people from many industries greatly benefit from the fact that the state has no personal income tax. Real estate brokers in Florida, for example, have expanded their customer base to buyers from the Northeast and other parts of the country where the cold wind blows and property and state taxes are much higher. Last year’s federal tax bill limited deductions for state and local tax and allowed savings to accrue only to those making more than $1 million per year,

Relevant Florida Statistics

Other factors are driving up commercial activity in South Florida. As a coastal state, Florida culture has been greatly influenced by immigrant populations, especially those from Latin America. In fact some 25% of all Florida businesses are owned and operated by Latin-American immigrants.

In 2015, the Sunshine State had the fourth largest economy in the United States behind California, Texas and New York with a gross national product  (GNP) of $840 billion and a $77 billion budget.

While luxury sales are slowing all across the country, from the east coast to the west, they are rising in South Florida. According to 2019 data gleaned from appraiser Miller Samuel Inc and real estate brokerage firm, Douglas Ellimin, the prices of luxury single-family homes are soaring in some of the priciest locations. The sale of million-dollar homes in the fourth quarter of 2018 in Miami-Dade County soared 7.5 percent from the year before, 17 percent in Broward County and 15 percent in Palm Beach County.

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