Ambient Scenting And Odor Control Systems For Hospitals

The use of scent in the various sectors of the healthcare industry has been widely recognized for its ability to improve how patients feel by having a positive effect on perceptions of service quality, cleanliness, and personal wellness. 

So our ambient scenting and odor control specialists thought we should take dive into the topic, examine the growing need for ambient scent in hospitals, explore some examples of scent usage in health care facilities and provide an overview of the commercial grade air care systems as well as the crisp, clean fragrance options we have developed for linear diffusion, air hygiene and setting the appropriate mood desired within medical centers, doctor offices, rehabilitation centers, and long-term living facilities.

How Odors Affect Hospital Experiences

How Smells And Odors Affect Hospital Experiences

Whether a patient or a visitor, the harsh smell of cleaning supplies specific to hospitals and related settings can greatly contribute to negative experiences. Our master ambient air-care manufacturers at Air-Scent International are well aware that certain scents have the capacity to relax staff, patients and visitors and create a more positive environment.

Odor control and cleaning products geared specifically to hospitals and other related settings such as: medical centers, doctor offices, rehabilitation centers, and long-term living facilities present constant challenges for the health care industry. There is always a great deal at stake, as malodors can negatively impact a facility’s reputation, customer satisfaction scores, and the number of repeat visits.

In the words of Doug Green, regional director of environmental services at Mercy Hospital in Springfield, Missouri: “If [a patient or visitor] walks in the front door and smells urine, that sets the tone for their experience. When you smell an odor, you start questioning everything else. It’s all about perception.”

Use Of Aromas To Relax Patients

The Need For Ambient Scenting In Hospitals

Our ambient air-care specialists understand that environmental ambient scenting at hospitals and other medical facilities provides numerous benefits for both patients and staff. These include: stress reduction, better care through encouraging important diagnostic testing, pain reduction, malodor remediation and a more energetic and motivated medical staff.

Cleanliness is a vitally important factor when indicating the quality of a hospital and the overall experience that patients have is increasingly being connected to reimbursement.

This means that all types of medical facilities including: outpatient surgical facilities; birth centers; clinics and medical offices; blood banks; dialysis centers; hospice homes and mental health /addiction treatment centers must closely monitor every aspect of the patient experience ranging from the moment of check-in to the cleanliness of all hospital sectors.

Calming Lavender Scent Hospitals

Relevant Studies and Statistics

There are numerous scientific studies that have examined the effects of a pleasant scent in medical settings. One such study utilized the scent of vanilla while patients were undergoing an MRI scan for cancer. Patients experienced 63% less anxiety during the procedure when the scent was used compared to without scent. 

A research study concerning a hospital pediatric ward that was published in the Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness concluded that when a stimulating sunset was introduced to the setting, children reported a significant decrease by more than half in the amount of pain they reported. In addition, many of the children’s comments indicated that the scent made them feel as if they weren’t in the hospital. Other studies conclusively revealed that a pleasant smell increases the perceived levels of both health and mood.

Studies also have indicated that scent can be used in many applications to positively affect the behaviors and emotions of hospital patients and staff. Healthcare facilities are prone to human malodors, as well as odors from antiseptics and other chemicals. Different areas of any healthcare facility are likely to have distinct and not so subtle aromas.

Examples of Scent Usage In Health Care Facilities 

Since 2010, the emergency room at Vanderbilt University’s Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee, has been utilizing scenting applications, particularly vanilla and lavender, resulting in patients who are calmer and in better spirits. According to Teresa Surges, nurse and project co-leader:

”The goal of the ER’s Wellness Committee was to create a healthier environment with increased energy and decreased stress for emergency room staff and to minimize foul odors throughout the department. They tested various essential oils in an effort to improve the smells for the entire work place. We wanted essential oils that would help decrease stress and increase energy.”

Scent Marketing Fragrances

Vanilla has been introduced in MRI facilities where it helps to decrease claustrophobia and tension. The Florida Hospital in the city of Celebration, saw a significant decrease in the number of people requiring sedation, and experienced a 50% decrease in cancellations. Calming scents relieve patient stress brought on by a number of factors including: pre-surgery anxiety, dental procedures, and in blood clinics. 

The North Shore Medical Center in North Miami and the brand new Lennar Foundation Medical Center on the University of Miami campus have started scenting programs. The former is scenting its main lobby area and the latter is focused on the centralized waiting area, ER waiting room, administrative offices, the women’s studies waiting-room and the sports medicine areas.

According to Gissette Onorato, Executive Director for the Human Experience:

“At The Lennar Foundation Medical Center, we wanted to create a health-care facility unlike any other. We were already creating a location with world-renowned physicians and state of the art technology. However, we still had one important piece to the puzzle missing: how do we stimulate the senses of both our caregivers and our guests? Natural light, calming cool colors and refreshment options were already in place. The next logical step was incorporating a sense of calming smell… We have been able to offer a spa like ambiance reducing stress and anxiety otherwise experienced at other medical facilities….”

Air-Scent International can also provide neutralizing scents to remove malodors in wound care wards, gastro sectors, geriatric, oncology wards and dental surgery facilities. (It is inappropriate in areas where patients are receiving chemotherapy, as patients often have a heightened sense of smell, and any any odor at all can be a source of discomfort).

Additionally, through our Air-Scent Services South Florida division, we provide monthly air freshener services to hospitals, restaurants, hotels, condominiums and vast array of there businesses throughout all of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

Our Air-Hygiene And Odor Control Scenting Systems 

In the words of Arnold Zlotnik (pictured below), President and CEO of Air-Scent International, “We are and have been a leading purveyor of the world’s most effective commercial grade ambient air-care systems and odor control products for well over seven decades, and our offerings provide scenting strategies for all types of commercial spaces, both large and small, all of which are easily adaptable to any hospital/health care setting. Our HVAC Systems are designed to be durable and our aroma enhancement offerings use the highest quality ingredients that meet every environmental and quality standard set by RIFM, IFRA, Oregon Tilth, ISSA and the NPA.”

Arnold Zlotnik CEO Air-Scent International

The Aroma Styler diffuser efficiently freshens large indoor spaces of up to 30,000 cubic feet per system. Highly versatile, it is perfect for controlled ambient scenting in large hospitals, health care, and medical facilities via HVAC. The Air Wisp dry mist fragrance refills come in a wide variety of extremely popular ambient scents. For severe malodorous situations such soiled linen holding rooms, chute rooms, garbages and other storage areas, the Aroma Styler is the perfect solution.

Aroma Styler HVAC Hospital Diffuser

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The self-standing or mountable blue-tooth operated Aroma Beam cartridge diffuser comes with a built in 24-hour battery back-up, on/off timers, and is available in several configurations. The Scentsia cartridge line of fragrance refills offers a wide selection highly-effective, delicately traced fragrance options, which also effectively combat malodors and offer many diverse mood-enhancing experiences.

Ambient Scenting Health Care Facilities

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The Aroma One Air-Freshener is an odor-neutralizing system that is specifically designed for smaller spaces such as entry foyers, restrooms and areas within outpatient surgical facilities, birth centers, blood banks, dialysis centers, and others. It neutralizes air-borne malodors and at the same time provides superior, linear aroma enhancement. Some of its most desirable features include: a modern design with optimal air-flow; its small footprint, it’s easily installed and very versatile, can run either on battery or electric and comes in two application sizes.

Hospital Restrooms Air Care Hygiene Diffuser

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The diffuser fragrances created for The Aroma One are known world-wide and are custom made to evoke moods of serenity and calmness, which are so vitally needed in a medical care facility or hospital setting. Cutting edge and innovative technology creates a vapor that is invisible and floats evenly across any large open space. In addition to providing ambient scenting and controlling malodors, this diffuser system also greatly improves air quality, which is vitally important when dealing with vulnerable populations such as hospital patients.

Molecular Odor Neutralization In Its Truest Form

All of our odor-fighting creations contain the neutralizing, colorless additive known as Metazene, which attacks malodors and destroys them molecularly. The Metazene particles bond with the heavier, malodorous molecules and force a chemical alteration of their electron patterns, which causes them to eventually evaporate due to very low vapor pressure. This dual action neutralizer has become the most powerful malodor eliminator in the world, and it is ideal for use in hospitals and all types of medical care settings.

Odor Neutralizing Granules And Spill Absorbers

In addition to ambient scenting air freshener systems, we have the most advanced arsenal of products to fight trash room and dumpster smells, including soiled linen rooms and holding areas, for buildings of any size, which you can read more about here.

Other products include our Zorb-It-All spill absorber and odor neutralizer which absorbs over 100 times its weight of water base spills while simultaneously controlling odors and instantly “gels” all water-borne human and animal bodily fluids including blood, urine and vomit; our Scatter Granules odor counteractant pellets, which are scientifically formulated for heavy-duty applications and to handle the toughest odors from restaurant, institutional, commercial and municipal waste; and our Auto Doc system is the perfect solution for destroying annoying and persistent dumpster odors.

Dumpster Odor Control Granules, Waste Degraders & Spill Absorbers


In conclusion

Malodors in every hospital and other health-related facilities will always present their own unique challenges. Medications, gastro intestinal bleeding (which has been ranked among the worst odor in any hospital), emesis, excrement, urine, alcohol, certain cleaning agents and medical supplies all come with their own distinct smells. For doctors, nurses, technicians and other staff, the odors of a hospital are a huge part of their day-to-day lives. Air-Scent International’s products can help alleviate them and positively alter hospital and health care facility experiences.

So if you own or operate any type of hospital or health care facility, or you’re a scent marketing company, janitorial supply house or a sanitation company that services one, call our team today to start sourcing the most effective products for any and all air care needs.

Final thoughts on hospital scents: I can smell a GI bleed from all the way down the hall.  ~Pinterest

How Do Odors Affect Hospital Experiences?

Odor control and cleaning products geared specifically to hospitals and other related settings such as: medical centers, doctor offices, rehabilitation centers, and long-term living facilities present constant challenges for the health care industry. There is always a great deal at stake, as malodors can negatively impact a facility’s reputation, customer satisfaction scores, and the number of repeat visits.

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