5 Secrets To Improving 30-Day Fan Air Freshener Performance

Even with the introduction of metered aerosols, piezo dispensers, gels, impregnated plastics, hydrogen and oxygen pressurized systems, misting systems and other air care solutions, the use of fan air fresheners to this day is still the most economical and effective means of freshening and neutralizing interior spaces.

This fact is further reinforced with the growth of the air freshener market over the past decade and its estimated reach in the coming years. Specifically, the global air freshener industry was valued at approximately 9.93 billion U.S. dollars in 2017, and according to Allied Market Research, is expected to reach $12 billion by 2023, gleaning a compound annual growth (CAGR) of 3.2%.

But just because you as a business owner purchase an air freshener machine from an air care supplier, or you install one as a distributor, does it mean the device will operate at peak performance throughout any one service cycle.

Like any machine, proper ongoing maintenance is vital at each monthly service to keep it well oiled and functioning at full capacity — certain actions are required to enhance linear scent diffusion and vaporous odor neutralization throughout a 30-day cycle.

After seven decades of laboratory testing and on-site operational refinements, our team of chemists, perfumers and on-site technicians have developed five creative tips to help optimize the performance of any fan-air freshener.

Read on to explore their industry know-how, or discover why distributors, jan san supply companies and business owners trust in Air-Scent’s air care products and fragrance refills.

The Birth of The Modern Fan-Operated Air Freshener

The world’s first fan-operated air-freshener was introduced in 1946. Created by Bob Surloff, who dubbed the new brand, Air-Scent, this product was created by utilizing his invention of distributing liquid fragrance in a vaporous form over a 30-day period by using a hurricane lamp wick combined with fragrance and triethylene glycol (a substance known for its disinfecting properties and was originally used by the U.S. military for large area air sanitizing).

How To Optimize Aroma One Performance

This system distributed dry vaporous particles that effectively lingered in the air for extended periods of time. This product’s design became the industry standard, as other companies tried to imitate the same format, unsuccessfully, making Air-Scent the world authority on fan air fresheners to this day.

Additionally, in the early 1950s, Air-Scent discovered an amazing odor neutralizing additive known as Metazene and incorporated it into its formulations, which greatly improved the ability to provide odor free and fragrance-enhanced environments.

While many competitors amended their formulas with ineffective additives to compete with Metazene, we are and remain to this day the industry solution to eliminating a host of unpleasant vaporous odors such as cigarette smoke, urine and fecal odors, cooking smells and other malodorous conditions, whether in commercial trash rooms, kitchens, hotel lobbies and only other interior environment.

How To Improve The 30-Day Performance Of A Fan Air Freshener

Before getting to our tips, we thought it necessary to underscore the importance of purchasing machines from reputable air care providers and (more importantly) to avoid machines that come from dubious foreign sources.

We recently wrote extensively about how best to naviage this issue, but the bottom line is purchasing from the right air car manufacturer; one that provides dependable, well-built machines and the highest quality fragrance oils; will go a long way towards providing optimal performance and less headache.

Air-Scent has been creating ambient air-care product solutions for more than seventy years and their customer base extends to the far reaches of the globe. These two factors attest to a brand that is both well established and dependable in terms of both its products and its services.

The ongoing need for effective commercial air fresheners and scent delivery systems is becoming more and more prevalent in commercial enterprises of all kinds. This has in turn given rise to an increase in distributorships of these products.

Air-Scent attracts many new distributors, as start-up costs are low, profit margins high and back-door opportunities to secure new accounts are plentiful. In addition, their air-freshening products are a soft sell and once tried, always used time and time again.

Each customer is valued, whether large or small. They do not “cut corners,” and are continuously informed of proper monthly refill service maintenance procedures to insure the optimum performance and satisfaction of the end user.

There are basically five significant factors that can help Air-Scent distributors ensure consistent, even scent diffusion during a 30-day service cycle. They are as follows:

  1. Always Clean Out The Refill Bottle Before Adding New Liquid

If the refill container is not properly drained and cleaned, the old and the new liquid fragrances will separate into two phases. This greatly affects the product’s performance because the new material becomes heavier and thicker.

  1. Always Use A Slotted Cap On Top of Wide Mouth Jars

A slotted cap ensures proper, even diffusion over the course of a 30-day cycle. Without such a lid, the volatile compounds in the top notes of the liquid refill will dissipate too quickly, creating an untimely fading of aroma intensity and an unstable performance during the 30-day cycle. This can damage an end user’s brand appreciation and cause complaints about diffusion being far too strong initially and then much too weak towards the end of the cycle. We are heads above our competitors on this aspect as well, as it has created an alternative for slotted lids with the development of our unique EZ-Fill narrow neck bottles.

  1. Change Wicks At Each 30-Day Service

Air-Scent will never deviate from any standard procedure that ensures the optimum performance of their air freshener product refills.  The satisfaction of the end user is always at the forefront of their customer service protocol. It is the end user who ultimately suffers from competing companies who may seek to save money by not replacing the wicks at each service call. Ultimately, customer satisfaction cannot be guaranteed unless the wicks are replaced religiously at the end of each and every 30-day cycle.

Understanding the proper recommended wick settings is essential to their performance and each type of dispenser has different requirements. The 1.5-volt battery-operated dispenser requires a folding and a looping of the three wicks and placing the six free ends into the slotted cap on the jar or directly into the EZ-Fill bottle, creating a one inch loop above. The Aroma One DC electric 3-volt version requires only two wicks due to the higher fan velocity. Additionaly the Odyssey DC electric high volume fan air freshener requir s only one wick, and fragrance intensities can also be altered by the highering or lowering of the wicks or by adding or deleting wicks.

  1. Replace Alkaline Batteries Every 30 Days

This is another instance where Air-Scent reveals its superiority above its competitors and an additional area where other companies may fudge on replacing batteries as frequently as they should, waiting sometimes as long as 90 days. A 30-day span is best because when batteries are not replaced in a timely fashion, the fan speed is greatly reduced, which in turn reduces the fragrance evaporation rate. Some other companies may use carbon-zinc batteries, which are not at all recommended because of their low shelf life, which can vary tremendously from manufacturer to manufacturer. If not changed every 30 days, the batteries will begin to leak acid, which could easily damage the air freshener unit itself as well as the wall it is attached to.

  1. Learn How To Improve Solid Wafer Refill Performance

Our solid Squair Wafer air freshener refills are easy to replace and are guaranteed to provide 30 full days of set-and-forget performance. They are versatile and can be used in most air freshener dispensers. The best procedure for achieving optimum performance levels from these types of refills concerns a very specific routine.

For the first month’s service, two fresh, solid Squair wafer refills are installed. For the second set of thirty days, a new wafer should be introduced and the older two must remain within the dispensing system for the second month’s service.

On the third visit, one of the original wafers should be removed and then replaced with a brand new wafer (note that the older wafers look much dryer than the fresher ones). Additionally, for increased fragrance enhancement in the Odyssey dispenser, a “booster” wafer may be added behind the liquid refill.

The Future of Air Fresheners

Advances in science and technology are certain to seep into the world of tomorrow’s air-fresheners. Whether alterations appear in the form of robots blowing bubbles in industrial settings or new and greener chemicals that increase productivity, the demand for air fresheners appears to be stable and ever rising.

There are several factors that favor this prediction and they include: product innovations, improved life-styles, rising population numbers, increased adaptation to enhanced products and the increasing affluence of the global marketplace.

We at Air-Scent are squarely on top of the constant flow of new and improved new technologies and products that are enabled with the capacity to deliver freshness as well as the elimination of offensive odors. These two factors are vital to the success of the dynamic air freshener and the scientists, researchers, chemists and perfumers at our headquarters are working on perfecting new avenues of innovation and application incessantly in their 85,000-square-foot Technology Center, which is located in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh.

As the holder of more than 20 patents, our equipment is state-of-the-art with cutting edge diffusion technologies and top-of-the-line diffuser systems. Since our inception in 1946, our specialty is and always has been ambient scent branding and refined air-care expertise and applications.

If you’re a business owner, air care distributor or a janitorial supply house, consider the installation of our air freshening diffuser systems. In the end, scents will transform into cents (and sense) and the system will ultimately pay for itself over any other competitive product.

Call Air-Scent today and speak to one of our representatives. You are certain to make a positive difference in the air care of your company’s facility tomorrow.


Some Additional History Of The Ambient Air-Care Industry

Air Scent Essential Oil Fan Air Freshener

The year 1993 marked the first time that researchers discovered the power of scent marketing campaigns in influencing brand loyalty and sales.

A Chicago neurologist, Alan Hirsch, founder of the Smell and Taste Research  Foundation,conducted one of the most prominent studies relating to the scent-marketing industry.

It was a simple project that had astonishing results. Scientists placed two identical pairs of Nike running shoes into two matching rooms except for the fact that one room had a floral scent and the other was unscented. Eighty-five percent of the thirty-five participants preferred the shoes in the scented room.

As stated earlier, the global air freshener market was valued at approximately 9.93 billion U.S. dollars in 2017, and according to Allied Market Research, is expected to reach $12 billion by 2023, gleaning a compound annual growth (CAGR) of 3.2%.

According to Jennifer Dublino, VP Development at Scent World, a global non-profit organization, the scent-marketing industry is growing at an annual rate of 15% and gleaning about $300 million globally.

In 2017, The US Census Data and Simmons National Consumer Survey determined that 248.58 million Americans used air freshener spray and room deodorizers. This figure is estimated to increase to $256.58 million by the year, 2020.

The Global Journal of Commerce and ManagementPerspectiveconducted a study in 2013 that determined the strongest impact of ambient scenting lay in its power to influence consumer behavior in terms of evoking emotion and creating a willingness to both remain longer in and return to a store with the intent to purchase.

Modern brands are distinguishing themselves more and more via fragrance.  Connecting scents with cents, so to speak, can be very lucrative, as it helps to differentiate a brand so much more than the white noise of in-your-face television promotions and cyber ads as well as music.

The number of businesses strategically scenting their commercial spaces across a range of industries multiplies daily and they include: sports stadiums, health and medical facilities, showrooms of all types, health and medical facilities and retail establishments, just to name a few.

Scent marketing has been recognized as the ultimate tool to psychologically affect consumer emotions in the hopes of creating an immersive shopping experience. Scent is everywhere. It is no accident that the sweet smell of coconut wafts through the swimsuit department of retail stores and hints of fresh powder linger in the air where baby products are sold.

Smelling an amazing scent alters the shopping experience into a magical journey that transports the consumer into a realm of emotion and imprinted memory.

The hospitality industry has adopted scent marketing with custom scents that are applied throughout product lines, even stationery and complementary soaps. This allows visitors to take the hotel brand home with them and implant it in their memory in the hopes they will return.

Final thought on air-fresheners: Despite what my air-freshener might have you believe, I am not baking cinnamon rolls in my bathroom. ~ SnarkEcards


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