7 Reasons To Be Leery Of Buying Foreign HVAC Scent Machines

We’ve recently been bombarded with calls from air care distributors and business owners looking for help out of some unfortunate situations. Specifically, they’ve been burned by shoddy, poorly crafted cold mist diffusers sporting ineffective fragrances from the Far East.

Over the past several years, these products have increasingly been flooding the marketplace, and it’s causing a huge amount of agita for scent marketing specialists, the clients they serve and the bottom lines each care so very much about.

Complaints include malfunctioning timers, noisy components, clogging nozzles, swelling O-rings, deformed non-resistant plastic cabinets and peeling paint, all of which can be attributed to poor construction and the lack of understanding of how to produce a dispenser that effectively avoids fragrance oils from causing most of the above-mentioned problems.

These shortcomings and others lead to poor output, negative performance, defective equipment and most importantly, aggravation, frustration and lost money on the distributor or end user’s part.

Admittedly, some of our components derive from these areas, but we’ve done our homework, taken a discerning approach to every business relationship we enter into and only source vetted, reliable companies with long standings within the manufacturing industry. And our fragrance oils are the highest quality you’ll find anywhere in the industry, a fact underscored by our many distributors.

Attracted by cheaper costs and what may look like polished equipment on the outside, it’s easy to be seduced into purchases or long-term commitments with companies you’ve never met personally or need a translator to communicate with.

So we thought we’d help educate our readers, distributors, end users and the general public about the risks involved with, and why every air care distributor or a business owner should be leery of, purchasing and installing faulty equipment that comes from questionable foreign sources.

A Quick Look At The HVAC Industry

Sakamoto in a recent aroma diffusion study concluded that while scent machines were switched on, individuals operated with better self-efficiency and overall effective business approaches. Fewer typing errors occurred when clerical staff was exposed to aromas of lemon and lavender and peppermint oil improved speed and accuracy.

The market for HVAC systems is estimated to glean about US 117 billion by the year, 2019. According to Viridian Energy and Environmental Inc, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC systems) account for 39% of the energy consumed in commercial and industrial buildings within the United States.

This statistic clearly pinpoints the potential for any type of business enterprise to amass significant savingsby improving both their management of HVAC operationsand their efficiency.

The use of high performance HVAC equipment can result in considerable energy, emissions, and cost savings that range anywhere from 10%–40%. HVAC systems that utilize high performance equipment in conjunction with a specific building design can consistently produce lower savings to any commercial and/or industrial enterprise.

A refurbished building with updated windows and insulation will automatically improve its own effectiveness. On average, a 30% reduction in annual costs within a payback period extending from three to five years can be expected from buildings that offer conventional comfort levels (for example, 70 degrees F and 76 degrees F in summer.)

The University of Paderborn in Germany conducted a study back in 1998 that indicated when retailers use “olfactory communication,” via an HVAC system, consumer perceptions about product quality increased. A 2011 study conducted at Hasselt University in Belgium demonstrated that a pleasant fragrance in the air increased the likelihood that consumers would revisit a store.

The Benefits Of Scenting And Odor Control Via HVAC Systems

Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning systems provide comfort and safety, and when combined with HVAC ambient scenting machines, they allow for fragrance-enhanced, branded, odor neutralized environments to building occupants.

Benefits HVAC Scenting

With the right blended and linear diffuser fragrance, the hotel and lodging industry, auto dealerships, condos, malls, department stores and other businesses can define their brand, entice customers to linger longer, purchase more and tap into a proven array of other benefits, which can read about here.

In addition to setting the right ambient, odor-free mood, there are also health benefits associated with HVAC use such as the prevention of mold, which frequently thrives in warm, damp areas. These systems have improved greatly since their inception since 1970s, with modern air-conditioners utilizing 30-50% less energy to produce cool air.

Why Do Companies Buy Inferior HVAC Scent Machines?

Smaller companies are more likely to fall prey to unscrupulous purveyors of HVAC scent systems. A company just starting out and perhaps overly concerned about profit margins and such is more likely to take a chance with an HVAC fragrance system provider who offers them an opportunity to purchase a scent machine that can cut cost corners even though in the end, it will cost them more in terms of repairs and grief.

There has also been a growing trend among disreputable purveyors of HVAC systems to slash prices of both the diffuser and the fragrance oils to stamp out competitors, which in the end only serves to lower industry credibility. And for the most part, the products they’re slashing are weak diluted fragrances and poorly crafted dispensers to begin with.

End users with larger budgets, such as hotels, casinos and auto dealerships may have the funds, but unless they dedicate some time to seriously research their options and the right purveyor of dependable, time-tested products, which they sometimes don’t, a selected system and accompanying choice of fragrance could have disastrous results.

One very important consideration before purchasing an HVAC scenting system is for all business owners and mangers to be aware that there are many purveyors of HVAC systems that don’t overcharge because their product is superior to others of its ilk.

Some providers charge way too much because they know they can get away with it. For all intents and purposes, it is a scam, although it is not as visible or obvious as others may be. No matter what it is called, fraud by any other name is still road.

7 Reasons To Be Leary Of Buying Foreign HVAC Scent Machines

There are basically seven factors that inferior HVAC scent systems have in common. Even one is enough to render a system inferior to others.

1. Poor Performance Is Very Common With Foreign Machines

This often occurs due to the wrong choice of application equipment and improper installation. There’s no way to keep it a secret because the fragrance is either very weak or can’t be detected.

2. They Have High System Failure Rates

Due to poor construction, these scent machines often fail quickly, wasting your time and money and forcing you to find an alternative.

3. The Unavailability Of Parts For Repairs

In many cases, it is the fault of the HVAC scent system manufacturers if they can’t keep up with models that are being replaced so quickly that sometimes these companies stop producing replacement parts. While it may not be a deliberate attempt to defraud the public, it is still an enormous inconvenience for the company that purchased the system and would have to buy another one because parts needed for repair are not available, their hours are different and they’re hard to reach.

Company managers and owners should also avoid buying imported HVAC systems if their parts are coming from the Far East. Shipments could take a long time and can be easily delayed or lost in the sea of red tape and forgotten things.

Stick with an American stocking company like Air-Scent, whose clients can always count on them to deliver a part or parts whenever needed. In an important aside, facility managers should never buy used parts for company HVAC systems for the simple reason that they won’t last.

4. They Come With Limited To No Technical Assistance

Technical assistance is a vital aspect of every consumer experience and its importance cannot be taken too lightly. After-sale protocol is just as important as pro-active selling strategies, if not more so. Technical assistance consists of offering professional advice, help and any training pertaining to the installation, maintenance and operation after the sale of an HVAC scent system.

The goal is to assist customers in using their new system correctly. This is vitally important to businesses as well as consumers because it is a viable way to generate repeat customers, seal a company’s reputation and develop brand loyalty.

5. The Plastic Covers Can Be Affected By Improper Fragrance Oils

Plastic is one of the most versatile materials on earth and it is ubiquitous in modern life. It can be produced in so many different ways for use as wire insulators in building walls, water pipes and toilet seats, just to name a very few applications.

When it comes to the use of plastic as covers for HVAC scent machines, the introduction of essential oils can damage the plastic, especially if they are not properly applied. The construct and design of the dispenser and knowing how to use fragrances and in which quantities will prevent future problems.

6. Component Parts May Not Be Compatible With Fragrance Oils

Essential oils are highly effective when used with skill and understanding of how to apply and benefit from their many qualities. However, poor quality fragrance oils can affect HVAC scenting systems by staining components and clogging nozzles, which are needed to effectively and evenly diffuse the desired fragrance.The problem is that often the only way to tell if the parts are incompatible with the chosen oils is to try them. The only solution is to avoid both inferior oils and HVAC diffuser systems.

7. Rapid Model Changes Of Dispenser Are A Huge Challenge

There’s a multitude of Far Eastern companies that produce a huge range of dispensers that are constantly being improved upon, because they poorly built to begin with. In many cases, they become obsolete before you even install them. While Air-Scent is always staying ahead of the competitive curve, our choices of products are built to withstand the test of time.

Air-Scent Superior HVAC Air Freshener Machines

Air-Scent HVAC scenting systems have been designed to outperform the competition. They are available in several different sizes to accommodate any business’ requirements. We stand behind all of our systems, and we are available to answer any questions about operations, set up, performance and fragrance choice. In fact, we have an entire library of video tutorials to help with installation and maintenance.

For larger commercial areas such as: hotel lobbies, reception areas, banquet halls, casinos, fitness centers, medical facilities, and other large office buildings, The Aroma Styler large area HVAC ambient air freshening systems are the perfect choice for ambient scenting. They come in three application sizes: The Gamma, Beta and Alpha. You can read more about the Aroma Styler here.

Aroma Styler HVAC Diffuser

The Aroma Styler comes with a built in 24-hour battery timer back up, on/off hourly timers and will soon be available with blue-tooth operating functionality. The Air Wisp line of diffuser fragrances have been specifically created for the “Styler”, are known worldwide and are custom made to evoke diverse moods within any company’s desired consumer base.




In conclusion

Inferior products of all types have been around for millennia, as it seems PT Barnum had a point when he declared: “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

This does not mean, however, that consumers aren’t getting smarter and these days, no “snake oil salesmen” would dare to cross the average consumer’s doorstep for they are savvier than ever before.

The standards set for safe and effective products differs from industry to industry. Advances in technology are certain to propel the HVAC scent systems into the world of the future. However, distributors and business owners looking to purchase or install HVAC ambient air freshener systems need to do their homework and be extremely discerning with whom you choose to buy from.

For ambient scent care, the leader is Air-Scent, a company whose reputation has withstood the test of more than seven decades of continuous operation. Our products have an endless amount of product development, on-site testing, field-testing and far exceed industry standards — and our in-house produced fragrances have been harvested, distilled, stored and distributed properly, are RIFM safe, pure and free of dyes and other non-clogging containments.

For superior performance and piece of mind, call Air-Scent today!

A Brief History Of Air-Conditioning Systems

The idea of air-conditioning dates back to the 19th century when in the 1840s, a Florida physician and inventor named Dr. John Gorrie suggested that the cooling of cities would relieve residents of the “evils of high temperatures.”

He firmly believed that cooling could be effectively used as a means to avoid diseases like malaria and would serve to make patients more comfortable.

His idea was viable but extremely complicated, as it required the shipment of ice to sunny Florida from frozen lakes in the northern part of the country.

To eliminate this obstacle, Gorrie began experimenting with the idea of artificial cooling and in 1851 he designed and patented a machine that created ice via horse, steam or wind power. Although this idea never made it to the marketplace after the death of his main investor, it did lay the groundwork for modern air-conditioning and refrigeration.

It wasn’t until 1902 when engineer Willis Carrier while working for the Buffalo Forge Company invented the first electrical air-conditioning unit. It was the result of a job in which he was asked to solve a humidity problem that was causing magazine pages to wrinkle at a Brooklyn publishing company. He designed a system that controlled humidity using cooling coils and secured a patent for his “Apparatus for Treating Air.” Carrier also invented devised and patented an automatic control system for regulating the humidity and temperature of air in textile mills.

The very first time the American public was exposed to the concept of comfort cooling occurred at the St. Louis World Fair in 1904, where a system utilized 35,000 cubic feet of air per minute to cool a 1,000-seat auditorium, a rotunda and other rooms within the Missouri State Building.

In the 1920s, Carrier himself publicly debuted a new system at the Rivoli Theater in New York City, which by increasing the reliability and substantially lowering the cost of large-scale air-conditioners greatly expanded their use throughout the country.

Since the late 1990s, central air conditioning has been not only ubiquitous but also more affordable than it ever was in the past for both home and business owners. According to the Energy Information Administration, air conditioning is now in nearly 100 million American residences, representing 87 percent of all households.

The Benefits Gleaned From HVAC Systems

HVAC Systems have evolved tremendously over the course of the last four decades due to advances in science and technology. Here are some of the most important benefits associated with either a residential or industrial HCAC system.

  • Lower Electricity Costs

Smart energy-efficient systems lower energy bills by at least 20%. They also lower that all pervasive carbon footprint, which can be so destructive to the environment.

  • Better Temperature Variability

A smart HVAC system allows for heating or cooling a particular room or office space, without requiring the presence of anyone to do so.

  • System Longevity

Thanks to advances in technology, better, more durable construction materials have greatly improved the lifespan of current HVAC systems. They can now be expected to last for years longer than they once did. Components utilized are also part of the equation because with a system that runs on remote access and manages itself, it does not run excessively, and therefore, in the end, major elements absorb less wear and tear.

  • Cleaner Air

Installing a smart HVAC system permits the flow of fresh, clean air, which reduces stuffiness and drafts and boosts stable comfort levels.

  • Remote Access

The convenience of a smart HVAC system is epitomized by it remote access capabilities. A home or office can begin heating or cooling via a smart phone app before the arrival of workers so that when its time for the workday to begin, temperatures are already adjusted to desired comfort levels.

Inferior HVAC Systems

Companies providing poor workmanship, unscrupulous practices, inflated prices and poorly defined HVAC contract agreements cause repercussions within the industry that are tremendous. While one bad apple might not spoil the whole bunch, a stain remains that reputable companies such as ours, which has been in business since the mid 1940s, have to work very hard to eliminate and counteract by offering the best service, products and the fairest contract agreements possible.

If you’re an scent marketing supply company, distributor or a business owner, contact our team today or submit a written inquiry »


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