Seasonal Ambient Holiday Fragrances For Business Interiors

It’s that time of year again when life becomes a tangle of bustling, glorious, colorful and stressful elements within which lie a thread of hope for a better tomorrow that usually brings out the best in most of us.

Holiday joy usually includes: family get togethers, luscious meals with many trimmings and exchanging gifts beside the dazzling lights of a Christmas tree or Hanukah menorah. The holiday season presents a unique and dynamic kaleidoscope of emotions, color and fragrances.

Holiday Fragrances For Business Settings

These include: the fresh pine scent of a lush, green Christmas tree; crisp, clean snow; sweet and comforting hot chocolate; a warm, smoky crackling fire; buttery, spicy gingerbread; nutty, charcoal roasted chestnuts, and spices such as piquant cinnamon, succulent orange and potent hot clove, just to name a few.

There are also holiday-inspired aromas that are considered nasty rather than nice. Consider overcooked latkes and burnt pumpkin pie as well as being torpedoed by the overpowering cologne or perfume of an invited (or worse, uninvited) in-law.

These unpleasant smells aren’t like to go away by themselves (or at least, not quickly) and business owners, JanSan suppliers and scent marketing companies will need to rely on outside help from the ambient scent experts at Air-Scent, whose ample roster of fragrances are well suited for any interior space.

A Few Important Scent Marketing and Statistics

Experts theorize that the majority of consumers make approximately 10,000 decisions every day of their lives, and that the majority of them revolve around buying items of all sorts and various levels of necessity.

In fact, 90% of all purchasing decisions are made subconsciously, revealing that buying behavior is indeed impulsive and that our brains are usually on auto-pilot when we shop.

According to behavioral economist, George Loewenstein, the key to explaining consumer behavior lies in our subconscious rather than our conscious minds. Scents trick our brains into making us believe we know what we are doing, but alas, we really don’t, as we become gently imprisoned when confronted with a scent that captivates a personal memory.

Hanukah Holiday Scents

Air-Scent As Leading Ambient Air-Care Provider

Since the mid 1940s, we have been both a pioneer and leader in the scent marketing industry, albeit many alterations have occurred over the passage of seven decades.

It all began in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with a Lithuanian immigrant’s American dream back in 1946. Bob Surloff invented the very first fan-operated air-freshener dispenser and named the new brand Air Scent. Our legacy of superior air care, odor neutralizing products and ambient scenting products continues to this day.

We are family-owned and operated, and our experts, salespeople and master perfumers all understand both the mechanics and power of ambient scent branding and state of the art air-care and application. Our cutting edge, scent diffusion technologies and odor-control strategies can be adjusted for any space requirement.

Air-Scent International Headquarters Logo

Over the years, we have created and amassed a seemingly endless collection of scents in our own in-house fragrance division. This allows diverse companies to harness the controlled power of scent, which if applied correctly, will significantly influence consumer perception, extend the time shoppers linger and ultimately buy,  and thereby increase that vital bottom line. 

Air Scent’s Most Popular Holiday Fragrances

The following represent a sampling of some of our newest and most exciting Air-Scent holiday fragrances available to business owners, JanSan supply purveyors and scent-marketing companies, which come in our wafer Squairs and liquid Maxi Battery form, or both.

Squair Air Solid Industrial Wafers

Baked Pumpkin Wafer Refill

Holiday warmth and the comfort of home and hearth are brought to mind with the allure of this engaging scent that epitomizes the cooler months of the year, and particularly, the holiday season, which is fast upon us. 

Captivating notes of candied, velvety pumpkin, spicy, slightly sugary nutmeg, welcoming cinnamon, sharp, honeyed allspice, hot and fruity clove, rich, bright ginger and the slightest tinge of lush vanilla and rich, buttery caramel dominate this memorable fragrance.

Baked Pumpkin Holiday Scent

Fireside Wafer Refill

Nothing suggests the heart of winter and a welcoming atmosphere better than a crackling fire on a cold winter’s night. This scent opens with a pungent, fruity and green top note that soon melds into a floral heart note bouquet dominated by vivid and heady jasmine. The scent completes with a base note comprised of sweet, caramelized and luxurious vanilla.

Fireside Holiday Fragrance

Gingerbread Wafer Refill

Cookies, miniature houses and other delectable goodies made from this wondrous ingredient abound during the holiday season and its spicy, sweet and gingery streams often conjure the recall of tender childhood memories. 

The fragrance opens with a top note characterized by honeyed sweet potatoes and caramel-tinged and sugary molasses. A middle note soon takes hold characterized by a gingerbread amalgam of either roasted, slightly sugary nutmeg or sharp, hot allspice. The scent completes with a base note comprised of an elegant and rich vanilla and sweet, caramelized sugar.

Gingerbread Holiday Fragrance

Hot Spiced Toddy Liquid Refill

Fragrant streams of the Yuletide prevail in this bright and pleasing holiday scent marked by a top note of fresh and aromatic mulled fruit, tangy red berry and crisp green apple. A warm middle note soon follows hallmarked by inviting and pleasant cinnamon stick and fruity, piquant clove. A lush and elegant vanilla base note completes this scent.

Mistletoe Wafer and Maxi Battery Liquid Refill

This holiday fragrance and its time-worn association with stolen kisses tinged with the riddle of its origins, which are believed to date back to the days of the ancient Druids, is comprised of all natural elements. 

Top notes of green, woody cedar and balsamic, energizing pine cone prevail, which soon morph into a heart note marked by sharp, fiery clove and aromatic dried flowers. A base note of earthy, mossy oak and sugary nuances finish this compelling fragrance.

Mistletoe Holiday Fragrancejpg

Mulled Cider Liquid Refill

A comforting and sensual aroma for a cold  and lonely winter night, this scent opens with a light green and invigorating citrus top note that soon acquiesces to a fruity heart note with touches of crisp apple slices and fresh, succulent and sweet orange peel. 

These elements eventually fuse into a base note of hot and cozy cinnamon and passionate, earthy musk.

Pumpkin Spiced Latte Liquid Refill

Holiday pleasure and the joys of home and hearth are epitomized in this fragrance featuring a top note comprised of fresh-picked pumpkin, buttery pie crust and a hint of spice. 

These aspects soon fade into a heart note of warm and piquant cinnamon and aromatic and fiery clove. The scent completes with a caramelized sugary, spicy maple and rich elegant vanilla base note.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Ambient Scent

Sugar Plum Wafer Refill

This tangy, mellow and full-bodied scent alludes to both holiday celebrations and serenity. For ambient scent marketers, such as the experts at Air-Scent, it is a working fragrance, so to speak, as it influences consumer shopping and spending. 

It’s streams of rich, sugary and caramelized vanilla and intensely intoxicating jasmine particularly, greatly influence environmental perceptions.

There is also no mistaking the association between sugar plums and happy family times as epitomized in Henry Clement Moore’s iconic poem, The Night Before Christmas, and the line: The children were nestled all snug in their beds while visions of sugar plums danced in their heads.

In Conclusion

At this time of year, the proper fragrance selection is essential to the bottom line of just about any business under the sun. Business owners, JanSan suppliers and scent marketing enterprises should all take heed of this special marketing opportunity and consider the incorporation of a holiday fragrance an investment into the future of their brand name and its promotion. 

Call our teams today, place and order and see what we can do for your particular company!

Final thought about the holidays: Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.- Edith Sitwell

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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