How To Emotionally Connect With Customers Through Scent

The following blog is designed to help bricks and mortar business owners, and the scent marketing, hygiene and Jan San companies that service them, understand the power of ambient scent to connect with customers.

You will find a detailed list of air freshener fragrance refills designed to evoke any mood needed to enhance sales, customer linger time, brand impressions and more, whether that be to invigorate, relax, inspire or create a nostalgic, warm fuzzy feel within any commercial establishment.

Consumers And Bricks And Mortar Brands

While a brick and mortar store can be simply defined as a place where consumers go to buy things, it is so much more than that. 

Originally, the term referred to any commercial enterprise that has at least one physical location where customers can visit.

The idea for differentiation arose in response to the enormous surge of internet-based businesses over the course of the last two decades where customers could only access online. 

A brick-and-mortar store always sells goods and services directly to customers.

Some examples of this type of operation include: coffee shops, banks, grocery stores, and clothing outlets, furniture and appliance electronics, hardware, grocers, restaurants and night clubs to name a few.

Scenting Boutique Stores

These types of retail enterprises can expand in either direction as either an online venue or a physical storefront or both.

Brick and mortar brands have been forced to alter their retail landscapes and abandon their advertising priorities of yesteryear, which means nurturing a new focus on the products themselves. 

These brands can no longer depend upon the power of digital glitz and glamour to set them apart from their competitors. 

Today’s consumers have high expectations. They seek shopping locales that satisfy their preferences for time-saving and convenience, two trends promoted by millennials and their penchant for physical interaction over material things.

Visual trappings in the form of glaring ads, catchy songs and slogans and colorful, fanciful celebrity-endorsed products and labels no longer captivate and ensnare the modern consumer the way they once did. 

Retailers depending on visual effects often go too far and fail to nurture their fragile connection with the consumer. 

Digital does not address the emotional needs of the modern shopper, and American consumers are both weary and wary of the visual deluge that follows them everywhere, like a love-obsessed stalker.

They seek instead, a multi-sensory experience enhanced by the power of scent marketing that reaches deep inside their emotional core and makes them “feel” a brand rather than just watching it flash endlessly before their eyes.

5 scents for ambient scenting within banks and financial institutions.

Scenting Banks & Financial Institutions

Emotion, Scent and The Limbic System

Unlike our other senses, olfactory responses are directly linked to the emotional center of our brains and correlate directly with our past experiences.

The smell of freshly mown grass, the ocean or cookies baking in an oven rocket us back in time to whenever we first experienced that particular smell.

It is the olfactory bulb that first processes smells. It begins inside the nose and runs along the base of the brain.

Ambient Scent Grocery Stores

This bulb is directly connected to the amygdala and the hippocampus, two sections of the brain known as the limbic system that are involved in emotion and the formation of memory.

This triad of scent, memory and emotion is why scent has the power to influence moods and consumer behavior. 

It is also the reason why brick and mortar businesses rely so heavily on leading developers and purveyors of ambient air-care scents and products to increase consumer traffic and evoke brand loyalty.

Modern consumers are shopping with their feelings and not their wallets, and this trend translates into brick and mortar retailers becoming more involved with consumers by nurturing a sense of culture and community.

This adds a new dimension to brand loyalty, which must now convey values and world views that match those of their clientele.

Ambient Scent Shopping Consumers

In the words of entrepreneur, Peter Grossman, in a statement to Quora: “Today, brands need to look more actively and purposefully at the culture buzzing around them—in entertainment, in fashion, in news, on social media—and use that awareness to inform how they should best position and integrate themselves into the world.”

To feel true brand loyalty, consumers demand a meaningful emotional connection. According to research conducted by the Harvard Business Review (HBR), over the course of a company’s lifetime, emotionally connected customers are more than twice as valuable as highly satisfied customers.

Relevant Studies and Statistics

Although not recent, the following two iconic studies are relevant to the power of scent and how it affects consumer behavior. 

One conducted in 2005 at the Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, Ltd, by neurologist and nationally recognized smell and taste expert Dr. Alan R. Hirsch, involved participants who were asked to compare a pair of shoes in both a scented retail establishment and an unscented store. Eighty-four percent of customers reported that they were more likely to buy from the scented boutique.

In 2012, Eric Spangenberg, a marketing professor and dean of Washington State University’s College of Business conducted another study that proved scent can connect a consumer with a product if it corresponds with the gender of the shopper. 

It concluded that in clothing stores the sale of women’s clothing doubled when feminine scents such as vanilla were introduced.

Vanilla Ambient Scent

At the same time, the sales of men’s clothing rose significantly with the introduction of male scents such as rose maroc or patchouli.

In his own words: “Men don’t like to stick around when it smells feminine, and women don’t linger in a store if it smells masculine.”

Air Scent International History And Scent Marketing

We are a family-owned company that has been in continuous operation for more than seventy years and we are renowned as one of the leading suppliers of high-performance air freshener diffusers and fragrance refills to Scent Marketing companies, Jan San Supply Houses and directly to a wide range of global businesses, from retail, health and hospitality to automotive, gaming, real estate and more.

Air-Scent International Headquarters Logo

Founded on innovation and credited with the invention of the world’s first fan-operated air-freshener in 1946, we understand the power of ambient scent-branding and the fact that each company must seek its own unique message in terms of what they want their signature scent to convey for their brand and to their customers. 

Our in-house perfumers are masters at creating market-trending and time-tested fragrances that can enhance any commercial indoor experience.

Discover why our industrial air freshener blocks out-perform all others!

Industrial Air Freshener Blocks

And our teams are masters at selecting a scent that will meet the specific needs of any company, as we have amassed an endless collection of fragrances in their own house scent division.

Whether a large department store, hotel or brick and mortar brand, the controlled use of scent allows brands to influence consumer perception and extend the time they linger, shop and ultimately buy, thereby increasing that vital bottom line.

Our air freshener diffusers represents the most effective cutting edge tools and technologies within the realm of industrial science, which include: gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, head-space analysis, distillation, extraction and quality control technology.

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The Aroma Beam Packaging

The first step any of our in-house team or our many master ambient air care providers will perform for brick and mortar brands is the development of an effective program that includes a specific family of scent that reflects the brand and nature of the store.

Choices include: citrus; gourmand; fruity; outdoorsy or ozonic. The key to uncovering the right scent is to decide how each business wants their customers to feel the moment they walk through the door.

There must also be consideration for the intensity level of the chosen fragrance and its basic formulation because a scent can backfire if not applied strategically and can send customers running away instead of towards a brick and mortar establishment.

Ambient Scents For Brick and Mortar Brands

The following fragrances are divided into categories that pertain to the moods they create, and come in various refill forms; our Squair wafers, our Air-Wisp cold vapor mist refills and Scentsia cartridge refills.


Eucalyptus Mint

Known to relieve mental exhaustion and revitalize the human spirit, minty eucalyptus and shades of spicy resin blend with elements of sugary mint.

Fresh Breeze

Citrus apple apple nuances form the top notes of this scent that soon fade into floral aspects of jasmine, rose, cyclamen, muguet and geranium. A powdery, musky base note completes the scent.

Genoa Lemon

Citrus bursts of lemon and mandarin orange fall into a floral sugary heart of magnolia bloom and neroli. Elements of green and sensual white musk finish this inspiring fragrance.


Uplifting, tart and tangy, this fragrance is heavy on citrus tones of orange, lemon, raspberry and sugary orange blossom. Sensual tones of light musk and sweet dry orange peel complete this scent.

Island Breeze

This beguiling tropical scent combines fruity/floral elements of strawberry, coconut, pineapple and mango with a heart note bouquet of jasmine and anise, and finishing notes of lush vanilla and earthy nectar.

Tahitian Sunrise

Top notes of pineapple, casaba melon, orange, peach, coconut and wild cherry followed by heart notes of cyclamen and night blooming jasmine fuse into a final musky base note.

Twisted Apple

A potent fresh and green apple fragrance that seamlessly blends into elements of peach and plum, this fragrance completes with a stream of enduring sweet musk.


Apple Bake

Evocative of winter time and the holidays particularly, Air-Scent’s fruity creation opens with elements of green apple. These soon meld into streams of spicy cinnamon and clove and finish with a lush vanilla base.

Almond Biscotti

Subtle traces of almond, vanilla (extract) and dark chocolate dominate this scent. Other elements include: cool peppermint and bitter anise seed.

Coconut Lemongrass

Rich and romantic, this complex, fruity fragrance opens with elements of bergamot, litsea cubeba and coconut. A citrusy heart note of lemon, lemongrass and neroli blend into a final base note of nectar, vanilla and woody pine.


Intense, roasted and dark elements meld with nuances of patchouli. The flavor and mouthfeel of coffee is often a trigger for nostalgic thoughts and memories.

Home Sweet Home

Marked by opening aspects of orange rind, peach and apple, these elements soon fade into streams of cinnamon and clove. Vanilla and roasted nutty nuances complete this cozy fragrance.

Laundry Fresh

A top note of soft clean cotton and refreshing cool water opens this memorable fragrance that streams into a heart note marked by violet, anise seed and crisp apples. The scent completes with a musky driftwood base note.

Pina Colada

This delightful blend of fruity pineapple and creamy coconut added to elements of light rum is the epitome of the many tropical fragrances developed by Air-Scent. Its Spanish name derives from pina, which means pineapple, and colada, which translates into strained.

Rain Shadow

Sensual and comforting with the unique, wet and earthy smell always associated with rain, this fragrance evokes the majesty of the forest . Other notes include spicy clove and  bright carnation.

Winter Fir And Balsam

Capturing the essence of winter and holiday memories, this scent opens with nuances of slightly smoky cypress, pine and spicy apple. A heart note of dry fir balsam, eucalyptus, herbs and other ozonic elements stream into a final base note of woody raspberry and crystallized sugar.


Barrel Aged Whiskey

A complex and smooth Air-Scent formulation, barrel-aged whiskey is the essence of velvety comfort. It is highly aromatic due to the organic compounds in the alcohol that react with the oak.

Beach Dreams

A delightful tropical blend of mango, pomegranate, pineapple, black coconut and banana open this redolent fragrance which further blends into elements of nectar, teakwood and tonka bean. 

Coconut Lemongrass See Relaxing category

Lavender Apple And Oak

This very smooth unisex fragrance is a perfect blend of crisp apples with a touch of oak, emphasized by a soft and serene lavender.

Restful Lavender

Floral, sugary and serene streams of lavender open this fragrance with elements of fir needle, camphor and lime citrus that meld into floral aspects of geranium and eucalyptus and finally fuse with a musky base.

Stolen Moments

A soft, warm and intoxicating Air-Scent creation, this floral/musk blend is as relaxing and romantic as the day (and night) are long.


Endless Summer

Fruity/floral streams of orange, melon, peach and pineapple open this scent, which soon fade into a middle note of jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, romantic rose and violet. Earthy elements of sage and musk complete this memorable sAir-Scent fragrance.

Fresh And Woody

A summery scent that evokes fresh grass and sea water, earthy woody components of cedar, pine and sandalwood add a touch of the forest primeval and the great outdoors.

Miami Vibe

Top notes of bergamot and casaba melon evoke summery thoughts and images that soon acquiesce to a floral heart note of jasmine and water lily. These aspects meld into a finishing base note of amber, sandalwood and sun-dried driftwood.

Sea Water

The fresh, ozonic and salty essence of the endless sea is captured in this Air Scent fragrance.


Grapefruit, lemon and lime form the top notes, which soon fuse into a herbal/ floral heart note and finish with elements of patchouli, amber and balsamic Douglas fir.

White Tea And Fig

Delightful and tropical, this citrusy, fruity scent is dominated by aspects of fresh fig. A heart note bouquet of white tea bud, haunting jasmine, and rose eventually blend into a closing note of cedar, amber and sensual musk.


This white flower bouquet scent features opening accents of grapefruit, lemon and crisp apple. A heart note tinged with rose, jasmine, tuberose, lily-of-the-valley and creamy gardenia fuse into a finishing note of amber and musky driftwood.

Warm And Fuzzy:


Warm and inviting with sugary and fruity nuances, this Air-Scent creation powerfully evokes baked delights at holiday time and sweet family memories.

Cinnamon Buns

This mouthwatering fragrance opens wth streams of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove  that soon evaporate into a middle note of golden baked bread and eventually meld into a finishing note dominated by caramelized vanilla.


This holiday-inspired scent features a top note of citrus that blends into a heart note of warm cinnamon and ultimately finishes with aspects of sensual, passionate musk.

Citrus Vanilla

This comforting summer formulation contains elements of uplifting citrus and sugary vanilla, which together evoke feelings of joy and relaxation.

Warm And Nutty

This flavorful amalgam so reminiscent of luscious holiday desserts opens with a creamy, buttery top note that soon gives way to a powdery heart note and finishes with elements of lush vanilla with nutty nuances.

White Tea

Luxurious and indulgent, this fragrance opens with a top note of citrus followed by a floral heart note of rich jasmine petal and exotic white tea bud. A relaxing base note of sensual white musk completes this earthy fragrance.

In Conclusion

Feelings and emotions are in a way like songbirds; they are fragile and always ready to burst into expression. Fragrances are the key to capturing and maintaining an emotional connection of loyalty with customers at brick and mortar brands.

If you’re a business owner, a scent marketing or Jan San Supply company, call our teams today and see what our unique fragrances and air freshener diffuser systems can do for any brick and mortar retail establishment.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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