5 Scents That Instill A Feeling Of Clean In Your Business

The smell of clean can be many things to many people. As a relative concept, it can be equated as the harsh smell of chlorine bleach; for others, the captivating and endless magnitude of the ocean or the fresh scent of the great outdoors after a thunderstorm. Others may consider the smell of clean to be sweet and woody, like cedar or pine, as are the many fragrances we produce that are imbued within the many ambient fragrances we create.

As an example, if your childhood home was on or near the redolent islands of Hawaii, clean may also be defined as the fresh flowers that sweeten ambient air. Further pondering of the issue might encourage some to conclude that the smell of clean is like the aroma of absolutely nothing at all.

The definition of the smell of clean can mysterious and differ from brand to brand, but it does seem to be somewhat elusive, entirely relative and totally within the judgment of the nose of the inhaler. Today, thanks to the myriad of advances and innovations in the worlds of chemistry and industrial science, there are a vast array of scents that can effectively evoke cleanliness.

The Importance of Clean in A Business Fragrance

For companies that create and formulate fragrances for the scent marketing industry, there is an ongoing pressure to accurately translate the feeling of ‘clean’ for the health-conscious consumers of this day and age.

It is a complex marketplace with many unexpected twists and fickle turns, demanding new ideas and stretching the dimensions of thinking outside that proverbial box to compete with (and surpass) competitors.

Clean in A Business Fragrance

This can be illustrated by one nameless fragrance company executive who, while vacationing on a Caribbean Island, confessed to running out on the beach at different times of day in the hopes of capturing that ephemeral, fresh and clean oceanic smell for use in his company’s products.

Studies and Statistics

According to a recent retail consumer study conducted by M/A/R/C Research and National In-Store, 14 percent of participants stated that if a store was not clean, they would not return to shop there again. Some 29 percent of consumers said they would only return to a store they considered dirty if it was absolutely necessary.

According to Randy Wahl, senior vice president of M/A/R/C: “Clearly, cleanliness is an important component of the consumer experience. This has a direct impact on the amount of spending a retailer can capture.”

Explore how engaging a shopper’s 5 senses can increase retail sales.

5 Senses Retail Scent Marketing

A survey performed a few years ago by Proctor and Gamble entitled: Cleaning In A Down Economy, established that 85 percent of surveyed cleaning professionals in industries such as food service and hospitality claimed they adopted a “doing more with less” approach in coping with economic downturns. (This is particularly vital in these pandemic times, with the threat of Covid-19 hovering over us all.)

Ensuring a location is spick and span requires taking a hard look at both cleaning procedures and products.

Air-Scent: The Benchmark For Ambient Air-Care

Since the 1940s, the name, Air-Scent, has been synonymous with innovation, superior products and leadership. In 1946, ambient air-care was barely a burgeoning industry until one man, driven by the fulfillment of the American dream, invented the world’s first fan-operated air freshener dispenser that he named Air-Scent.

Air Scent Family Run Business

Bob Surloff’s ‘brain child’ marked the real birth of air-fresheners and set them on the path to enhancing our everyday lives and brightening our offices and our homes.

Focusing primarily on business to business interactions and operations within many modern industries, the demand for our superior performance products, which have been developed in our state of the art Pittsburgh laboratories, has seeped into a vast array of other applications, which includes an arsenal of commercial-grade large area diffuser systems.

But what distinguishes us from other manufacturers is we have our own in-house fragrance creation division with an entire team of perfumers wholly dedicated to the creation of new and innovative ambient scents for use within commercial interiors. The following list of ambient fragrances represent just a few of their creations, which will help any business instill a feeling of clean.

5 Important “Fresh” Air Scent Fragrances

Fresh Breeze (Air Wisp For Use In Aroma Stylers)

Even the name of this scent evokes sweet smelling, gentle winds floating along colorful garden paths on sultry, moon-lit nights. Subtle, sharp, citrus-apple nuances introduce the moist, refined and fresh top note that introduces this fragrance. These fleeting elements soon acquiesce to a floral heart note of intense, sweet jasmine, musky rose, green, sugary cyclamen, clean, enduring muguet and tangy geranium. A powdery, woody, musky base note finishes the scent.

Scentsational Scentsia Cartridge (For Use In Aroma Beam)

This full-bodied, masculine Scentsia Cartridge fragrant refill conjures images of balmy breezes, shiny summer sands and tropical nights under dazzling, starry skies. It opens with a top note of green, powdery pomegranate, fresh, woody and clean pear, sensual mandarin and herbal, crisp and green palm. These elements soon flow into a heart note with aspects of lemony, green and peppery geranium and sugary, milky coconut. The fragrance finishes with a base note of warm, rich, honey-like amber, woodsy cedar, musky driftwood and sharp, mossy green.

Sensational Clean Fragrance Refill

Utopia Scentsia For Use With Aroma Beam

We launched this warm, spicy and citrus fragrance for men in 2014. It is a sophisticated formulation comprised of a white flower bouquet that is musky, inviting and spicy. This scent opens with a top note that combines citrus accents of tart, tangy grapefruit, sour-sweet lemon and crisp apple. A middle note soon follows, which blends romantic rose, intense jasmine, waxy, creamy tuberose, delicate and feminine lily-of-the-valley and creamy gardenia. These elements finally fuse into a base note containing warm amber and musky driftwood, which complete the fragrance.

White Tea (Scentsia /Aroma Beam)

This relaxing scent transports those who inhale it to a magical realm of luxury and indulgence. It opens with a top note featuring nuances of citrus. A middle note of soft floral rose, sweet, rich jasmine petal and exotic white tea bud gives way to a finishing base note comprised of sensual, earthy and woody white musk.

White Tea Fragrance Refill

Island Breeze (Air-Wisp/ Aroma Stylers)

A kaleidoscope of dazzling emerald waters and glistening white sands swirls within the minds eye when this exotic and alluring fragrance fills a room.

Air Wisp Island Breeze

A top note of sweet, buttery coconut, pineapple-tinged pina colada, zesty and fresh orange slice and dreamy cream soon fade into a middle note of milky coconut shavings, juicy pineapple and sugary, spicy strawberry. A base note of sweet and elegant vanilla, and crystallized succulent green rind of pineapple completes the scent.

Air-Scent’s Most Popular Diffuser Systems

The three most commonly promoted diffusers for the above-mentioned scents are: the Aroma Beam with Scentsia cartridges, Aroma Stylers and the Aroma One.

These special systems were originally designed for large scale commercial spaces, but are now being adapted for use in private homes and residences as well.

The Aroma Beam Diffuser

This superior, dry vapor scenting system diffuses and effectively freshens interior spaces of up to 50,000 cubic feet. Scent diffusion is accomplished without the use of wet vapor (non-nebulizing delivery). The 30-day refill systems come in two styles: the Aroma Beam Cartridge and The Aroma Beam Squair.

Ambient Scenting Odor Control Products

The former contains 30 days worth of pure fragrance specifically formulated to create a desired response. Dozens of options are available as well as the desire to create a custom scent. The latter offers the availability to mix and match a particular unique fragrance. These refills also offer 30 days of fully adjustable performance.

The Aroma Styler

Also known as the Scent Styler, this HVAC atomizing diffuser system is available in three application sizes and is both potent and easy to use. Cutting edge and innovative technology creates a vapor that is invisible and floats evenly across any open space. This system controls malodors and greatly improves indoor air quality.

Aroma Styler HVAC Diffuser

The Aroma One

For smaller areas, this odor-neutralizing, fan air-freshening system annihilates airborne odors and at the same time, offers superior, linear, fragrance enrichment for any small space.

Aroma One Air Freshener Diffuser

It is particular to but not exclusive of restroom-specific malodors. Some of its most desirable features include: a modern design with optimal air-flow; the ability to hold many Air-Scent refill types, including: bottles, liquid can and Solid Squair wafers; a top-performing air velocity fan blade and an easy conversion from battery to electric.

In Conclusion

The smell of clean may well be completely relative and in the nose of the inhaler, but these scents and their highly effective diffuser systems are certain to please even the most finicky of nostrils.

If you own or operate a bricks and mortar business or you own or manage a scent marketing or janitorial supply companygive our team a call today and see how our industrial air freshener and odor control products can transform any business into a clean and fresh smelling enterprise!

Image Credits: Pixabay

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