Why Casinos Swear By Our Air Freshener Diffuser Systems

If the smell of the grease paint and the roar of the crowd are the elements that attract theater goers, the smell of easy money, smoke and free, flowing wine are all part of the lure of the modern casino. Whether or not a casino player will return to the scene of the crime to potentially lose more than he or she did on the last visit, is an intricate challenge to casino managers and owners.

They are unique enterprises because they are founded on the fact that they earn their money by others losing theirs. Casino appeal by its very nature has to be different than that of other purveyors, no matter what their product or service.

Here, thrills, risk and the desire to keep going even against the odds and after the loss of shirts, other pieces of clothing and money scream that it is time to stop and go home. Casino ambiance is designed to distract patrons from the realities of time and space, and there are many factors that are considered in their design.

Ambient Scent In Casinos

For example, there are never any windows or clocks inside, and upon entry, another time and place gently envelops and takes hold as well as the inhalation of cigarette smoke, which lingers in the air with no place to go. This was unpleasantly true until recently when our scent marketers at Air-Scent developed a neutralizing fragrance that altered the quality of ambient air in casinos forever (End Smoke).

Environmental Factors About Ambient Scent In Casinos

Scenting a casino requires distinctive artistry because both the activity and the environment are elements that merge to form a singular experience. As is the case with other settings, some scents work better than others.

Alleviating anxiety and nervousness about betting more than one should on the random throw of cards or roll of dice is often countered by whiffs of lavender and geranium, which although very different essences, are both calming soothing and uplifting in the own unique ways.

The Ambient History Of Lavender

While the average casino player may be concentrating on a game, scents that evoke cleanliness can have a profound effect on the average slot machine player. This may be due at least in part to the excessive amount of time that is often spent gambling. 

In addition, some behaviorists believe there is a link between customer service and a clean atmosphere, which may explain the the 57% satisfaction levels associated with the gambling experience.

Player satisfaction must be respected and skillfully maintained by ambient scent specialists. A 2003 study conducted by Meyer and Johnson concerned the atmospheric elements of the casino from the perspective of average slot machine players in a Las Vegas establishment.

After the careful examination of data gleaned from 195 surveys, the study concluded that atmospheric factors for a successful casino must include: décor, color, lighting, floor layout, noise level and fragrance.

A Few Relevant Studies and Statistics

An iconic study conducted by Dr. Alan R. Hirsch back in 1995 and published in the journal, Psychology and Marketing, (Volume 12, Issue 7) examined the impact of ambient aromas on the behavior of casino goers.

For one weekend, two slot‐machine sections in a Las Vegas casino were scented, each with a different aroma. A third slot‐machine area served as an unscented placebo control.

The amount of money gambled in slot machines located in the three separate sections were noted and compared for the weekend of the experiment, and also for the machines  before and after to control other irrelevant factors.

Results indicated that the amount of money gambled in the slot machines surrounding Odorant No. 1 during the weekend in question was greater than the amount gambled in the same area during the weekends before and after the experiment by an average of 45.11%.

Odor Control Within Casino And Hotel Environments

The concept of cleanliness always leads to the use of special odor-eliminators, such as Metazene, which is our private pride and joy. This colorless neutralizer addresses malodors in a way that eradicates them forever. Its secret lies in its weight and molecular reaction to malodors. It contains molecules that attach themselves to the heavier odor-causing bacteria, causing them to sink and evaporate.

Metazene Odor Neutralizing Additives

Metazene bonds with foul odor molecules and alter their electron configurations. Outside professional ambient air-care specialists do more than just cover up the malodor; they determine its root cause and then treat it accordingly, no matter what size of the room or the degree of stench in the malodor.

Across years of extensive experience, our chemists and researchers at Air-Scent have come to know which scents are the most desirable and can withstand the test of time. 

While the smell of clean may well be completely relative and lie in the nose of the inhaler, the following scents and our highly effective diffuser systems are among the most requested from scent marketing suppliers and casino owners and managers. They are certain to please even the most finicky of nostrils.

Ambient Air Freshener Scents For Casinos and Hotels

Each of the following fragrance refills (our Air Wisp fragrance oils, our Scentsia dry vapor cartridges, or our Squair Wafers) and are designed to work within our key air freshener diffusers, which include our Aroma Stylers, Aroma Beam or our Aroma One for smaller areas (more on each farther below).

Squair Scent Wafer Packaging

White Tea and Fig (Air Wisp For Aroma Styler)

This soothing, luxurious and clean fragrance is a complex amalgam characterized by a top note featuring fruity, syrupy fig. A floral heart note bouquet soon takes hold featuring fragile white tea bud, intensely sweet and haunting jasmine and sugary, musky and romantic rose. The fragrance leaves lasting impression with a base note of woody cedar, rich, honeyed amber and sensual musk.

Air Wisp White Tea Fig Fragrance

Scentsational (Aroma Beam)

This passionate, intense and boldly masculine fragrance captures an unforgettable image in the mind’s eye of gentle breezes and soft, dreamy nights under tropical skies. It opens with a top note of subtle, green, and powdery pomegranate, woody, slightly sweet and dense pear, succulent and sensual mandarin and dry, crisp green palm.

These aspects soon fade into a middle note marked by a bouquet of lemony, green and peppery geranium and sugary, milky and exotic coconut. A base note of warm, rich, honeyed amber, woodsy cedar, musky driftwood and sharp mossy green Douglas fir completes this memorable fragrance.

Sensational Clean Fragrance Refill

Invigorate (Scentsia For Aroma Beam)

A top note of clean, cool fresh air, milky, lush and intensely tropical coconut, spicy, bitter licorice and walnut-tinged maraschino cherry opens this fragrance. A middle note amalgam of sweet, intense jasmine, green, powdery and woody fennel and warm, sun-kissed summery garden mint blend into a final base note of elegant vanilla, creamy sandalwood and earthy musk.

Utopia (Scentsia For Use With Aroma One And Aroma Beam)

In 2014, Air Scent launched this warm, spicy and citrusy fragrance for men. Characterized by a musky, inviting and spicy white flower bouquet, this scent opens with a top note bursting with accents of tart, tangy grapefruit, sour-sweet lemon and crisp green apple. 

These aspects soon fall away into a heart note comprised of  passionate, aromatic and dreamy rose, intensely tropical jasmine, waxy, lustrous tuberose, touched of delicate lily-of-the-valley and creamy, rich gardenia. A base note comprised of warm amber and musky driftwood complete the fragrance.

Utopia Hotel Ambient Fragrance

Fresh Breeze (Scentsia Dry Vapor Refill)

This sweet smelling dry vapor scent is evocative of gentle winds floating along garden paths lined with colorful blooms on sultry, moon-lit nights. Sharp, citrus and apple nuances form the fresh top note of this fragrance. 

This romantic stream soon fades into a floral heart note marked by intense, sugary jasmine, musky and aromatic rose, green, sweet cyclamen, clean, lingering and memorable muguet and tangy geranium. A powdery, woody, musky base note completes the scent.

Lemongrass Sage (Air Wisp for Aroma Styler)

This clean, fresh fragrance is a splendid fusion of crisp, tangy, citrusy, lemongrass, blended with floral herbal, earthy and nutty sage. This scent layers beautifully with floral heart notes of rich, intense jasmine, fruity, smoky tea rose, sweet, woody rosewood, passionate and musky rose, bright tropical lily and musty, green cyclamen. 

The scent completes with a base note marked by cool aqua-marine, white, floral and soothing musk. This Air-Wisp fragrance refill works best with the Aroma Styler HVAC diffuser which is available in three different sizes: Alpha, Beta or Gamma.

Lemongrass Sage Casino Scent

End Smoke Odor Neutralizing Wafer

A long recurring problem, scent was first introduced in the 1970s to mask the foul smell of smoke in casinos. But our scientists realized long ago that masking odors wasn’t ideal; rather, eliminating malodorous airborne molecules was the better solution. So we created End Smoke wafers to completely eliminate that issue.

This simple neutralizing aroma is potent, fresh and clean, and is tinged with nuances of cool mint, spice, refreshing pine and strawberry-banana-nuanced bubble gum. Its neutralizing power lies with the inclusion of Metazene, which always wins the battle between smoke malodors and casino patrons.

A Leading Ambient Scenting Odor Control Product Manufacturer

We are both the leading champion of ambient air-care and a pioneer within the industry dating back to the 1940s. More than seventy years of continuous operation and extensive research conducted at our 85,000 cubic feet-research facility located in suburban Pittsburgh, our cutting edge diffusers and odor-control products far exceed industry standards.

We’ve been proud members of the RIFM, the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials, and ISSA, the International Sanitary Supply Association, for years, and we consistently aim to meet every industry standard and requirement set by these organizations as well as Oregon Tilth and the National Products Association. We are also ISO 9001:2015 certified — a testament to our ongoing commitment to the environment and a clean future.


ISO Certified 9001-2015 Air-Scent International


Our many diverse products are the result of superior painstaking research, knowledge and application of the principles of industrial science. Our laboratories are equipped with the best tools that money can buy including the latest in: gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, headspace analysis, distillation, extraction and quality control technology. 

We stand behind all of our products and systems and is always there to answer questions about operations and performance.

Air Freshener Diffuser Systems For Casinos 

The three most commonly promoted diffusers for the above-mentioned scents are: the Aroma Beam with Scentsia cartridges, The Aroma Styler and Aroma One.

These special systems were primarily designed for large scale commercial spaces, including casinos.

The Aroma Beam Bluetooth-Operated Diffuser

This superior, dry vapor scenting system diffuses and effectively freshens interior spaces of up to 50,000 cubic feet. Scent diffusion is accomplished without the utilization of wet vapor (non-nebulizing delivery).

These refill systems come in two styles: the Aroma Beam Cartridge and The Aroma Beam Squair. Dozens of scent options are available as well as the ability to create a custom scent. The latter offers the availability to mix and match a particular unique fragrance. These refills offer 30 days of fully adjustable performance.

Aroma Beam Large Area Odor Control

The Aroma One Scent Diffuser

Originally marketed as a diffuser for commercial restrooms, this odor-neutralizing, fan air-freshening system is very versatile and can be used with many Air-Scent refill types including bottles and Solid Square wafers.

It is easily adapted to freshening ambient air and controlling malodors in any environment. It is designed to neutralize stubborn smells while simultaneously providing superior, linear, aroma enrichment for smaller areas.

Aroma One Air Freshener Diffuser

It is ideal for odor management in powder and trash rooms. Its ultra-modern construction allows for optimal airflow, and its air velocity fan is far superior to others on the marketplace.

The unique nesting tray features a drip guard, ventilated refill holder and air flow controller, which automatically reduces output when necessary. Optimal end-user experience is assured via utilization of the three smart-switch settings, which include continuous, 60-day and linear output.

The Aroma Stylers HVAC Dry Mist Diffusers

Also known as the Scent Styler, this HVAC atomizing diffuser system is available in three application sizes and is both potent and easy to use. Cutting edge and innovative technology creates a vapor that is invisible and floats evenly across any open space. This system controls malodors and greatly improves indoor air quality.

Aroma Styler HVAC Diffuser

In conclusion

If you are a casino owner or manager, consider calling our team today to help develop a fragrance that will fare well with your patrons and help to ensure they become permanent aspects of both your traffic stream and  the bottom line of  your establishment.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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