Which Scent Is Right For Your Business?

Many people underestimate the sense of smell and its overall effect on our emotional, mental and physical state, as well as its effect on our cognitive thinking process.

An appealing scent can help a customer to want to stay; an offensive scent can drive them customer away, or, at the very least, put them in a bad mood. Scents can promote relaxation or energy, bring about positive changes in mood, and even increase productivity. Because the backbone of a business is its customers as well as its employees, choosing the right scent can make a big difference:

Business Scent


Lemon, orange, and other citrus scents are known to relieve feelings of anxiety as well as brighten the overall mood.

Increase Energy

Peppermint and Rosemary are known for their “pick me up” properties that boost the mind and body.

Increase Productivity

Cinnamon is the most popular choice in this category, however, lemon and peppermint are equally effective in this as well.

Increase Cognitive Function/Memory

Mint scents have been cited in numerous studies involving scent and improved cognitive memory.

In the end, it is important to choose a scent that is pleasant and one that you feel would best enhance your particular business. In retail establishments, different scents can evoke different responses to buying, depending on the type of establishment. It is also important not to overwhelm with too much scent, as it can have the opposite effect.

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