Ambient Scenting And Odor Control For Bars And Nightclubs

Over the course of the last decade and since the banning of smoking in nightclubs, patrons have become more cognizant of bad smells, such as body odor and stale beer, both of which cigarette smoke masked very efficiently at one time.

The adoption of ambient scenting machines have addressed this persistent problem and have helped to both improve the dance club ambiance and to break down unwanted malodors.

Ambient scenting affects nightclubs in ways that differ from other industries. The idea is not so much to evoke purchases as much as it is to influence how long a clubber may mill about the premises and perceive time.

In the same manner as combinations of lights and sounds create a desirable atmosphere, the addition of scents lead to an enriched multi-sensory experience, and fragrances in nightclubs should always correlate with lights and music in order to nurture a memorable sensual encounter.

According to Eric Spangenberg of Washington State University: “You need that critical je ne sais quoi known as “congruity” – how well an aroma fits the environment where it is used. “ Peoples need to be cognizant of the possible effects of making it incorrect.”

Creating this is an art form and one we’ve been perfecting for well-over seventy years.

Ambient Scenting And Memory Formation

Our most intense memories can be evoked by scent. Whenever the olfactory buds in the brain detect a smell, a chemical message is immediately sent directly to the limbic system, which is the part of the human brain that processes smell. It is closely allied to memory and emotion.

According to fragrance designer, Raymond Matts: “At least 35% of what we recall about an environment in the short-term is scent-based, compared with about 15% of what we see… I’m not suggesting scent is marketing “silver bullet,” but it is certainly a potent part of the mix. Ambience scenting is about creating an emotional appeal to a location, something that’s distinctive and will be remembered in a positive way… This technique is far more subtle than the “aromatic billboard” of freshly-baked goods.”

As far as estimated return on investment (ROI) of ambient scenting is concerned, Matts believes that the answer lies in the same vein as a visceral understanding of the value of a specific décor in a lobby or exterior landscaping.

He states: “It’s all about creating an environment customers want to stay in, enhancing brand identity and encouraging repeat business.”

Aroma Jockeying And The Nightclub Industry

Nightclub owners can use the power of ambient scenting to differentiate themselves from their many competitors, increase return customer traffic and boost that all-important bottom line.

Some innovative nightclubs are harnessing the power of scent via “aroma jockeys.” The idea is a simple one. Disk jockeys satisfy our sense of hearing, while visual jockeys appeal to the eyes.

An Austrian born graphic designer and book illustrator named Erich Berghammer first coined the phrase, ‘aroma jockey,’ back in 2002. It was based on his belief that lasting appeal to a nightclub audience must include the sense of smell. The concept of live ‘ aroma jockeying’ in clubs and parties was born.

The term became a new word in the Dutch language in 2006. The idea was to translate music into scent during live events such as concerts and nightclubs.

In Berghammer’s own words: “My greatest inspiration was that scent was an ignored medium, and only a few creative minds would consider it as an area of artistic expression. I started by designing three scents for a concert. I recall the moment when two friends and I smelled the scents with music in perfect harmony for the very first time, and then I knew that fragrance would be my future medium.”

Ambient Scenting And The Nightclub Industry

Through the careful selection and application of an appropriate scent, a nightclub wishing to stand out among its competitors can draw clientele to its location, increase sales and invoke feelings of both comfort and relaxation.

Unlike retail, where the draw is exclusively product sales, nightclub purchases involve drinks and amenities.

For example, a 2007 study conduced by Santandrea revealed that when a posh London nightclub introduced the scent of coconut to the club atmosphere, sales of the rum drink, Malibu, more than doubled.

Our chemists, designers and perfumers have developed an unparalleled understanding of how to harness the emotional aspect of fragrance, which translates into the development of aromas that make people feel comfortable in a particular setting.

Scent can bring forth an ambiance that makes clubbers reluctant to leave a nightclub and immerse themselves further emotionally and psychologically, into a multi-sensory adventure they aren’t likely to forget.

Ambient Scent Fragrances Nightclubs Bars

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One striking example of how this plays out within a nightclub location is the London nightclub, Senecity, which is the first nightclub in the UK designed exclusively for a deaf clientele. The other senses are heightened so that clubbers can appreciate the music even though they cannot hear it.

A vibrating dance floor, sign dancers who interpret the music and intoxicating scents contribute to this unusual multi-sensory, magical carpet ride of glitter and glam.

Consider these following few words to the wise if you are a nightclub manager or owner. This is not something you can do effectively by yourself. It is best to contact the ambient-air-care specialists at Air-Scent who can help in creating the right scent for your particular setting.

If customers do not expect a certain scent in a specific environment, this can have an opposite effect and make them feel uncomfortable. They may not remain because the smell turns them off in some way you may not have anticipated. It is essential that an ambient scent suit the environment in which it is placed.

Relevant Studies and Statistics

A recent study conducted by Dr. Hendrik Schifferstein from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands was recently published online in Springer’s journal, Chemosensory Perception.

The study concluded that some fragrances can enhance dancing activity, improve the overall perception of the evening, and affect how positively patrons rate the music as well as their moods. Three scents were dispensed for the purpose of analysis: relaxing orange, invigorating peppermint and neutral seawater.

Due to the fact that nightclubs are places people go to have fun, unwind and relax, the dilemma when selecting these fragrances concerned the decision as to whether a chosen scent should stimulate or relax.

Scents were deemed as fitting and pleasant for a night club setting and all were selected with the expectation that they would increase revenue gleaned from drinks and the number of visitors, improve the general mood of patrons and improve their evaluations of the club environment as compared to a non-scented ambiance.

The settings for this study involved three separate dance clubs in cities with high student populations. The author of the study concluded: “Given that visitors gave a better evaluation for the clubs, felt more cheerful, and showed more dancing activity when scents were diffused, environmental fragrances may be expected to have a positive effect on visitor return rate and future revenue for clubs.”

Air-Scent And Our Offerings To The Nightclub Industry

Within a bar or nightclub setting, music and lights have always been relied upon to create the desired ambiance. But today’s nightclub owners and managers have learned that by combining these two elements with an ambient scent, a powerful multi-sensory experience is born that powerfully but subtly bonds the patron emotionally to the specific brand or club.

In order to do this effectively, nightclub owners and managers must employ scent machines that provide both an even, pleasant and memorable scent and at the same time, eliminate the malodors of alcohol and smoke.

We are a leading company within the ambient air-care industry and have been in continuous operation for more than seven decades.

Our clients from every corner of the globe and across every imaginable industry utilize our superior scent marketing skills and air-care services, and our progressive technologies have developed odor control, state-of-the-art HVAC and Non-HVAC air freshening systems for every application and size requirement.

Our premium aroma diffuser systems are the most effective found anywhere in the world.

Our HVAC Systems are designed for durability and are available in different sizes and strengths to accommodate businesses of all sizes and shapes.

We stand behind all of its systems and is always there to answer consumer questions about operations and performance.

Air-Scent Ambient Scent Marketing Machines

Ambient air-care masterfully applied by the experts at Air-Scent carries the nightclub experience to new heights by seamlessly imprinting the foundation for a loyal customer experience.

While warm personal interactions and innovative designs have their place in creating a positive first impression, air freshening systems take this up several notches.

The Aroma Beam diffuser is perfect for large-scale nightclub settings up to 50,000 cubic feet. It is unbeatable when used in conjunction with the unique cartridges that are customized for superior linear diffusion for up to 30 days. The Aroma Beam comes with a built in 24-hour battery back-up, on/off timers, and is available in several configurations.

Ambient Scent Machine Bars Nightclubs

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Other lines include but are not limited to: Air Scent’s Aroma Styler & Deco Roma Dispensers, the Aroma One Fan Air Freshener and Aeon & Rumate Passive Dispensers. Click here to peruse all of our small-area air freshener diffusers.

The Vaporous Odor Neutralizer Power of Metazene

Nightclub malodors have a language of their own and it speaks of the lack of cleanliness and proper hygiene. Eliminating these bad smells in commercial establishments is vital because their presence often results in significant losses in revenue.

A tough adversary is needed to attack these foul smells so that they remain dead. Metazene is the answer when it comes to combating foul and persistent vaporous malodors in the air.

How Does It Kill Odors — Or Odours Depending Upon Country

This additive is a colorless liquid that bears the slight scent of witch hazel. It has been around since the 1940s, but its relative reactivity thwarted early attempts to harness its power.

This supremely effective and environmentally safe odor neutralizer is primarily used in indoor air care products. It combats foul smells at the molecular level, which sets it apart from others of its ilk.

It acts as an excellent fragrance fixative, and for this reason, coupled with the fact that it contains no formaldehyde, which is toxic to humans, animals and the environment; it is the industry choice for industrial use.

Food, smoking and chemical odors are known to revert and replenish themselves over time. This can be avoided by treating affected surfaces with Metazene sprays.

Its method of operation is unique and involves a chemical reaction that occurs when the Metazene attaches itself to malodorous molecules, a process that alters their electron patterns and cancels their properties via hydrogen bonding, atom formation (adsorption) and encapsulation.

Neutralization eradicates bad smells, and due to very low vapor pressure their molecules and evaporate over time.

The Future of Ambient Air-Care and Air-Scent

Bad smells have been integral to human civilization since the dawn of time. Whether their source emanated from rotting carcasses or vegetation, mold, organic matter or human waste, they all contributed to the primitive environment.

Over the centuries, man has learned that he has choices about his living conditions and that bad odors need not be among them.

Today, the significance of scent as a powerful advertising tool in modern industry is evident. The only pathway available is up for this unstoppable marketing phenomenon and the superlative services of Air-Scent.

Located with in the Greater Pittsburgh area, Air-Scent’s 85,000 square-foot Technology Center holds the key to the future development of scent marketing.

Our constant push for research aided by the most effective state-of-the-art equipment that money can buy, which includes the latest in: gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, headspace analysis, distillation, extraction and quality control technology insures a future that is bright and brimming with new discoveries and advancements.

Call our team today to insure the future success of your nightclub operation!


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