4 Effective Methods For Kennel & Animal Shelter Odor Removal

The business of pets and pet care is not only booming, it is bursting at the seams. It’s estimated that well over half of all households in the United States own a pet, which translates into about 85 million homes believe it or not.

To parse it down, a 2015 analysis concluded that 68% of all American households care for at least one pet; sixty million homes have at least one dog; and 47.1 million residents own cats. Beyond all of those adorable little four-legged furry friends, there’s a vast array of other animals we humans welcome into our lives and homes, including birds, reptiles and a number of other exotic mammals.

As the population of pet owners has grown, the industry that services them has blossomed as well, and now encompasses products and services such as daycare, training, food, toys, beds, cages, and medical services to name just a few. Above all else, it increasingly includes the demand for, and use of, kennels, animal shelters, pet resorts and pet adoption agencies.

Specific to kennels, statistics show that every year, more than 30 million pet owners leave their pets in the care of a respected kennel facility. These numbers are nothing to sneeze about, much less bark, purr or chirp over!

With modern consumers leading increasingly busy lives and travel becoming more and more incorporated into strained and hectic schedules, it’s no surprise that the need for pet shelters has consequently boomed along with the explosive growth patterns of pet ownership.

Pet Odor Control Products

Even more, for dedicated pet owners, what to do with your pet is always a serious consideration, especially when travel plans are urgent and unexpected. Today, for the most part, kennels are a convenient, reliable, pleasant and comforting respite for dogs, cats and other domesticated pets when you are unable to travel with them.

But like any other business in the modern world, the kennel and pet housing industries are subject to the same unending challenge of any other – competition. First impressions are vital to the success of any business model, and maintaining a healthy, clean smelling facility is the first and foremost consideration when discerning pet owners decide where to house one of the most important members of their family. All of this presents the pet shelter industry with an increasingly growing and smelly problem — how do you effectively and safely eliminate persistent, pervasive animal and pet odors? And where do you find the best air fresheners to eliminate pet odor?

This article digs its paws into the growing industry of pet facility care, the challenges of eliminating pet odors, and the four most effective means to safely neutralize pet and animal odors in kennel and pet facility environments.

Scent Marketing Aroma Styler Diffuser

The American Boarding Kennels Association

A dedicated group of kennel operators founded The American Boarding Kennels Association (ABKA) back in 1977. They were determined to establish a system of professional standards of pet care and promote a high level of ethical conduct within the pet care industry. Kudos to them!

Today, membership extends to almost 1,600 kennels in operation throughout the United States and Canada out of an estimated total of 9,000 boarding kennels. The association offers their services to more that 30,000,000 pet owners every year in both countries.

Caring for pets is a popular pastime and this is very well reflected in the dynamic pet care industry, which involves kennels, pet stores, pet care/veterinary facilities, grooming salons, pet supplies stores and more. Most boarding kennels provide pet care involving boarding, grooming, training classes, pet supply sales, and pet shipping.

The majority of boarded animals are dogs and cats, but there are many facilities that also care for horses, birds, reptiles, and exotic pets. They should not be confused with breeding kennels, which are devoted to producing puppies; training facilities, which house dogs for hunting, protection, and other types of specialized training; and veterinary hospitals, where care is provided for sick and injured animals.

Specific kennel, pet shop and pet shelter odors

Although the contents of this paragraph may at first appear obvious, closer scrutiny reveals that they are not. Bad odors disturb both humans and dogs. It is important to note that malodors in a kennel, such as urine and feces, represent an unhygienic environment and indicate a risk of both disease and stress for the animals within.

Moisture is a very big problem in kennels because it provides a prime breeding ground for the growth and spread of bacteria. Mops only serve to spread the microbes about, and it is best to opt instead for an effective fan or squeegee as well as a professional method for neutralizing the malodors of kennel life.

Bottom line; pets are dependents as much as children are, and they rely on their owners or those who look after them to provide safe, clean, environmentally friendly solutions that support a healthy, long lasting lifestyle.

All of this points to the unavoidable need for kennel and pet facility owners to maintain a healthy establishment, both for those who employ their services but also for the precious guests they house.

Air-Scent’s professional kennel odor eliminators

As a leading air care and odor control manufacturer, we have more than seven decades of hands on experience servicing all types of industries in need of innovative air freshening systems. A partial list includes: wellness, hospitality, real estate, wastewater, landfills and more. State-of-the-art scent diffusion technologies are ideal for the pet industry as well, providing real solutions for the elimination of persistent pet odors.

Scent Marketing Supplier

We’ve not only recognized the unique odorous challenges of the kennel and pet facility industry, we’ve devised an exacting arsenal of scientifically proven tools to effectively treat malodorous conditions in any pet facility venue. From spill absorbers, diffusers and molecularly devised odor eliminating systems, our team has originated the most effective armory to ensure your facility smells better than any of your competitors and serves the most important client — the sweet, adorable pets we all love.

How do you eliminate malodors in kennels and pet facilities?

There are four key products, which used in unison, offer a complete fully effective solution to eliminating pet odors. They are the MegaFresh® System, Scatter®, Zorbital and Enzomatic® — together they provide an indomitable defense to ensure your facility is tip top, free of nasty odors and safe for the pets you house.

What products eliminate malodors in kennels and pet facilities?

1) MegaFresh Odor Neutralizer System

2) Scatter Granulated Odor Counteractant

3) Zorb-It-All Spill Absorber And Odor Neutralizer

4) Enzo-matic Biological Organic Waste Degrader

1) MegaFresh Odor Neutralizer System

This odor neutralizer system is ideal for eliminating pet odors in large indoor areas. Its patented design out performs any other odor control system in the marketplace, both mechanical and manual. Most other products and systems just mask odors rather than the MegaFresh process, which takes an impenetrable stand at the molecular level and blows malodors to kingdom come.

Vaporous or residual odors, such as those generated by urine and feces, cannot totally be eliminated with simple soap, water and disinfectants. Rather they require a molecular reaction that merges with the unpleasant odor, combining with and neutralizing the interior air.

The Mega Fresh system is a dynamic and patented two-phase wicking system, which controls the rate of neutralizing release for 30 to 60 days. An internal wick feeds an external wick, and can be used passively (without forced air) or within our Aroma Beam diffuser, which is a one-of-a-kind fan diffuser specifically targeted for indoor areas of up to 50,000 cubic feet.

Ambient Scenting Odor Control Products

Its effect can also be greatly intensified with the employment of floor fans or by attaching the Mega fresh system to the rear of the fan. A mega fresh system can also be attached to each other, which will automatically increase coverage and performance. The American-made Aroma Beam diffuser is used in conjunction with our Scentsia cartridges.

Quite simply, the MegaFresh® system is the most effective solution for treating vaporous malodors in the entryways, walkways, hallways, retails areas and any other large enclosed area of kennels, pet shelters, pet resorts, pet stores and more. We also offer HVAC air freshening systems.

2) Scatter Granulated Odor Counteractant

Scatter granules control and freshen airborne malodors on direct contact, meaning that it’s sprinkled or scattered on fecal matter, urine, or into dumpsters. Its power rests in its exclusive triple-phase odor control system, which contains Metazene®, a powerful odor-destroying additive.

Comprised of specially formulated granules that can eliminate the toughest odors emanating from fecal matter, urine, trash containers and more, it is highly effective in controlling animal-related odors in kennels, barns and any indoor or outdoor odorous areas. It should be applied liberally on and around affected areas, swept up into plastic trash bags and then disposed of properly. Scatter granules may also be utilized in special wall-mounted fixtures installed around interior perimeters and above animal access areas. The spent granules are simply vacuumed out prior to replenishment.

3) Zorb-It-All Spill Absorber And Odor Neutralizer

A zippy way to abbreviate the words, absorb it all, Zorb-It-All is a powder product that is capable of absorbing more than 100 times its own weight. Its effectiveness as an odor neutralizer lies in its transformation into an instant gel upon application to all water borne animal bodily fluids, such as blood, urine, vomit, etc. This instant acting gel both neutralizes and deodorizes with a natural, fresh mint odor on hard surfaces, simultaneously offsetting and controlling odors.

Zorb-It-All® is a sustainable product that is easy to use, as well as easily swept up and dispensed of. Perfect for pet stores, zoo facilities, veterinarian offices and kennels, this product also works very well in many other situations including trash and waste residue.

4) Enz-O-Matic Biological Organic Waste Degrader

Malodors that are protein-related are particularly pervasive and difficult to remove. Enter Enz-O-Matic — this live, active waste degrader and odor neutralizer contains more than 2 billion bacterial cultures per single gallon of concentrate.

It’s live cultures are a type of protein produced by organisms (but it’s important to note that they are not actually “alive”). These enzyme-type producing bacterial cultures safely degrade all forms of organic wastes by utilizing a unique blend of force infused with a specifically designed scent that freshens the air, simultaneously providing instant odor control, pleasant atmosphere and waste management all in one shot. This high-tech solution works extremely well in kennels on fabrics, mats, carpets, pet beds, etc. It can also be utilized in a hand sprayer form for interior use on walkways and entryways.

In Conclusion

For those who manage kennels, pet stores, pet hotels, resorts and other animal containment facilities, the job is never easy and odor control can be an enormous problem. If you are in this position, we are fully aware that you need to find a way to keep your facility pleasant smelling, for not to do so discourages business and can indelibly create negative impressions.

Consider the solutions listed above, as they are certain to solve the problems of any pet-related malodors. Whether powdered, granular or vapor-phased, our high-tech, state-of-the-art odor control solutions are guaranteed to improve the surroundings both for you and the animals you and your clients care for.

Speak with our team today and learn more about our kennel and pet facility malodor solutions.

Final thoughts on animals:

Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. ~ Anatole France


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