How Ambient Scenting Can Expand Your Air Freshener Business

If you peruse our blog, you’ll find we’ve written extensively on the subject of starting up and running a fan air freshener business — whether that be via our step-by-step start up guide; our tips to operating an air freshener business and selling air freshener services; or the top reasons why becoming an Air-Scent distributor is one of the best opportunities for any entrepreneurial go-getter.

You name it, we’ve covered it when it comes to helping those that opt to represent Air-Scent products throughout the world.

But what do you do if you’re currently enjoying the profits of an air freshener distributorship and you’re looking to expand your business even further?

The following blog offers insight on that very subject.

Specifically, our teams explain how those operating an air freshener business can significantly expand their monthly profits through the ambient power of our large area scent marketing products.

What is Ambient Scent Marketing?

Also known as olfactory marketing, fragrance marketing and scent marketing, the focus of this strategy is to expand the consumer experience far beyond that which logically meets the eye.

Specifically, this entails creating a pleasant, sensory experience that has a lasting impression, which in turn helps to develop brand recognition and loyalty.

The ambient scenting process consists of diffusing a pleasant fragrance throughout a commercial space that will appeal to a specifically designated target market.

A branded scent’s job is manifold: to make the space smell pleasant; affect consumer experience; increase sales by increasing traffic; encourage guest loyalty; store ‘dwell-time’ and ultimately, develop brand awareness.

The workings needed to establish a proper signature scent are as complex as the creation of the innards of an expensive watch, and they require the same level of precision and skill to accomplish.

There are important factors to consider the most important of which is: matching the chosen scent with the company color scheme and values.

Why Is Scent Such A Powerful Trigger?

ambient scent powerful trigger for consumers

Harnessing the human sense of smell in commercial enterprises of all kinds lies at the heart of creating a lasting and positive first impression with the consumer. Numerous studies have proven the powerful impact that scent can have on consumer behavior.

This is due to the fact the sense of smell is directly linked to the brain’s limbic system, which is the sector of the brain responsible for human memory and emotion. Scent can pervade and go beyond rational perception. You can read more about the power of fragrance here.

Who Is Air-Scent International?

In continuous operation since the 1940s, Air-Scent is an international leader in the provision of air-care systems and environmental odor control products for use in many applications and in every modern industry under the sun.

The size and scale of an intended commercial space are the determining factors in the selection of ambient scenting and odor control strategies.

Air-Scent’s commercial HVAC air-freshening systems are made for both large and small spaces, and selling air freshening and odor control products manufactured by Air-Scent can be a lucrative business opportunity for an add-on service to route service operators and distributors, whose powers of persuasion would not be necessary after a client experiences the products, which ultimately sell themselves after a single application.

The Birth Of The Fan Air-Freshening Business

It all began in 1946 when Bob Surloff invented the very first fan-operated air-freshening dispenser and called it Air-Scent.

For this new product, he utilized his invention of distributing liquid fragrance in a vaporous form over a 30-day period by using a hurricane lamp wick combined with fragrance and triethylene glycol (a substance known for its disinfecting properties and was originally used by the U.S. military for large area air sanitizing).

This innovative system distributed dry vaporous particles that effectively lingered in the air for extended periods of time, and the product’s design became the industry standard, as other companies tried to imitate the same format, unsuccessfully, making Air-Scent the world authority on fan air fresheners to this day.

In the early 1950s, many companies thriving in this burgeoning industry began to add odor-control chemicals to their formulations. This marked the industry’s earlier attempts to destroy or neutralize malodors rather than masking them.

These active chemicals targeted habitual odor offenders such as: cigarette smoke, urine and fecal odors, cooking smells, and those smells that are usually associated with fish. The compounds used for this specific purpose included a number of unsaturated esters (organic compounds),longchain aldehydes and a few pre-polymers (large molecules composed of many repeated subunits).

Advances and innovations in formulas and technology continued over the course of the next three decades. By the late 1990s, sales of air fresheners in the United States exceeded several hundred million dollars per year. Their use has continued to increase every year, thanks to research and development sectors and innovations in both technology and industrial science.

In 2017, it was estimated that more than 300 million air freshener cans were sold to more than 30 million residents in the United States, which breaks down to 6 cans or more per residence in one year’s time.

According to a U.S. Census Data and Simmons National Consumer Survey (NHCS), more than 250 million Americans used air freshener spray and room deodorizers in 2018.

This figure is estimated to increase to more than 254 million by the year, 2020. This same survey indicated that more than 80% of the US population uses air freshener applications.

How To Expand From Small Spaces To Larger Areas

No two small businesses are alike and analyzing growth patterns and challenges is no small endeavor. All small businesses are distinguished by independence of action, diverse organizational formats and assorted styles of management.

Despite the disparity between them, each enterprise faces similar problems arising at common stages in their development and all are subject to great changes. In addition, both the challenges faced and the skills necessary to deal with them change as the company matures.

Stages In Company Development And Expansion

There are several stages of development for purveyors and distributors of ambient air care products and systems. They are: existence; survival: success and takeoff.

In the first stage, the fight is on to just stay afloat by obtaining enough customers and maintaining a cash flow. The seeds for expansion may be born here, but they don’t bloom until the business reaches a point when stabilization of products and revenue occurs. Survival indicates that the business has become a workable entity with a healthy relationship between revenue and expenses.

Success marks the stage where that proverbial fork in the business road for the route service operator or small time distributor begins to widen just enough to think about an increase in profits and expansion. It can only happen at this juncture because it is here where client relationships are secure and their knowledge can be harnessed and help to network other companies.

A target area must be thoroughly researched and the fan air freshener route service operator and/or distributor should seek out other companies that are bigger than those they already service that might be open to using ambient scenting services. The knowledge gleaned from selling Air-Scent’s formulations can be applied to bigger areas and bigger appliances for these spaces.

Air-Scent Fan Air Fresheners And Business Expansion

Air-Scent has been creating ambient air-care product solutions for more than seventy years and their customer base extends to the far reaches of the globe. These two factors attest to a brand that is both well established and dependable in terms of both its products and its services.

Air-Scent is always there to help their route service operators and distributors in the transition from small area air-care machines for restrooms trash rooms, etc to bigger operations and larger spaces such as hotels and convention centers.

In the Take-off stage, the moxie of the entrepreneurial spirit is truly tested because a realistic decision on which direction to take must be made. The leap from ‘one in the hand’ to ‘two in the bush’ as that proverb goes, presents its own set of challenges.

This is the true litmus test of the purveyor’s personal strength, which is the first important hurdle to overcome. Surpassing this stage of action can lead to potentially large rewards.

The Elements Of Risk

Dreams and taking risks are part of the entrepreneur package.

Even Albert Einstein made mistakes, and his famous quote:A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything newis as applicable in any business venture as it is in physics.

Behind every successful entrepreneur, there is a supportive mother company offering advice and counsel when times get rough.

Air-Scent nurtures its relationships between their distributors and route-service operators, and no one ever stands alone whenever help is needed.

The route service operator and the distributor learn by application and trial and error. They come to understand which products work better where and which appliances are best suited to which applications. They understand their customers and their expectations.

A transfer of learning occurs which cements the entrepreneur’s ability to stand on past experience and use it to create new knowledge with a similar but still different business model (small to larger).

Building upon prior learning to create new business avenues is the very essence of the modern entrepreneur.

From The Small Company Restroom To the Large Hotel Lobby

Ambient air-care machines that are reserved for use in smaller areas such as vestibules, fitness rooms, hallways, bathrooms, and trash rooms, etc, are ideal for their intended space, but for a successful entrepreneur (distributor) who is always looking ahead and beyond the current horizon, there is more money to be made by selling Air-Scent’s larger air diffuser systems, such as the Aroma Beam and The Aroma Styler.

Aroma Beam Ambient Scent Marketing Machine

Learn more about our Aroma Beam scent marketing diffuser

It is nothing that a well seasoned entrepreneurial cannot handle. The support is always there from Air-Scent, and that golden ring that is always just beyond reach will get closer and closer with each successful transaction. It is a matter of both cultivating target buyers and expanding the base that already revolves around daily operations.

One advantage in moving from smaller to larger ambient air-care diffuser systems besides the obvious increase in profits lies in the fact that a certain degree of knowledge, expertise and insight into business model applications has already been established. A client base is there as well, which can serve as a viable networking reference.

The most versatile small area ambient air-care diffuser is the Rumate. Its slim profile permits its placement in a myriad of locations such as: small restrooms, trash chutes, elevators, lockers and foyers. One of its most sellable points is that it relies on natural air and evaporation and requires no batteries.

For smaller spaces, there is also The Aroma One, which is well known for its three-way ventilation for maximum airflow. This automatic battery operated fan appliance fresheners and deodorizes washroom fixtures, and the Aroma Mini Advanced passive Air freshener, which is powered by natural evaporation and air currents within the room.

Aroma One Scent Marketing Small Area Machine

Learn more about the Aroma One

The king of Air-Scent’s ambient air-care diffusion systems is the Aroma Beam, which provides coverage for areas up to 50,000 cubic feet. It is the perfect odor control solution for retail stores, hotels, showrooms, auto dealerships, casinos healthcare facilities and more. Their unique cartridges are specifically designed for linear diffusion for a 30-day period.

The HVAC Aroma Styler systems come in three sizes and are both powerful and easy to use. Its effectiveness is based on Air-Scent’s innovative technology, which converts liquid scent into a dry, invisible vapor that drifts evenly across any large open space.

These larger diffusion systems are an easy sell, especially to those commercial enterprises that companies that are already using and happy with our superior quality fragrances, air freshening and odor control solutions.

In Summary

To all route service operators and fan air freshener distributors. Now hear this: Think big — it may be a new hat to wear at first, but eventually through experience, trial and error, it will come to fit and be very comfortable upon your head.

Contact our team and let us help you get started!

Final thought on business expansion: The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. ~Walt Disney


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