We Direct Ship Odor Control Products To Jan-San Supply!

This special option saves money for every end user!

We are known world-wide as a leading purveyor of the most advanced ambient air-care products on the modern market place.

In continuous operation for the last seven decades, we serve as the foremost provider of effective air care and odor control products to the Jan San Supply industry.

Our uniquely blended fragrances are the hidden secret to the success behind many private label and branded products.

What Makes Air-Scent A Unique Company?

What separates us from every other air care company in the world is the fact that we have our own in-house fragrance creation division, which translates into manufacturing our own proprietary fragrance refills along with scent diffusion and air freshener machines, which allow for the delivery of the most comprehensive and integrated product offerings with highly effective formulations and technologies.

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Direct Shipping And Jan San Products

The concept of direct shipping has expanded and turned the jan san industry on its ear.

Not so long ago, the only option for buying janitorial/sanitation supplies, such as professional cleaning chemicals and commercial vacuum cleaners, was through master distributors, who often only offered limited selections.

But today, ordering direct from Air-Scent International not only offers faster turn on inventory; shorter lead times; and more frequent deliveries.

How Will Direct Shipping Affect Industry?

The re-introduction of direct shipping offers many benefits to buyers of our advanced odor-elimination products. It provides a sense of control throughout the entire process for the Jan San Distributor.

This process saves money and increases profits for every end user because it helps move products through your supply chain more quickly and it eliminates the additional cost tacked on by a master distributor.

Expand Profits Janitorial Supply Ambient Scent

Direct shipping also allows jan san companies to further reinforce the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) and communicate directly with consumers about price points.

Having the capacity to expand product offerings and them into the hands of eager customers in search of superior solutions to malodorous conditions.

Direct Shipping And Consumer Demand

Another not so obvious benefit to direct shipping is that it offers manufacturers an opportunity to take a more hands on approach to shaping and sensing consumer demand, improving the ultimate exchange, and accelerating time to market for new products.

Direct shipping enables merchants to retain greater control over the customer experience as it permits the aggregation of data, which in turn leads to better promotions, improved products, enhanced relationships and increased sales.

Air Hygiene Diffusers Jan San

Direct shipping offers the availability for the Jan San Supply house to private label the air care and odor control products purchased from Air-Scent, which further enhances their company brand and eliminates the need for master distributors to accumulate your end customers information.

What Should Retailers and Manufacturers Do Next?

Armed with the knowledge presented by Air-Scent training, the jan san supply houses should consider the direct shipping of our products as their next viable

business opportunity to increase your product sales and brand impression. The unquestioned efficiency of our direct shipping delivers products to customers faster to you than ever before.

Call our team today and take advantage of their direct shipping process to improve your distributorship or jan san company — (412) 252-2000.

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