Ambient Scenting For Live Events, Weddings And Trade Shows

Transforming any large live event or occasion into a truly memorable experience lies within the power of a number of factors, not the least of which includes highly effective vaporous odor control and appropriate, strategically placed air freshening scents.

In the case of trade shows, live events, weddings and banquet halls, an extra layer of intrigue evoked by an elusive fragrance can wend its way subtly but indelibly into the memory of event participants.

Large events of all types are environments that literally burst with energy and ideas, and chosen fragrances developed by master perfumers must mirror this concept in order to be effective, but they must not dominate such a setting.

Meaningful experiences are always a blend of multi-sensory factors.

Live events, large corporate parties, lavish weddings and colorful trade shows are all centered around making an live experience come to life whether by sampling scrumptious appetizers, stoking the fires of imagination with futuristic gadgets or exchanging wedding vows under a gilded canopy of roses.

The Power of Scent In Larger Live Settings

We understand that scent alone has the power to capture the attention of any audience more than any other medium known to advertising. It can elevate any large event into an unforgettable series of lingering memories.

  • Ambient Scent Marketing Within Trade Shows

The power of trade shows lies in the accumulation of vendors that come together under one large roof at the same time.

No matter what product or service is presented, the goal of every exhibitor in every trade show is the same. They are focused on sharing their unique message with others and leaving a lasting memory of their brand with all those who come in contact with it.

Although there are many approaches that can be adapted to achieve this goal including: handing out flyers and free products and offering fun and interesting presentations, there is nothing that will cement future sales more than those efforts that make visitors remember a specific booth and company message.

Standing out from a myriad of other companies offering the same or similar products means finding new ways to impact the emotions of potential consumers. Incorporating the sense of smell into an exhibit’s business marketing and branding strategy is the way to combat this cutthroat world of rivalry and competition. A scented booth at a trade show sparks interest and welcomes interaction.

Studies conducted by the Sense of Smell Institute have indicated that our sense of smell influences our moods, how long we may linger in a room, whom we meet and choose to converse with and even whether or not we will seek to communicate with that person again.

These feelings are powerful and as such need to be effectively harnessed when presenting a brand. Utilizing a specific aroma on the trade show floor can improve a potential customer’s perception of a brand, image and product.

  • Ambient Scenting For Large Weddings

Perfume sings a song of joy and harmony. While it may sound surprising, as ambient marketing and branding is everywhere these days, the idea of scenting a wedding is fairly new.

There are several ways to layer fragrances at weddings. Scenting an entire venue is an approachable goal with our Aroma Beam large area scent diffuser. This cutting edge dry vapor diffuser system is ideal for large weddings of up to 50,000 cubic feet of space.

Ambient Scent Air Freshener Diffuser For Large Events

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Scented candles strategically placed in entranceways and restrooms can also add a warm glow of concentrated fragrance. If opting for candles, they should be mixed with unscented ones with maybe one or two at each guest table.

Additional flourishes, such as steeping dried flower petal confetti in scent which retains aroma for hours, providing fragranced mini hand creams or body mists in restrooms will keep that wedding scent imprinted in the minds of guests.

Ambient-air care can also be used creatively to “gift” a wedding scent to all those in attendance. This can include scenting save the date cards and wedding invitations, doling out wedding favors in the form of mini candles or miniature perfume bottles or using tea-lights as place cards on each table.

More and more modern weddings are focused on scent for the conveyance of a “unifying vibe” throughout their wedding venue.

The growing popularity of scenting large weddings might well alter that old adage associated with nuptials into: Something old; something new; something borrowed and something that smells blue (or new, or old, or borrowed).

Infusing large events with a particular fragrance, especially under the professional guidance of our team, translates into the birth of a new dimension of recall, replete with vivid images, sounds and alluring aromas associated with that special day.

Relevant Studies & Statistics On Ambient Scent & Air Care

The latest research indicates that when a pleasing scent is introduced to a selling environment, whether large or small, its impact on the behavior of the average consumer is positive, resulting in an increase in sales, time spent in the store, enhanced loyalty, perception of quality and the desire to return to the commercial establishment.

The Aroma Styler Scent Marketing Diffuser For Live Events

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A study in Sweden tested these concepts by introducing a fragranced shampoo display at a large retail store. Sales increased by 39%.

Ninety-nine out of every hundred exhibitors find that trade shows deliver unique value, which cannot be provided by other marketing channels, and ninety-two percent of those who attend trade shows come to see and learn about what’s new in products and services.

In a recent survey, ninety-one percent of trade-show attendees indicated that this environment greatly impacted their buying decisions.

Banquets, Live Events, Concerts And Conference Settings

The modern events industry is marked by a number of dynamic aspects. Technological trends are one facet and expanding high-impact experiences via scent is another.

Priorities have been subtly shifting, like sand through an hourglass, and while technology will always be a factor, it is likely to be mixed with other sensory elements, such as video and audio.

Generally speaking, the more unique a particular event is, the bolder and more memorable will be the resulting brand statement. While conventional layouts still have their place in theatres and classrooms where lecture-heavy conferences and workshops take place, large events are no longer confined to one room.

Selected layouts speak their own language and the more unique they are, the better for memory formulation. For example, cabaret style settings by their very nature encourage interaction while simultaneously granting all participants the space they need. A herringbone seating arrangement, on the other hand, will seat everyone closer together, if that is the desired setting.

Impacting Multi-Sensory Experiences At Large Events

Our scent-marketing professionals understand that the true power of ambient branding lies in laying the groundwork for scent selection, which may look easy, but in truth requires skillful and careful analysis.

The selection of a scent for a large event, whatever it may be, must align with the environment in which those special scents will be diffused. For those event planners out there seeking ideas how to best showcase their brand in such an atmosphere, consider the following creative possibilities:

  • Subtly immerse potential customers in the smell of the product represented and endorse products represented by either amplifying the fragrance of the product itself or by investing in one of our highly efficient diffuser systems.
  • Involve the sense of touch with hands-on interactive displays of represented products.
  • Keep audiences alert by creating multi-sensory fun experiences in between lecture and workshop sessions.
  • When planning large event venues, integrate creative spaces with mood-setting music, visual displays and fragrance to stimulate discussion during large events.

The Most Popular Ambient Scents For Larger Live Events

The following are a few of our master perfumers’ recommendations for scenting large events of all kinds. Event planners always have the option to create a unique scent if that is more desirable.

  • Eucalyptus Mint

Earthy, dry, fresh and herbal Eucalyptus is blended with sweet, dry mint to energize any situation and relieve mental exhaustion. Perfect for large-scale events such as banquets, conventions and conference arenas, this invigorating and zesty fragrance encourages networking and exchanging ideas and strategies.

  • Invigorate

Fresh and inspiring, this fragrance opens with top-notes of fresh air, milky coconut and tinges of fruity maraschino cherry. The middle notes that follow are comprised of sweet, aromatic jasmine, warm and spicy fennel and dry, somewhat sweet garden mint. The scent finishes with a base note of cozy, creamy vanilla, woody, warm and rich sandalwood and earthy musk.

  • Sensational

Opening with a citrus splash of tangy grapefruit, tart lemon and refreshing and zesty lime, this revitalizing fragrance blends into a floral/herbal middle note of aromatic rosemary, spicy green basil, dry eucalyptus, rich and creamy gardenia, bright carnation and sensual, aromatic night blooming jasmine. The aroma completes with earthy patchouli, warm amber, full-bodied Douglas fir and woody musk base-note.

  • Neutral

This aroma is meant to be elusive, and as such, pinpointing its complex mélange is difficult at best. Its unremarkable fragrance notes were developed especially for odor control applications, and are excellent choices for stubborn odors in large environments, but nearly impossible to identify.

Air-Scent Odor Control And Ambient Air Care Products

Since the 1940s, we have been the business choice name within the perfume and air freshener industry. Our customer service reputation is superior and they stand behind each and every one of their products.

The fragrances, odor control and air-freshening products we manufacture far surpass industry standards and their client base is enormous, stretching from every corner of the globe and across every industry. In fact, our patented Metazene additive is the world’s most effective vaporous odor neutralizer, and we include it in all of our air freshening and ambient scenting refills.

Our progressive technologies, which are developed at their enormous Pittsburgh-situated Technology Center, keep them always a few steps ahead of competitors.

Here, innovations in the world of industrial science are an every day affair, as our researchers and chemists are equipped with the best tools that money can buy. These include the latest in:gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, headspace analysis, distillation, extraction and quality control technology.

In addition to providing commercial fan air-freshener machines, electric diffuser fragrance oils & odor control products to scenting distributors, wholesalers and route service operators, we also supply directly to a wide range of global clients in just about every industry, including retail, health and hospitality, automotive, gaming, real estate and more.

In summary

The deployment of fragrance in large events of all types is here to stay, even though time and technology are likely to improve and advance applications.

The world of ambient scenting has only barely been explored, and tomorrow’s promise is likely to thrill and captivate the power of our noses in ways unimaginable at this point.

Shoot us a quick message, or call our team today and make your next large event a wondrous multi-sensory affair!

Final thought on the power of scent: “Unlocking memories through scent allows the mind to drift, be soothed and comforted. Scent encourages you to reconnect with your emotions and the world around you~  Jo Whiley


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