How The Scentilator Takes Air Care To The Highest Level Ever

If you’re a scent marketing company, add-on service provider, a Jan San Supply house or an end user, and you’re frustrated with air freshener systems that clog, provide poor output or offer limited fragrance selections, your angst is about to come to an end.

The newest addition to our arsenal of air diffusion odor control systems is The Scentilator, which works for every ambient scent application in areas up to 10,000 cubic feet, and takes its well-earned place among our ever growing array of odor fighting systems and tools.

Scentilator Ambient Cold Mist Scent Diffuser

More than 70 years of continuous operation have influenced the creation of this latest addition to our highly effective line of cutting edge air diffusion systems, which includes our renowned dry vapor Aroma Beam diffuser system and our dry vapor mist atomizing Aroma Styler diffusers.

The Scentilator provides the power of cold mist scent diffusion coupled with sub-micron nano-particles, which combine to offer consistent performance for up to 90 days. It also features a proprietary internal mechanism designed exclusively for Air-Scent International.

It comes in the form of a simple toggle switch, which permits the options of 30, 60 or 90 days of operation with consistent fragrance dispersion throughout the entire chosen cycle. Even more amazing is the fact that this is accomplished via one D-size alkaline battery! It also offers an optional AC power adaptor for even more versatility.

In the words of Arnold Zlotinik (pictured below), president and CEO of Air-Scent International, “This is the most effective air freshener system ever developed with the most efficient output performance, more so than poor performing piezo air fresheners, aerosol dispensers, gels, EVA plastics, hydrogen and oxygen cells and passive diffusers.”

Arnold Zlotnik Air-Scent CEO

A bold statement for sure, but if you’ve followed our blog over the years, you’ll know that we never profess without backing it up with data, and we make no exceptions with the Scentilator. The following blog explains exactly why sliced bread may even take a back seat to this new innovative air freshening system!

How Is The Scentilator Different From Other Air Diffusers

The Scentilator releases an ultra-light, dry vapor that floats in the air for far reaching and longer lasting results than other diffusers. It provides the most consistent results imaginable even for those commercial spaces that receive high traffic.

The following list and subsequent descriptions of each point represent some of the ways this new diffuser differs from and exceeds all other competing systems.

10 Ways The Scentilator Takes Air Care To The Next Level

1) It provides unsurpassed performance

2) It produces consistent long-hanging fragrance in the air

3) It has dry vapor output application

4) It’s small, sleek design is irresistible

5) Easy service, installation and low voltage DC/ electric options

6) High end fragrances and signature scents

7) It offers customization of propriety refills

8) It eliminates the need for other odor-control products

9) It has the legacy of a tiny footprint

10) It offers a diverse array of Air Wisp ambient fragrances

It Provides Unsurpassed Performance

The Scentilator puts ordinary aerosols to shame when it comes to longevity of performance. They die within minutes of application and the ensuing wet mist quickly falls to the ground, potentially landing everywhere but where it should; namely, in the air. Also, heavier sprays usually do not linger in the air long enough to freshen surrounding air and control malodors.

It Produces Consistent Long-Hanging Fragrance In The Air

The Scentilator and the consistency of its fragrance output represents the newest wave in air-freshening technology. Fragrance permeates the area continuously, integrating with every human thought and gesture. Scent longevity is among the top three most favored consumer options for ambient air-care, the other two being odor elimination and expanded usage.

It’s Dry Vapor Output Application

The Scentilator’s dry vapor output application covers larger areas than most systems. This diffuser releases an ultra-light, dry mist that floats in the air for far reaching and longer lasting results than are found in most air diffuser systems. This method provides the most consistent results possible, even in those large spaces with a high volume of traffic.

Scentilator Closer Up View

It’s Lustrous Sleek Design

The Scentilator diffusers are only 4 by 8 inches, and their compact design blends discreetly within any space or décor while at the same time providing totally-effective results in areas up to 10,000 cubic feet and more.

Easy Service, installation And Low Voltage DC/ Electric Options

One can choose 30, 60 or 90 day service cycles by simply flipping a switch. Dispensers require only minutes to install to any solid surface and require only two screws. For those to whom tools are forces to be avoided at all costs rather than reckoned with, these dispensers will offer new hope, as they are perfect for do-it-yourself applications. The optional AC adaptor makes the Scentilator easy to convert wherever an ordinary electrical outlet is available.

High End Fragrances And Signature Scents

The true potency of Scentilator systems lies in their unique, mood-evoking formulations that are designed to appeal to the most contemporary trends in consumer fragrances. There are many choices including the option to let Air-Scent design a signature scent specify to a particular brand.

It Offers Customization of Propriety Refills

The Scentilator proprietary refill containers can easily be customized to suit the needs of any commercial enterprise, promoting brand loyalty and reinforcing the fact that faithful customers translate into profits. This is true for a number of reasons. For one, repeat customers require less marketing; for another, they make more frequent purchases.

It Eliminates The Need For Other Odor-Control Products

This system works for every ambient scent application in areas up to 10,000 cubic feet. It is super effective in dealing with restroom malodors because the potency of its 100% active fragrance control eliminates the need for bathroom malodor eliminators such as urinal and toilet drip dispensers.

It Has The Legacy Of A Tiny Footprint

The Scentilator represents the epitome of our enduring commitment to the environment and eco friendly solutions. We have supported sustainability since long before the word became a fashionable topic for consideration. Our focus is the creation of customer solutions that are cutting edge, practical and energy saving.

It Offers A Diverse Array Of Air Wisp Ambient Fragrances

The art of fragrance use in each delicately-traced Airwisp scent creation is developed to evoke a specific mood or ambience through the sense of smell. Even scents developed for air freshening and odor control applications have been formulated with complex, stratified fragrance palettes.

The-Scentilator Air Wisp Fragrance Refills

Air-Scent International History And Innovation

We are the undisputed champion of ambient air-care, and our many diverse products attest to our versatility and innovation, which are the byproduct of our superior research, knowledge and application of the principles of industrial science. 

With well over seventy years of continuous operation and extensive research conducted at their 85,000 cubic feet-research facility located in suburban Pittsburgh, our cutting edge diffusers and odor-control products are heads above the rest and far exceed industry standards.

Air-Scent International Headquarters Logo

Our laboratories are equipped with the best tools that money can buy including the latest in: gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, headspace analysis, distillation, extraction and quality control technology. 

We stand behind all of our systems and our ambient scent marketing and odor control experts are always there to answer consumer questions about operations and performance.

In Conclusion

So If you’re a scent marketing company, a Jan San Supply house, or any type of end user or service company with air freshener add on services, call our team today and find out more about the exciting, new Scentilator and how it can enhance your commercial enterprise, whatever it may be.

Final thought about fragrance: I think fragrance is all about  sensations and imagery and can evoke visions, feelings and thoughts.~ Shakira


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