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Thank you for contacting us. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible! In the meantime, please feel free to explore our blog,  follow us on Facebook for updates on all of our products and services or kindly review us on Google! If you inquired about becoming a distributor of our air care products or about adding on to your route service business, below you’ll find some helpful information regarding the next steps to get started!


Next Steps To Becoming A Fan Air Freshener Distributor

If you’re an existing supplier, adding on to a route service business or taking an entrepreneurial step towards independence, the following information provides the potential costs involved, examples of profit projections along with a few article links with helpful tips to better inform each step towards becoming a distributor of our products.

First off, there are no minimum cost requirements to start a new Air-Scent business. You simply purchase as much product as you want to get started and the freedom is yours to grow at your own pace from there.

What makes this a low risk entry is the fact you can recoup your product costs by charging an installation fee as well as the first service fee, which not only covers your outlay but provides a handsome profit.

If you’re interested in starting larger, you can either choose to sell our commercial restroom air freshener systems (The Aroma One and/or The Odyssey) or our large area scent marketing diffusers (The non-HVAC Aroma Beam dry vapor system and/or the Aroma Styler HVAC-compatible dry mist nebulizer diffusers).

An Example Of A Smaller Coverage Area Program

We suggest stocking at least two-months of supplies at all times, and service should be performed every 28 days (13 services per year). For example:

  • 200 Aroma One dispensers = $3,000.00
  • Stock Up On Air Freshener Refills –
    • 8 cases of liquid wick can refills = $768.00
    • Or 2 cases of solid square scent wafers = $800.00
  • 200 batteries = approximately $170.00
  • 2 packets of brochures = complimentary

With that, we calculate the total start-up supply cost could be approximately $4,738.00. You can explore additional refill offerings here (“liquid” refills allow for more adjustability of the wick, so you can raise or lower its height, which in turn affects strength, intensity and how quickly it evaporates; and “solid square wafer refills” offer a no-spill option and “a set it and forget it” approach.) If all 200 units are installed, we estimate annual income to be approximately $32,500.00. An average full-time route service operation can consist of installing up to 1250 dispensers, equalling approximately $203,125.00 income per year.


Example Of The Larger Aroma Beam & Aroma Styler Business

This option can offer you varying levels of initial cost per your choice. We suggest stocking at least 2-months of supplies, to be equipped for any unforeseen circumstances. You can choose to purchase the entire list of diffuser systems and refills below, or create your own custom program that fits your preference.

  • 15 Aroma Beam = $3,825.00
  • 60 Scentsia refill cartridges = $3,600.00
  • 10 Aroma Stylers (Alpha – small) = $2,990.00
  • 10 Aroma Stylers (Beta – medium) = $3,920.00
  • 10 Aroma Stylers (Gamma – large) = $4,570.00
  • 60 Air Wisp single Liquid Refills (16 ounce) = $3,300 per on average

The above figures are only examples of the potentials.

Resources To Start and Successfully Run An Air Freshener Businesses

If you haven’t already browsed our blog, please do! You’ll find a plethora of information on scent marketing, air care and odor control. You’ll also find a number of articles that can help with starting, operating and selling the benefits of an air fresheners.

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Air-Scent Fan Air Service Profit Projection Chart

The follow graph provides an overview of profit potential for one service route. Depending upon the population of the area in which you choose to focus on, the numbers may be higher, or you may opt to expand to cover more than just one territory. The number below and above can be entirely modified to suit your preference.


Air-Scent air freshener business opportunity profit


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