How Scent Marketing Can Help Keep Your Office Productive

Once considered an abstract concept, aromatherapy has in recent years blossomed into not only yielding therapeutic benefits at home, but in the workplace as well. Numerous studies have been conducted on the varying effects of specific scents in the workplace, on factors ranging from stress to mental focus.

The key factor in any business is the productivity of its employees. The formula is simple – when employees feel more productive, they perform better, which not only benefits a business’ bottom line, but the entire workplace as a whole. A lot of businesses have made use of this knowledge by implementing scents in the workplace that are designed to boost productivity.

Implementing an air freshening system for your office space is the first step. Fortunately, the research backing the benefits of scent in the workplace has created a rise in demand for air freshening systems that are designed for such spaces. These air freshening systems are known for delivering continuous, long lasting fragrances that trigger key regions of the brain’s limbic system.

In terms of how scent marketing can improve office productivity, we covered the subject in further statistical depth in a separate blog, along with six key scents that are prefect for improving office atmosphere. In fact, the Takasago Corporation in Japan found that, in a study among typing participants, 54% made fewer errors when they could smell lemon, 33% fewer with jasmine and 20% fewer with lavender. Believed to be the first country to introduce scents in the workplace to increase productivity, it is a common practice in many Japanese corporations to implement professional air freshening systems with the scents of pine and citrus flowing through the workforce.

Whether you are looking for a large-area air freshening system or a more compact system for a smaller workplace, we have the right scenting solutions designed to meet your needs. Whether you are looking to boost productivity in your workplace, or simply looking for a way to provide a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere, we offer a wide selection of scents designed to ensure consistency.

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