Our Turnkey Private Label Hand Sanitizer Solutions

In today’s times, life seems to whirl within a disturbing vortex of promised vaccines, masks, social distancing and the fear of a virus that mutates with all the ferocity of a monstrous alien from outer space.

Doctors urge that hand washing is a vital preventative in its ability to spread, thereby relegating hand sanitizer to one of the stars of this terrifying reality show. More and more, companies are seeking entry into the manufacture of hand sanitizers. The need appears almost insatiable at least for now and the near future.

Air Scent International is extending a helping hand in the form of turnkey solutions to those launching new sanitizer brands who seek their own customized fragrances. In fact, manufacturers of hand sanitizers and gels can greatly impact their sales with the fragrance designs we offer.

Consumers are attracted to scent as a bee is to a blooming flower, offering an allure that transports one far away from the reality of the terrible global challenges we face today from the corona virus.

Turn Key Sanitizer Solutions

A Few Relevant Statistics

Hand sanitizers have come a long way since their inception more than half a century, and have earned their rightful spot in the modern market place. 

Improvements in living standards, increased disposable income and a growing awareness about the importance of hand hygiene are all factors that have greatly influenced North American domination of the global hand sanitizer market. 

Revenue gleaned from hand sanitizer manufacturing has increased from 1.9% to 16.6% in 2020 alone.

What Exactly Is A Turnkey Company?

A turnkey or “full service” company refers to a specific reliance on an outside source that brings a concept or product to a market-ready state.

The term derives form the idea of only needing to turn the key to unlock the doors to begin operations.

This service is a boon to newcomers to the perfume and ambient air-care industry who lack the knowledge and experience needed to avoid the many pitfalls associated with proper scent layering and development.

Layering For Personal Fragrances

According to Mike Daum, Director of Sales and Marketing at VPI: “It’s similar to ‘outsourcing’ without quite the negative connotation…The service can be expanded to the point that the full-service partner also participates in the branding and marketing of the product, which provides turnkey solutions in skin care, color cosmetics, fragrance and retail. The choice to use a turnkey packaging company can only result in fresh ideas and innovation.”

The devil is in the details, as they say, and turn key companies handle all the fine print particulars which include: understanding how much alcohol to use, layering notes and knowing how to acquire the correct physical materials that are suitable for a new fragrance.

Errors of judgment in these areas can be very costly and ruin the dreams of an entrepreneur.

In the words of David Wormser, chief operating officer, of Wormser Corporation: “Client interest in turnkey services has increased in recent years…Brands realize that there are economies associated with turnkey partners. They can focus their resources on marketing and the development of their brand while letting the turnkey provider handle all the operational aspects of their business… Turnkey services begin with brand development and marketing, include product formulation and filling services, packaging design and development, and finally, logistics, including the possibility to handle all distribution.”

A turnkey service company, prides itself on its ability to always meet client needs precisely as requested every time they are called upon.

Their services must be diverse, as specifications and requirements are unique to every product.

Flexible, experienced turnkey packaging providers can fine tune all of their strategies to accommodate any formulation that comes before them, including fine fragrances for hand-sanitizers.

There is never any weak link within their supply chain because an important part of their job is to tightly control each aspect of fulfillment.

A turnkey private label perfumery will prevent resource depletion because they will allocate funds and resources with the sound judgement that can only come with years of experience.

Developing a new perfume line is exhaustive and demanding and requires time devoted to product promotion, social media exposure, sampling and establishing personal connections with targeted store owners.

Our teams will improve brand awareness by developing a memorable signature scent that will help to boost traffic and increase sales.

How A Turn-Key Private Label Fragrance Is Born

A scent is developed from scratch by a private label perfumery that incorporates an original idea presented by another company and transforms it into a new product (fragrance).

After the formulation is created, the purchaser buys the fragrance with the guarantee that it will help promote both brand awareness and loyalty.

There is also the invisible but indelible touch of expertise that only a private label team with more than seven decades of experience, such as Air-Scent International, can offer to a burgeoning brand.

The Importance of Honesty in Turn Key Operations

Fragrance formulators must approach turn key operations with complete transparency in regard to their own expertise in the sectors of formulations, packaging, regulations and testing, just to name a few important considerations.

According to Bob Congionti, vice president of operations, Tokiwa Cosmetics America:

“The less experience or exposure a company has, the more important and critical a qualified, experienced turnkey supplier becomes…Experience and longevity is another critical question to ask when reviewing potential suppliers. Brands should also inquire about what role and key elements they will be directly providing in the development and production process because the more services a supplier directly provides, the better. Typically, new start-ups, due to smaller staffs, will require more services, which a qualified, full turnkey supplier is capable of providing.” 

Vincent Groccia, president and CEO of ColorVera Biotech Group Inc.VA states: “It’s important that brands and contract manufacturers have a detailed, upfront plan for formulas and packaging, a realistic timeline, a confirmed budget and clear and regular communication between the parties…” 

What Turnkey Solutions Do We Offer?

Our teams at Air-Scent International and our FDA-approved hand-sanitizing liquid fragrance creations remove the problems associated with production, packing and bottling.

We are a leading family-run scenting and ambient-air-care company and provide complete customization, as clients can either select a ‘proven’ scent or opt to develop a ‘customized’ fragrance from scratch.

Scent is all we do, and we do it better than anyone else.

Air-Scent International Headquarters Logo

We understand that scent-marketing can never be a quick process, and that building a brand requires serious deliberation and the careful fusion of professional promotion and scent formulation skills.

Our chemists and researchers rely on meticulous research and cutting edge technologies to keep on top of industry trends, and all of our formulations are developed in our 85,000 square-foot Technology Center, which is located in suburban Pittsburgh.

Our hand sanitizer options come in bottle sizes ranging from 1 ounce and up to 330 gallon totes including: 1oz, 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, 16oz and 32 oz bottles as well as bulk gallons (1, 5 ,55, 275 and 330 gallon totes).

Our hand sanitizer products have good hand feel and they are cost effective, which paves the way for new brands to competitively enter the hand-sanitizer marketplace.

Hand Sanitizer Hand Feel

Some Popular Fragrances For Hand Sanitizers

The following represent a few popular fragrances available.


Streams of sweet orange rind, crisp apple, woody and slightly floral berry and fresh melon open this citrusy/fruity fragrance. A heart note bouquet soon follows marked by sugary orange blossom and musty, green cyclamen. A potent base note featuring lush, elegant vanilla and sensual earthy musk finishes the scent.

Clean Lemon 

This clean, fresh citrus/floral scent features a top note erupting with invigorating lemon and lush, honey-tinged mandarin orange. A floral heart note comprised of light, bitter neroli and creamy, sugary magnolia blossom soon takes hold and finally melds into a finishing base note featuring twiggy-green and earthy, potent white musk.


The top notes of this fruity/floral fragrance feature elements of exhilarating citrus, crisp green apple and fresh, clean cucumber. A heart note of intoxicating and haunting jasmine, powdery violet and exotic lily soon takes hold, only to ultimately blend into an alluring leafy green and woody base note.

Eucalyptus Mint

This zesty fragrance is dominated by clean, fresh and woody eucalyptus and tinges of sweet vanilla and earthy resin. These aspects blend with sugary, sharp and fresh mint, which is soothing and revitalizing to the human spirit.

Fresh Mint

A tonic for the senses, this scent opens with a top note streaming with cool, sharp and highly aromatic mint. This invigorating fragrance is marked with elements of distinctive peppermint and sugary herbal spearmint as well as citrus aspects of sharp lemon, lime and aromatic lavender.

In conclusion

Hand sanitizers have proven their mettle as effective disinfecting tools during these perilous times, and many manufacturers of hand sanitizers are grateful to our fragrance masters who contribute our fragrance designs to their products. 

If you’re a company looking to venture into the hand sanitizer manufacturing industry, or you’re a current producer looking for more competitive prices and better fragrances, call our teams today to learn what our private label solutions can do for your brand.

Hand Sanitizer Slogan: Spread Love, Not Germs ~Frugal Living

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