The Ambient Scent Marketing Power of Lemongrass

If you’re a scent marketing, route service or jan san supply company, or you own or operate a business in need of ambient fragrance diffusion, discover the scent marketing power of lemongrass; explore our 3 most popular lemongrass fragrance refills; or contact our team today to place an order!

Lemongrass is a flowering, aromatic plant that has been cultivated in Southeast Asia for the last two thousand years.

Many historians believe that the oldest known record concerning the export of lemongrass oil is from the Philippines, and it dates back to the 17th century. 

Introduced to Jamaica in 1799 and to Haiti and The United States in 1917, it is not known when or by whom lemongrass, also known as citronella grass, was brought to East India and Sri Lanka, but according to information obtained from the national herbarium in 1905, a Sri Lankan researcher, named Mr. J.F Jovit, had acquired several lemongrass plants from South India and planted them on a farm for research purposes.

This eventually led to many large-scale cultivations.

Today, lemon grass is also widely cultivated in many parts of tropical and sub-tropical South East Asia and Africa.

It flourishes in these regions where it is nourished by direct sunlight and fertile, web drained and loamy soil. 

West Indian lemongrass is native to India, Sri Lanka, Burma and Thailand.

It represents one of about 55 other species in the Poaceae family of grasses, and when added to a fragrance formulated by Air Scent International, offers a deeply distinct dimension to its overall character.

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Lemongrass And Its Diverse Use in Many Products

Lemongrass oil can be found in myriad of personal care and household products including but not limited to: waxes polishes, and even in low cost insecticides.

It is extensively used in food technology, aromatherapy and as a fragrance ingredient in many soaps, detergents, eco-friendly deodorants, perfumes and cosmetics.

Its overall appeal lies in its major component, Citral, which is a naturally-occurring compound that is known to have antimicrobial aspects that can eliminate or inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria.

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Lemongrass And It’s Use Within Perfumery

Due to its many uses and properties, lemongrass is among the top ten most desired essential oils coveted by the world’s master perfumers.

There are many varieties, but the two most popular are Cymbopogon citratus and Cymbopogon flexuosus.

Though both can be used to produce essential oils, the former is primarily utilized in the culinary arts, while the latter is reserved for essential oils and perfumes formulated by Air Scent International.

Crisp, fresh and invigorating, the resulting scent has an earthy sweetness, and is fresh and light with the barest whisper of lemon.

In the formulation of perfumes developed in the cutting edge Pittsburgh laboratories of Air scent International, lemon grass usually serves as a top or middle note.

It evokes the allure of far away places with strange sounding names when combined with other fruits and facets of musty, sensual vetiver.

It lends a bright, rich and sharp aura to any summery scent, and is both elegant and sensual. When combined with coconut, it captures the glorious majesty of the ocean and its timeless, sun-kissed waves.

Uniquely, the properties contained within pure lemongrass essential oil can be used to either energize or soothe the human spirit. 

Commerce and Ambient Scent Marketing

Some form of ambient scenting should be incorporated into any commercial enterprise as part of its marketing strategy to increase traffic, customer satisfaction and that elusive ROI.

Owners and managers of hotels, retailers and purveyors of all types of merchandise and services should take the time to understand our myriad of scent offerings, and learn how the process of smell can affect brain function and consumer behavior.

Scent Marketing And Return On Investment (ROI)

An impromptu study conducted several years ago by The Nose Knows Design’s Scent Canister Campaign addressed the unmistakable connection between the introduction of a scent to a commercial retail space and that company’s subsequent return on investment (ROI).

The campaign was specifically focused on the increase in the sale of candles after a particular scent was introduced to the area of the store designated for candle sales. 

Results indicated that there was a 173.98% increase in the sale of candles and an overall 153.42% increase in general home fragrance product sales.

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Lemongrass Popularity and Ambient Scent Marketing

The popularity of lemongrass in personal care and household products is largely due to its major ingredient, citral, which is a naturally occurring compound that is known to have anti-microbial properties that can eliminate or at the very least, inhibit the growth of harmful pathogens.

It is the preferred essential oil found in waxes, polishes and even insecticides, where its low cost is very appealing.

Lemon grass also holds a prominent position in skin care products because it serves as an excellent toner and purifier.

It is also wildly acclaimed in culinary technology and aromatherapy, where it serves to reduce anxiety, stress and depression.

The multitude of personal care applications include: oils; gels; soaps, lotions, sprays; shampoos; detergents; deodorants; cosmetics and perfume.

All of the above diverse aspects provide powerful avenues to manufacturers and retailers for ambient scent marketing applications to improve sales, brand loyalty and traffic.

Our experts at Air-Scent International understand that the right scent in the right location can create an instant emotional connection with the customer and make the shopping experience more memorable.

The true power of ambient scent marketing lies in the fast that its nature is subtle and aggressive at the same time.

Smell is closely linked to emotion and spending behavior, and it provides a venue that can follow consumers beyond the physical confines of their location.

It is subtle because it serves as a pleasant but highly intentional lure that is designed to increase dwell time.

To be even more specific, ambient scent marketing boils down to the art of strategic  fragrance placement at various consumer touch points.

The right scent renders the shopping experience more memorable and more likely to result in a purchase.

In directly, the power of lemon grass involves more  than a dash of science as well. Its inherent natural properties  make it ideal use in products linked to warm weather and fun in the sun.

Almost all sun tan lotions feature elements of lemon grass as do many skin, hair and body care products. 

Lemongrass as A Signature Scent

Ambient scent marketers feed on the factor known as a ”flow state,” which refers to the power of a fragrance to affect a consumer’s sense of time and absorption in the moment while shopping in a store, boutique or hotel.

It may only last a few minutes, but it can create a permanent association to a specific brand.

Many hotels that are promoting warm and exotic locations utilize lemongrass in their signature scents, which helps to cement the “feel” of the hotel in the minds of their visitors.

They even go so far as to douse their towels, sheets, soaps and stationery with their signature scent.

Products related to the summer season, such as perfumes, suntan lotions and others, often contain lemongrass which aids in the development of brand loyalty.

Suggested Scents And Locations For Commercial Spaces

Ambient scenting is only as powerful as the location in which it is deployed.

For example, near the entrance of any establishment is a key spot because it marks the threshed of a consumer’s first impression.

In its own silent language, it whispers, “welcome.”

For retail stores, dressing rooms should not be neglected because the smell of feet and body odor can and often does seep into the carpeting.

It goes almost without saying that any public restroom, especially those in restaurants and food industry spaces, must be either odor-neutralized or pleasantly scented.

For waiting rooms of all types, scents that relax and calm nerves work best.

Our 3 Most Popular Lemongrass Fragrances

Our  manifold aromas are unique, and each one serves its own fragrant and marketable purpose.

The following  contains a few of our most popular lemongrass scents!

Coconut Lemongrass

This exotic Air Wisp fragrance streams with opening facets of spicy, fruity bergamot, crisp, citrusy litsea cubeba and milky, lush coconut.

Coconut Lemongrass Hotel Scent

These aspects soon drift into a heart note bouquet featuring fresh, gingery lemongrass and light, floral and bitter neroli.

A slightly sweet nectar, noble, lush vanilla and balsamic and woody pine base-note completes this compelling scent.

Lemongrass Sage

This Air Wisp scent refill streams with opening aspects of fresh, invigorating citrus, which delicately blend into an earthy heart note mix of clean, fresh and gingery lemongrass, sensual, herbal and nutty sage, and clean, cool fresh air.

Lemongrass Sage Casino Scent

A base note featuring rosy, green and tea-like geranium and sensual, passionate musk complete this heady and erotic fragrance.

Spa Renewal 

A top note marked by nuances of tropical fruit, clean, crisp and clean lemongrass, earthy sage, salty sea air and sugary, nutty almond kernel open this invigorating Scentsia Cartridge dry fragrance refill, which is designed for use within our Aroma Beam diffuser.

Spa Renewal Ambient Scent

These facets soon fade into a heart note bouquet of blended musky, romantic rose, aqueous and slightly sweet water lily, musty, green and alluring cyclamen, and clean, grassy and slightly sweet sea kelp.

A base note featuring musky, woody and wild blue sage and aquatic nuances complete this sea inspired fragrance. 

In Conclusion

If the power of lemongrass sounds appealing to your particular scent marketing, route service or jan san supply company, or if you own or operate any type of business in need of ambient scent, call our teams today!

Final thought about the power of smell: Nothing is more memorable than smell. Smells detonate softly in our memory like poignant land mines. ~ Diane Ackerman

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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