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Air-Scent® is a leading international ambient scenting & air care specialist. We provide commercial HVAC air-freshening systems & odor control products to scenting companies, distributors, route service operators and directly to a wide range of global clients.

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Why Choose Air-Scent As Your Scent Marketing Company?


With well over seven decades of experience, we are industry leaders in cutting edge scent diffusion technologies, fragrance creation, odor control, and state-of-the-art HVAC and Non-HVAC air freshening systems.

Having invented the first fan-operated air freshener dispenser, we were founded upon innovation and have since provided the most effective air care products and systems in the marketplace. Our clients include local and international distributors, wholesalers, route service operators, HOA building management companies and an extensive array of busineses from retail, health, wellness, and hospitality to automotive, gaming, real estate and more.  Learn more about our company »

If you’re a distributor, would like to become one or would like to place an order, scent air the right way! Contact our team directly or submit an inquiry!

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Explore our Scent Marketing Solutions

The question, ‘who’s scenting now?’ should include you, certainly if you wish to increase that all-important bottom line. Scent marketing is synonymous with Air-Scent®, and our equipment represents some of the most effective cutting edge technologies in the marketplace, making our products ideal for ambient branding and air care in both small and large-scale settings.

If you’re a business that’s interested in scenting your establishment, or you’re a scenting distributor, have an existing route service or want to start your own air freshening business, we’re equipped to satisfy your every need.


Air Freshening Systems For Every Application

Our array of market-leading scent diffuser systems are the most effective found anywhere in the world and provide a multitude of scenting options to enhance any commercial facility or tackle any odor neutralizing.

We’ve developed air freshening diffusers for every application and size requirement — The patented Aroma Beam diffuser provides coverage for up to 50,000 cubic feet and works perfectly for stores, hotels, healthcare facilities and more, utilizing unique cartridges specifically designed for linear diffusion over a period of 30 days. Other lines include our AromaStyler & Deco Roma Dispensers, the Odyssey Fan Air Freshener, our Aeon & Rumate Passive Dispensers and more.


Choose From Our Carefully Curated Array Of Ambient Scents

Rain shadow, white tea, lemongrass sage — these uniquely built fragrances are just a few of the delectable scents our team has perfected after years of experience in the air care industry. Air-Scent’s primary goal since its inception in 1946 has been to satisfy the dynamic needs of our customers, and we have since curated a diverse mélange of proven aromas to invigorate, calm, soothe or accomplish any goal a company might have with ambient branding, cleansing or neutralizing malodors in interior environments, both large or small.


Become A Distributor Or Start Your Own Air Freshener Business

A successful business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur effectively aims to lower risk and margin for error; a mantra AirScent® was born by. Electing to represent our air freshening products is about as risk-averse as any business opportunity can hope to be. Low maintenance, low start-up costs, high profit margins and no special licensing required, our air freshener opportunity takes minimal training and provides quick return on investment. With years of professional experience and refinements, we’re built to be any distributor’s or entrepreneur’s perfect full-time partner!

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Add-On Profit$ To Your Route Service Business!

If you currently operate an existing route service business, our air freshener program is the perfect, high profit, low-maintenance add-on service proven to increase your monthly income.

Repetitive service routes such as janitorial and maid services, vending companies, pest control services and textile and garment rental routes (TRS) are perfectly suited for our add-on services. With years of experience perfecting process and equipment, we have developed an easily managed, fully integrated line of air freshening and odor control systems equipped to make any indoor environment more pleasant, and meet the global demands of a rapidly growing market segment.


Our Professional Air Freshener Systems & Odor Control Products

We’re not only a world-renowned authority in ambient scenting and fragrance diffusing systems, we’re also experts in odor neutralization. Whether you wish to enhance an indoor space with ambient scent or you’re looking to eliminate malodors, the selections below cover all of your air care needs. Explore our products and speak with our team today!


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