60-Day Restroom Odor FreshStraps

Self-Locking Air Freshener Straps For Commercial Restroom Odor Control

Our new patent-pending, waterproof, fragrance loaded, versatile design freshens the air anywhere they are placed for up to 60 days! Our self-locking FreshStraps are loaded with fragrance and are powerful enough to freshen portable toilets, commercial restroom toilets and more. The self-locking design secures to pipes, under sinks, partitions and anywhere you strap them for long-lasting odor control. May be utilized along with WiZZard™ urinal screens and other AIR-SCENT® freshener refills. We’ve also added an optional locking-clip, offering the highest level of vandal deterrence. They’re V.O.C. compliant, waterproof, recyclable and last up to 60 days.
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