wiZZard Odor Control Urinal Screens

Powerful 60-Day Odor Control Urinal Screens

Powerfully freshens the urinal “continuously” and contains up to 10x more aroma than most traditional vinyl urinal screens. WiZZard screens have a translucent tinted color and are designed to reduce splash-back with superior fragrance and odor control. They last much longer than traditional urinal screens with a unique fragrance release that provides up to 60 day performance.
SPECIAL ORDER – V.O.C. Compliant
Custom colors and scents available –

Light Blue is Blue RaZZle fragrance and NEW Xtreme Clean
Dark Blue is New Extreme
Orange is Mango SqueZZe
Green is ZZesty Mint
Black is RaZZberry!

Individually wrapped or bulk packed. Hot stamped private labeling available in quantities of 240 or more. Get 60-days of restroom odor controlĀ Ā»

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