The Prizm 60-Day Non Spill Air Freshener Refill System

This remarkable, new 60 day Non-Spill Air Freshener Refill System is truly a passive air freshener device, meaning its unique technology and distinctive design delivers odor control without the use of propellants.

Past formulations resembling this refill promised passive delivery, but failed miserably. Some of this refill’s other notable features include:

The Prizm is designed to work with the Aroma One Mini passive dispenser with key lock.

This air-care refill is complete, and contains no touch housing for the refill matrix, which contains purposefully oriented non woven fibers that create varying areas of capillary pressure that contain the liquid refill, direct it towards the outermost surface, and diffuse it linearly into the ambient air.

Fragrance is trapped and suspended within the capillary voids of these non absorbent filters.

Why The Prizm Is More Effective Than All Other Liquid Refills?

  • It truly is a passive air care refill
  • It is lighter, cheaper to make and more effective than others of its ilk.
  • It is made by Alpha Aromatics, a company that manufactures all their own fragrances.
  • This refill is produced in the United States of America.
  • The Prizm fits most competitive dispensers
  • This refill is recyclable, reflecting a love and respect for the environment.



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