Creates a Signature Ambiance!

AROMABEAM™ Directional Fragrance Appliance

Add the Right Scent, Right Where You Want It™

Large Area Scent Diffuser for Spaces up to 50,000 Cubic Feet.

Perfect for controlled scenting of retail environments, hotels and healthcare facilities, The AromaBeam™ method is an entirely new and the most powerful way to evoke positive responses in clients and consumers through their sense of smell.

Two ingenious 30-day refill systems.

A. AromaBeam™ Cartridge: Holds a full 30 days worth of pure fragrance specially formulated to kindle just the right response depending on your application. Choose from dozens of aromas. Custom scents are available upon request.

B. AromaBeam™ Squair™: Mix and match from a variety of aromas to style your own custom scent! Each AromaBeam™ diffuser holds ten Squair™ refills. Up to 30-day fully adjustable performance!

Set anywhere or select from three mounting options for complete flexibility.

  1. Bracket mount for directional output.
  2. Hidden under-table mount for discreet applications.
  3. Stationary surface wall mount for large area odor control.

*Bracket Sold Separetely

Aroma Beam™ Advantages:

  • Compact size
  • Powder coated all steel construction made in U.S.A.
  • Coverage up to 50,000 cubic feet
  • Multi-mounting options
  • Plugs into standard wall outlet. 12V output (adaptor included).
  • Solid state circuitry for completely adjustable output
  • Quiet high-output fan with LED speed indicator
  • Non-skid rubber feet protects surfaces
  • Tamper resistant locking system
  • Slide-out tray for easy service and maintenance
  • Optional timer
  • Full one-year replacement warranty
AromaBeam_1 Aromabeam™
AromaBeam_2 Aromabeam™ with Scentsia® Cartridge Refill
AromaBeam_3 Aromabeam™ with Universal Cartridge Refill





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