FlowCell™ 60-Day Advanced Non-Spill Air Freshener Refill

flow cell refills

NEW Technology! Snap-In Flow Cell™ Air Freshener Refills

Totally-effective for 60 days in passive dispensers, 30 days with fan-power option! Completely sustainable. Wholly recyclable. Guaranteed not to spill, drip or leak in any position. V.O.C. compliant.

How it Works:

  1. Air freshener liquid is suspended in a scientifically-constructed inner core.
  2. Patient pending Flow Science™ causes liquid to flow consistently from inner core to specially bonded outer wicking surface.
  3. Air freshener fragrance with Metazene™ molecular odor neutralizer is diffused into the air at a rate higher than any other competing refill.

Refill Usage Options

FlowCell™ can be used with Patented AEON™ air freshening dispenser in either a passive or battery/fan dispenser.

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